FIC: Firsts [1/2]

For ciatri: Team Bad Robins build a nest. This part is mild, but the next part will be ribald Jason/Stephanie/Damian OT3ness, so. Mild would not be the word that I’d use. Broken up into two parts p. much because I can’t write smut without at least 7k of meandering plot. Some spoilers for 9 Crimes, naturally, but I don’t think it’s anything that I haven’t discussed before. Enjoy ♥.

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9 Crimes – Damien Rice (The Glass Child cover)

Nobody can save you but 
and you’re worth saving. 
it’s a war not easily won 
but if anything is worth winning then 
this is it. 

think about it. 
think about saving your self.

— Charles Bukowski