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You fight - Luke Hemmings imagine

This is my first imagine so please bear with me. Also, English isn’t my first language so ignore the mistakes. 

Requested?: nope (please send in requests!)
Warnings: none/ language (?)


It all started early this morning when you and Luke were getting ready for work, both running extremely late. Luke worked as a mechanic and started at 9:30 every morning, meanwhile you worked as a personal assistant in an office, starting at 9.

You were running around trying to get ready as fast as you possibly could, tripping a few times over Luke’s clothes that were scattered all over the bedroom floor. Meanwhile Luke was still sitting on the edge of the bed, half naked, hair sticking to different directions.

This is how it went every morning for the past 2 months. You rushing, and Luke doing everything whenever he felt like it. Him being so careless was starting to piss you off.

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Boueibu 30 days challenge

Day 9: Favorite episode and Less favorite episode.

First season:
Without taking account of the episodes 6-7-8-10-11 (IoRyuu, Enatsu & KinAtsu), I laughed a lot in episodes 3-4

My less favourite episode is number 9:

Originally posted by ali-chaaaaaaaaan

Sorry, Melon Lord :3 although, the only part where I started laughing in this episode is that the following:

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Ok, Second season:

Even here, I don’t take into account the episode 6 (otherwise it would win easily xD), so I say the episode 9… And do you know why? … No, not just for IoRyuu chocolate :P 

Less favourite… Ummm… I could say episode 3

TODAY WAS SO GOOD !!! ITS LIKE YESTERDAY WASNT BAD ! i went out fr breakfast b4 school w m classmates (since classes start at 9.30) and we had !!! a lot of fun ! and then when we came to school the highschool head said we dont have 2 go to detention anymore lik !! im so happpy i shldve known not 2 get too upset she usually exaggerates……. BUT I WAS RLLY HAPPY also I DID GOOD ON MY BIO QUIZ TODAY WHICH IS !! NICE BC I STUDIED SUPER HARD !!! IM SO HAPPY ANS !!! I HOPE EVRYONE ELSE IS TOO 8’-D


I turn, looking hopefully at the old bed that lies in this windowless room. I can imagine how her small, soft body will look laying on it. Beautiful.  She will sleep in this bed until she can’t sleep anymore. Then she’ll be moved. 

I turn to the altar. Here is where she will lie once we have become one. A heavy, stone bed, gently illuminated with candles. A bed perfect for my goddess. I remember what she sleeps on now, pink striped sheets. She is otherwordly, and she deserves a resting place that transcends this realm. And we will be one… Just thinking about it makes me hypersensitive, I can feel the blood pulsing through me. 

Never so much blood pulled through my veins…

My watch beeps. It’s 9:30. She will be leaving for her moonlight walk soon. I blow her portrait one last kiss, and I leave the chamber. 

J&K hinted they definitely have something planned together. I think its possible it could be music since Jessica did part ways with SM quietly, both sides statements were neutral when it was revealed that she left SM ( not SNSD, since she stayed with SM for months after 9/30, she didn’t break contract). Station makes it possible for two companies to work on music. That or Krystal could be joining B&E.

Watson Washington Hours of Operation

The following are the general hours of operation as well as the hours for Registration, Coat Check and the Dealers Room at Sherlock Seattle. Just two more days until Watson Washington!


Friday:  Noon - 10:30pm​
Saturday:  10:00 am - 10:30 pm
Sunday: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm


Friday:  Noon - 8:30 pm
Saturday:  10:00 am - 7:30 pm
Sunday:  9:30 am - 1:00 pm


Friday:  Noon - 9:30 pm
Saturday:  10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sunday:  9:30 am - 4:00 pm


Friday: Noon - 7:30 pm
Saturday:  10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sunday:  9:30 am - 2:30 pm

Everyone – let it be known that I just put my hair up in the best bun I have ever made in my entire life but it is now 9:30 pm and I’m getting ready for bed and why couldn’t this have happened tomorrow morning 😭

Oyy. Where to begin.

This week just feels hectic. Starting off Monday with an eye doctor appt at 8:40, and being told at 8:35 that IUI is at 9:30 was a whirlwind.

Today on the way to work my tire pressure light came on, immediately followed by my screen and radio not working. D came and checked the pressure and put air in it, and my dad set me up at his work to have it looked at. Turns out it needed to be patched in a place we’d already had fixed, so it was no charge, and the radio works.

I’ve had a headache for the last two days and a LOT of GI distress, which I assume is somehow related to the IUI.

Also, somewhere around 10am this morning the easy going optimism wore off and the whole prospect of IUI came around and got me. It’s so, so hard to not get my hopes up, when this is the first month that we’ve gotten any closer. I want to be positive but I can’t help but dread the letdown. Lots of complicated emotions.

I came home and did some yoga for the first time in a few days which was nice. I’m getting really good at focusing on my breath during difficult moves, which is allowing me to build a strong foundation and not get as frustrated during practice.

Another busy day tomorrow, but D and I took Friday off. We’re road tripping to Ikea to get everything we need for a kitchen project he’s going to tackle.

I wish I had some ice cream😂🍦

I see that there’s a lot of hate towards Taeny, specifically Taeyeon, on this blog and while I don’t think anyone should ever receive hate, I want to explain some reasons why people don’t like Taeyeon. Starting with what many people choose to ignore, she’s said some colorist things. Now I know this was a long time ago and it’s because of the culture she’s grown up in but as an African American kpop fan, it’s hurtful. And the fact that she’s never directly apologized for it has pissed some people off. More recently, there’s the Taengsic drama, Taeny drama, Baekyeon drama, and 9/30. In 2012 TJS were on a variety show and Tiffany and Taeyeon were ignoring Jessica. That was the start of Taeyeon openly ignoring/being rude to Jessica and it continued for the next two years. Then 9/30 happened and everyone was quick to place blame on Taeyeon. Now I know that Taeyeon didn’t have ultimate pull on what went down but when the member she continuously mistreated publicly was removed from the group naturally people were going to blame her. Not only that but people felt like as a leader, she should’ve fought harder to keep SNSD together. Just prior to that, Baekyeon news broke. All of Baekhyun’s fans were sending Taeyeon death threats and really hateful comments. That I’m not even going to try to defend. To send someone hate over a relationship that has nothing to do with you, especially when those people don’t even know you personally is absolutely insane. Now we’re living in the post 9/30 days and SNSD has basically become Taeny and the Girls. People feel like Taeny is taking over SNSD. Taeyeon has never tried to hide her bias towards Tiffany and that’s only becoming more evident as the years pass and people send her hate because of that. That’s not it but those are most of the main reasons people send Taeyeon hate or don’t like her. There are other little things like her other rude incidents, her supposedly lying about being depressed and others. Now again, I don’t think anyone should ever receive hate but some of these are justified reasons to dislike a person in my opinion.

desertnightbloom  asked:


9: A song that makes you happy 

My Number by Foals :D always makes me want to dance 

11: A song that you never get tired of

Days by the Drums, actually any song on that album

22: A song that moves you forward

Piece of Mind by the Killers

30: A song that reminds you of yourself

11th Dimension by JC 

Thank you!!! :D