Republicans are blaming their override of Obama's veto...on Obama.

Help me understand, Lord.  Please help me understand.  Before I give y’all any of the details, let me say this is just high fuckery of the grandest order and I can’t make sense of it.  General rundown of the situation real quick:

Congress:  Here’s a bill.  Let’s pass it!

Obama:  That bill is terrible.  Let me get out this veto pen real quick.

Congress:  NO!  We’re overriding you for the first time in 8 years because this is GOOD LEGISLATION.

Obama:  OK. Whatever. I hate most of you anyway.  IDK.

Media:  Wow that legislation is reaaaallllly shitty and I can’t believe they did that.

Republicans in Congress:  Well.  Obama really should have told us how shitty it was because then we wouldn’t have vetoed it.

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Ain’t we all grown?  Can’t we all read?  Did you not dream up the bill, pass the bill, and then override Obama’s veto of the bill?  You trynna tell me you did ALL THAT without ever thinking of the consequences of the bill?  Get out of my entire face.  Can we just redo all of Washington?  They obviously, clearly, and most certainly ain’t shit.

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'Star Trek: Discovery,' 'Beyond,' 'TNG,' 'DS9,' And 'TOS' Cast And Crew Take A Stand In 'Trek Against Trump' Statement
'Star Trek: Discovery,' 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,' 'Star Trek: The Next Generation,' Star Trek: The Original Series,' 'Star Trek: Voyager,' 'Star Trek: Enterprise,' and the cast, directors, producers and writers of the 'Star Trek' movies have united in their opposition to Donald Trump and in support of Hillary Clinton for U.S. president, signing the 'Trek Against Trump' statement.

I love my fandoms..

One for the Ages

Elizabeth Murphy is 35 years old and tired of her life. She wants something different. Meeting Harry Styles at a couples only resort wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. But it might be exactly what she needs.

Chapter 9

It’s odd waking up in the arms of a man.  You’re kind of confused at first, wondering what the heavy objects are surrounding you, weighing you down.  You realize that you’re cocooned in someone’s embrace and the memories of the night before flood your brain.  All at once, your body remembers how he made you feel just a few short hours ago.

Your muscles are sore.  But it’s the good kind of sore.  The kind of sore that is a map on your body of all the places he’d touched and held and squeezed and nipped in his quest to make sure you felt every inch of the pleasure he was offering to you.

I felt that way waking up in Harry’s arms.  I knew he was still asleep so I cuddled myself into his arms and closed my eyes again.  I could have stayed there forever.

But he stirred just slightly moments later.  Blowing a puff of air out of his lips that dragged over my shoulder.  

Harry kept me close into his chest, his lips pressing against the back of my shoulder while he pulled himself out of his slumber.  He tightened his arms around me,

“Go back to sleep, Love.”  He whispered.

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Some random GIFs from ‘Knight takes Queen’

“Mind the uniform”

Who says Athos doesn’t know how to have fun? (and dear lord this looks kinky!)

So d’Artagnan. “I get knocked down, I get up again….” Story of his life.

Aramis doesn’t commune with nature, he throws a tantrum at it


The queen looks like his very young daughter in this scene. Disturbingly so

The look of noble horror….

“Oh no, I couldn’t possibly eat another thing!”

Athos does a Lassie impersonation

Meanwhile, back at the farm palace, the Cardinal has an evil lightbulb moment

As usual, pinch what you like :)

I didn’t want to write a poem about this kind of sadness but I think I need to because I can’t get out of bed. ive been here for five hours and I’m suffocating and I skipped dinner and everything is the kind of slow motion stillness that happens when you’ve been quiet for too long.

most of me doesn’t want to spend all of my afternoons in the dark but I don’t know how to look at the light anymore. it doesn’t ever feel like nighttime now, it feels like a continuation of a bad dream, like a reason not to wake up, I know I’m supposed to be dealing with this better but I’m not even dealing with it at all.

the only thing I think I could stomach would be the cookies my mother makes around Christmas but thinking about Christmas only makes things worse because no one wants to be around someone who’s depressed during the holidays, that’s probably why that’s the most common time for suicides, I think December 25 might come early this year, I’m sorry I don’t know the right way to piece together my life to make it a future worth looking at, it’s not a future worth looking at.

i swear I do want to get better but I’m too tired to make an effort and it’s a lot easier to just let everything slip than to constantly try to stay upright in the worst storm I’ve ever had to survive.

—  It’s all still– lily rain
Ain't No Friend of Mine - written by RealityBetterThanFiction
By Organization for Transformative Works


It was five thirty in the morning when Louis woke up to the sound of…barking? At first he thought it must be the lingering remnants of a dream, the shrill, piercing woof that kept repeating at a steady interval like some kind of deranged alarm clock. He squeezed his eyes closed, rolled over in bed, and buried his head under his pillow. But the barking didn’t stop when his dreams faded away.

Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof.


Louis stumbles upon the world’s strangest dog and decides to give it a home. A random little drabble with chewed shoes, burger stealing, muddy paws, and Larry dog parents. Oh, and Niall, of course.

Author - RealityBetterThanFiction      Tumblr - @realitybetterthanfiction

One shot  |  7,997 words  |  Fic published September 25, 2016

Review - 9 out of 10 Larry Thumbs!!!

So cute!!!!!!! If you love Harry and Louis as pet parents, here’s a great fic for you. The misadventures of being sudden pet owners had me laughing my way through the fic. It’s so funny and full of heart. I could read Craic (RIP Cheeto) teasing Louis for at least another eight thousand words - it’s just the best thing. 

Read this fic when you’re looking for a laugh and when you need to imagine Harry and Louis getting sloppy puppy kisses. (Always!)

I apologize if I don’t hit five for both of these, but I feel bad that I’ve been leaving these all sitting for so long~

  • Riza and Roy both go on the search to find the Avatar, who had presumably reappeared after having vanished for almost 30 years. According to Riza, he was believed to be hiding in the Earth Kingdom.
  • When they got there, they discovered that the Avatar had sought asylum there after being found by a young girl from the Northern Water Tribe. The person he was hiding with? His younger brother, Alphonse, who had been searching all those years for his older brother.
  • Edward had mastered earth and air, but in the process of learning water-bending he vanished. The girl, Winry, discovered him one day when out ice fishing.
  • He’s wary of them at first, especially Roy. The Fire Nation had begun its conquest around the time he vanished and he had not forgotten what they had done. But after some convincing mostly from Riza, who Winry vouched for considering they were both Water Benders, he reluctantly agreed to allow him to accompany him.
  • Riza teaches both Edward and Winry the principles of water-bending. Winry excels at it but Edward has some difficulties. Surprisingly, he is more skilled at fire-bending.
  • Both Roy and Riza are able to build on each other, but are also able to cancel the abilities of the other. Being one of the most powerful Water Benders from her tribe, she is able to add or take moisture from the air, adding to his power or decreasing it.
  • In his time searching for his brother, Alphonse founded the metal-bending technique. His favorite defense is surrounding himself with armored plates.
  • When they stop at Riza’s village, they discover that she has a wolf-bear companion that she affectionately refers to as “Hayate.” After getting over their initial fear of him, they soon grow to love him. He is especially fond of Roy and will roll over onto his back for a belly rub.
  • Sometimes when Riza is in a teasing mood after Roy finishes a difficult training exercise with an unreceptive Edward, a little rain cloud will precipitate above his head and will drizzle on him. Even if he’s frustrated, he can’t help but laugh.