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Kiss Her

Warnings: Homecoming Spoilers!

Request: Hi! I want to request a peter Parker x reader based on a scene spiderman homecoming. So basically the reader is Liz on the elevator scene but Peter did kiss her after he rescues her?     

A/N: I don’t remember exactly how this scene went, but this is my take on it.


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Oh my god!“ You breathed quickly, looking around at your fellow teammates. This was not supposed to happen.

“Everybody stay calm.” The guide said in a monotone voice.

“Stay calm!?” Flash asked, pacing around the elevator. “We’re gonna die!”

“We’re not going to die.” Liz sighed, putting a hand on his shoulder.

Another set of screams.

“We’re gonna die!” Someone else repeated.

You could feel the elevator slowly falling down a notch every minute.

Your breathing began to slow back to normal when you saw the elevator was being pulled up. You clutched the walls, leaning down slightly. ‘Spider-man' 

“Is everyone okay?!” A voice asked worriedly from outside. “I- I think?” You shouted back. You watched as one by one, your friends were all pulled out of the elevator, and you were the last person left. You reached your hand hesitantly out to spider-man, who looked as though you were a piece of glass that could break at any second.

Suddenly you felt the ground begin to shake. You screamed as you felt yourself falling, far, far away. Plummeting to your death. This was it, you were about to die. And you had just yelled at Peter for missing the decathlon. You squinted your eyes shut, preparing yourself for the impact. Until, everything just, stopped.

One of your eyes popped open, you saw the spider-web that was holding you up. Slowly but surely, you were being pulled back up to the top of the elevator.

“Th-thank you.” You said to the upside down Spider-man, after you were safely on the ground.

“Don’t mention it.” He replied in the toughest voice he could muster.

“This is your chance Peter! Kiss her!” Karen suggest through his suit. Peter watched you as you stared at him intently, observing as he slowly lifted the bottom of his mask off, just enough to reveal his lips, You walked forward, putting Your hands on either side of his face.

The kiss was sweet, and innocent, it lingered for a mere five seconds. The rest of your friends watched in awe as Spider-man flipped back on his feet and scurried away quickly.

“Maybe this wasn’t such a bad trip after all.”



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Reasons I will immediately stop reading a HP fanfic

1. Demonization of Ginny Weasley
2. Demonization of Ron Weasley
3. Demonization of Molly Weasley
4. Demonization of Charlie Weasley
5. Demonization of George Weasley
6. Demonization of Bill Weasley
7. Demonization of Arthur Weasley
8. Demonization of Fred Weasley
9. Demonization of Percy Weasley

If James and Lily never died

I’m sorry

- Voldemort would still had tried to kill him, but Lily and James didn’t die for him
- Meaning; he wouldnt be protected by his mothers love
- He would still have his scar, and still be famous, and he would be a bit more arrogant about it, even though Lily tried her best to make him more humble
- James tried too, but he was just so excited about the fact that his son was a hero before he turned 2
- But Harry would still be Harry, obvious & kind
- He went to Diagon Ally with James and Lily instead of Hagrid, and didn’t get to know the man who hadn’t cried when he said goodbye to the infant, cause that never happened
- James, Lily, Sirius and Remus all followed him to 9 ¾, so Mrs. Weasley never had to help him out, and in the big crowd, Harry didn’t notice the big family.
- Harry hugged all four adults goodbye, and he felt so loved. it was a bitter sweet situation cause he was gonna miss them so much
- Ron still sat with him, but Harry didn’t share candy with him. he had promised his mom he wouldn’t spend all the money on candy and instead buy som ‘real’ food
- Hermione still went by and Ron and Harry still disliked her at first
- He wasnt nervous about the sorting hat, cause even though Sirius and James made it sound scary, Lily and Remus assured him that it wasn’t
- The sorting hat whispered about Slytherin, but Harry refused knowing all too well about that house (at least from James, Sirius and Remus’ point of view. Lily seemed to disagree with them)
- He did become friends with Ron, and Hermione too. But he never envied them for their families and he never stayed at Hogwarts during the holidays
- He never really became friends with Hagrid, but he didn’t mind the big guy, he seemed friendly
- Dumbledore still had a soft spot for Harry, knowing that he would be the one to end Voldemort
- Snape never mourned Lily’s death, and so he never left Voldemorts side. He never became a teacher at Hogwarts or a spy.
- But his hatred for Harry was greater, cause now he didn’t have a promise to keep him alive. he could let Harry and James die and have Lily for himself
- Harry was still his curious self, and though Harry, Ron and Hermione weren’t exactly friends with Hagrid, they were still able to get their wanted information from him
- They still ventured down to get the philosophers stone, and Harry still stood face to face with Voldemort
- Except this time, he didn’t have his mothers love to protect him
- And it wasn’t like Dumbledore was gonna arrive earlier for that reason
- So unfortunately Harry didn’t have any magic stronger than Voldemorts
- But even though Harry died at 11 years old, he had lived a happy life filled with love
- He never met Dobby and made him free
- James, Lily, Sirius, Remus, Hedwig etc. mourned his death instead of the other way around
- But Ginny was never possessed by Voldemort, cause Malfoy didn’t feel any need to give away Voldemorts diary
- Sirius had never been to Azkaban
- Peter had still betrayed the family, but he was never in debt to Harry
- Moody was never kidnapped, and he was too paranoid to join the war
- Umbridge never became teacher at Hogwarts, cause the ministry couldn’t hide the truth. Voldemort became powerful so quickly after Harrys death
- Most people gave up, but few still faught Voldemort, for Harry.
- Harry never met Ginny, and he would never be anything else than her celebrity crush
- But of course the story doesn’t end there
- Cause Voldemort was still alive, having killed his enemy
- Which means, that Neville Longbottom would have to step in
- The boy that only few people actually believed in
- The boy with a very low self-esteem
- He hadn’t been bullied by Snape, but he was still very unsure of himself
- He had a lot to live up to, and he couldn’t even ask his parents for advice
- The boy, that didn’t have love to protect him either

Honestly the whole subplots and holes jk Rowling gives us in interviews and such is great and the cursed child concept was grand but PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY DO WE NOT HAVE A WEASLEY FAMILY 9 POV (AUTO)BIOGRAPHY.

In HP we see mainly Ron and Ginny and that’s great but i want CHAPTERS of FRED AND GEORGES PRANKS AND TRIUMPHS AND DETENTIONS AND JUST HOW THEY FIGURED OUT TO SAY “I SOLEMNLY SWEAR I AM UP TO NO GOOD” . I want to know the full story of how Arthur and Molly met and such and why bill is so damn rock n roll. Why Charlie chose to be a dragon man (and cough cough asexually fabulous just an idea) why Percy acted like such a prick.

I want to know what Ginny wrote in that diary in the first place (bc you KNOW there’s some juicy weasley drama in there) and how Ron came to love Hermione.

I want ginnys and Charlie’s diary entries and George and Fred’s doodles on parchment. Molly’s recipes and Arthur’s blue prints for Muggle contraptions. AND RON god the freaking drama that boy has think of what he thought meeting HARRY POTTER FOR THR FIRST TIME!!!!!!Every postcard and letter and sketches and awards and EVERYTHING WE’VE BEEN ROBBED OF.

Albus and Dominique on the way to Kings Cross to start their 6th and 7th years.
All the cousins travelled together in a magically extended people carrier, driven by Ginny, Harry, Ron or Angelina as they were the only ones with driving licenses.

Taken by Rose