9 types of girlfriends

Sapphic asks: girlfriend edition

1: When did you two start dating?

2: What do you plan to do for your anniversary?

3: Were friends before you dated?

4: What’s your girlfriends Starbucks order?

5: Do you want kids? how do you plan on having kids?

6: Do you have a type? Is your girlfriend your type?

7: Do you plan on wearing a dress to your wedding?

8: What’s your ideal day with your girlfriend?

9: What’s your orientation?

10: What “type” of wlw is your girlfriend? (Femme, masc, androgyne)

11: Does your girlfriend plan on wearing a dress or a suit to your wedding?

12: Are you out of the closet?

13: Is your girlfriend out of the closet?

14: Are you and your girlfriend openly dating?

15: Are you in love? Why/when did you fall in love?

16: Who said “I love you” first?

17: Have you been in love before? Were you nervous?

18: Describe your first kiss

19: Are you and your girlfriend long distance?

20: Is you girlfriend a Cat Lesbian™ or a Dog Lesbian™?

21: Who’s the clingiest?

22: Who does the cooking?

23: Describe your ideal date night

24: Describe your favourite date so far

25: Do you like buying each other presents? What’s your favourite present your received?

26: Is your girlfriend and Vans Gay™, a Converse Gay™, a Timberlands Gay™, or a Doc Martens Gay™

27: Does your girlfriend have short or long hair?

28: Were you out before you started dating or did you come out when you started dating?

29: What’s your favourite thing to do together?

30: Do you two live together?

31: Have you met your girlfriends family?

32: Do you like your girlfriends family?

33: Has your girlfriend met your family?

34: Does she like your family?

35: Does your family like her?

36: Do you prefer when your girlfriend dresses up or dresses casually?

37: How long does it take for your girlfriend to get ready?

38: What do you argue about the most?

39: How long does your girlfriend wear her nails? How long do you wear nails?

40: What’s your girlfriends favourite food?

41: What do you and your girlfriend joke about the most?

42: Do you listen to music together? What’s your favourite to listen to?

43: What’s your favourite movie/show to watch together?

44: What movies and shows is your girlfriend obsessed with? Do they interest you?

45: What movies and shows are you obsessed with? Do they interest your girlfriend?

46: (if you’re female aligned) Do you PMS together?

47: Are you an IPhone Gay™ or an Samsung Gay™

48: Have you adopted any pets together?

49: Do you two fight often?

50: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a new sapphic couple?

After you

Harry’s pov.

“Cmon lad, wear something nice okay ?” Liam said dragging me out of bed.

“No. I don’t wanna go.” I replied without any emotion keeping my eyes on the white carpeted floor.

Liam shooked his head sympathetically and sat beside me. He rubbed my shoulder giving it a gentle squeeze and spoke.

“How much longer huh? You can’t just ruin everything you have Harry. We all know how much you hurt her. But just sitting here doing nothing isn’t gonna help you get her back mate. You love gotta stood up and fight for your love okay?” He said looking me in my now full green eyes.

“Be downstairs in 15 min ” he said and I nodded trying to give him a smile.

Even today the past memories makes me cry. It’s been 11 months since me and Y/N broke up. It was all my fault. Liam was right I just can’t ruin everything I have. She was best thing ever happened to me. Four years spent with her were the best magical years of my life.

When I saw her for the first time it was like I was seeing the sun for the first time. Shiny, bright and cheery.

But then was I did to her wasn’t even acceptable for forgiveness. I still don’t believe that I actually did that to my baby girl, my love, my heart my soul just my everything !

Y/N’s pov

“I will be late. Don’t wait up for me.” Harry said as he left me again. For the fifth time in a row he left for pub. He only came home back a few days ago from tour and spent only three or four of them at home sleeping.

He’s been acting different dice he came home from tour. He is always busy on phone and he barely even touches me now. I mean the last time we were intimate was the day before he left for tour which is 9 months ago.

I didn’t wanted to be the clingy type girlfriend so I never asked him why he is going out so much. But somewhere I feel like something is wrong. And today I was going to find it out so I called Louis to know where he is ‘exactly’ because I knew Harry wasn’t sobbed type of person who’d drink his ass off everyday.

“Hey girl what’s up?” Louis cheerful voice made me smile.

“Nothing much. How’s Briana doing ?” I asked not wanting to go straight to point.

“She’s good. ” Louis said and I could sense him smiling.

“Uh-umm Louis do you know where umm Harry is?” I asked Louis.

“Well he said that he was going to club with Russell *random name*” Louis said sounding a little sad at the end.

“Umm thanks Louis.” I said and u was about to hang up when Louis stopped me.

“Wait - mmm I’m sorry Y/N” Louis said and ended the line.

Sorry. Why was  he sorry? Now there was definitely something wrong. I decided to leave to club and see what’s wrong by myself.

Soon I reached there. It was filled with sober drunk people. Eww. I never knew Harry used to come 'here’ . I made my way through by way through drunk people grinding on each other and started searching for Harry. But didn’t found him any near.

I was about to leave when I saw him. Not in the club but I’m the back seat of his car. F***ing some model called Russell.  At first it was hard to believe. But eyes always speak and see the truth.

I went home crying. I was about to even crash in a truck but I saved myself. When I got home, I quickly put my duffle bag out and filled it with all my things I could. Before leaving I decided to write him a note.

His words were nothing he said a few years ago. His touches were nothing. His love was nothing.

I put the note on table and took a deep breath knowing we both cannot live without each other. Well now I didn’t knew if there was any we involved or not.  Seeing him with other girl made my heart ache.

His hands which I adored were roaming other women’s body. His lips which I couldn’t live without were on someone else’s. His eyes which used to adore me where adoring someone else’s eyes. His heart which once was mine now was other’s.

But this was it. Some people are meant to fall in love but are meant to be together. With that thought I left the love of my life.

**end of flashback**


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