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The issue I take with the new animation, more than anything, is that it's TOO good. Early 2000's Arthur was amazing for many reasons, not the least of which being the weird animation style. It had the random gaps in the lines and it wasn't as clean, which gave the show a lot of character and texture. Now it seems very computer-automated and impersonal, and that's why I can't watch the new stuff.

yeah, it’s pretty sterile. it still has the gaps in the lines but the characters are very artifical. it’s obviously done with puppets and a stock collection of assets and the quality really suffers for it. even when the show switched to more cg-stylings around season 14/15, it still had a very organic feel to it. the new animation is just really stiff and unappealing :V

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How many seasons of Arthur were there? And does it still continue? I remember one CBBC showed one episode of an animated (like frozen) Arthur and they used different voices and it was awful and I haven't seen it since

there are eighteen seasons at this point in time and i’m pretty sure they’re showing no signs of closing down! the later seasons (sixteen onward) are animated by 9 Story Entertainment and the drop in quality is… extremely noticeable