9 september 2012

Mike Faist as Jack Kelly

Santa Fe:

January 9, 2013-

January 6, 2013- http://stressie.tumblr.com/post/39971505142/santa-fe-mike-faist-01-06-13

December 1, 2012-

September 9, 2012 (Prologue)-

September 9, 2012-

July 27, 2012-

Watch What Happens (Reprise):

January 6, 2013-

Seize the Day:

January 6, 2013 -

December 1, 2012-http://stressie.tumblr.com/post/37185602823/seize-the-day-mike-faist-ben-fankhauser

World Will Know:

December 1, 2012-

Something to Believe In-

December 1, 2012-

September 10, 2012-

I Never Planned on Someone Like You:

September 10, 2012-http://stressie.tumblr.com/post/32094264418/dont-come-a-knockin-on-my-door-i-never-planned

Once and For All:

September 10, 2012-

Side Notes:
January 6, 2013- Ryan Breslin was also understudy for Davey that day
December 1, 2012- Same for Laurie Veldheer for Katherine

I was in Staten Island in September, about five days after September 11, and the world looked like a pretty awful place back then. We could smell the burning bodies, for God’s sake, being dumped in Staten Island, and my dad was being treated there for cancer.

I was alone, I’d just finished university and it was really, truly awful.

On top of the cancer, it had been September 11. It was just like the world – and my world – was falling apart.

It was then I thought, ‘Well now I’m going to do what I want to do – music, something positive and strong.

'And it won’t be like a band; it will be like an organisation, a family, and it will carry on and on.

—  Dhani Harrison, Daily Mail, 3 November 2012

9 September 2012 - Running around town

  • Gap Dolman Sleeve Maroon Shirt
  • Cotton On Black Distressed Jean Shorts
  • F21 Necklace
  • UO Black Ballet Flats
  • (Thrifted) Fendi Satchel

After going to church at 8 AM (goodness gracious), My family & I went to go drop my dad off at the airport. From there we headed to concord to do a little highly anticipated room shopping for my little sister. Turned out that the item we wanted wasn’t in that location so we had to bust it 3 towns away to Brentwood in order to pick it up.

My mom and I, like the strong independent women we are, took it upon ourselves to load the darn thing both in and out of the car. It went pretty successfully too! except we couldn’t make it upstairs. So now my sisters long awaited desk is sitting in pieces in the box downstairs just waiting to be assembled.

I literally changed my bottoms 3 times due to the fluctuating temperatures of the day. By the end I was DYING from heat, but we made it home in time for me to regain my composure. Thank goodness too, or else I would’ve had no motivation to work on the pictures from yesterday. 

Check those out too!