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Rules: Tag 9 people you want to know better.

Relationship Status: Your resident spinster!
Favourite Colour:  Red, Teal, Black, White. 
Lipstick or Chapstick: None, I strut my ogre face naked to work everyday
Last Song I Listened to: Some song from PMJ i don’t know the title @w@
Last Movie I watched: Wonder Woman
Top 3 Fictional Characters: Erwin! Aomine! Reigen!
Top 3 Ships: kay, simblr ones : Chaim x Danai, Roy x JoJo, Nate x Randy XD
Books I’m currently Reading: How to Read A Book


up10tion’s parent line easily explained in a sweet soft summery photoset

jinhoo: every old grumpy asian dad in every photo ever

kuhn: “wow look at me im so cute posing behind yein haha im so relatable right kids ??? hahaha”

kogyeol: “no kids im not doing ur little gang signs u know back in my day u could get expelled ??? stop this tomfoolery and pose like normal people”

sunyoul: “once we get back home, hwanhee is dead”

(part 9 of sunyoul’s rules of parenting)

Never cry. Why ruin your makeup or soak your brand new coat? Just keep it in or transform your sadness into anger. Anger is much more appealing than weakness.
Always chew gum. Blow bubbles, pop it in annoyance, chew it until it grows stringy and thin between your molars. Keep your mouth busy. That way you can’t say anything you don’t mean.
Bite your lip, not only will it attract the attention of the boy who holds his cup way too tight to have any idea what he’s doing with it, but it’ll also split open and your blood will act as a natural lip stain.
Soak your homework in orange juice and force it down your throat. Gulp it down, don’t you dare heave it up. Fill up your stomach with the paper and hope to god you’ll pass chemistry. Who knows, maybe trees will sprout and you’ll finally be able to take in oxygen. It’s the breakfast of champions.
Problems aren’t problems until you acknowledge that you have problems. So what if you drink a little too much on a school night? Who cares if you stand too long at the edge of the look-out point? Just flash them a smile, hike up your dress, laugh a little higher. It’s not running away from the issue if the issue doesn’t exist, right?
Lock your closet, skeletons are only meant to be seen in your health class.
Shatter your mirror, pick up a piece and hold it at arms length. There, now you can control what reflects back at you. Besides, it makes since to look at the individual parts of yourself, you’ve never been whole.
Stand up straight, don’t bow your head. Blue blood may not run through your veins but, unless it spills, no one has to know.
Remember that you’re a forest fire. You have poison underneath your finger nails. You are a wild thing, and wild things can not be tamed.
RULE #10
If you can’t be guaranteed heaven then give them hell.
10 Things We've Noticed About Pisces

1. Goal orientated but doesn’t wanna do anything

2. Eats. All. The. Time.

3. Really bad liars

4. Really strong music taste

5. Denies their feelings a lot

6. Cries when they see violence

7. Crazy fandom girl / boy type

8. Want to be loved but doesn’t act like it

9. Hates wide ruled paper with a passion

10. Throws themselves into adventure

The ap chem exam alternated between giving me everything i could have wanted and giving me the topics i prayed not to see that test was a roller coaster jeez

Rule of Thumb Pt. 9

Request: yes

Summary: It’s time to determine what is real and what isn’t. 

Warnings: mentions of drug use, djinn, angsty but not, supportive Dean and Sam, abo 


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Pain. Sharp, white pain pulsed throughout your nerves jolting you awake. It took several moments  for your eyes to adjust to the light around you. “Hey there.” A strong, familiar voice greeted you. 

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Denki Kaminari appreciation week

July 9 - 15 2017


A week dedicated to giving Denki the love and attention he deserves! Rules.


July 9 - Future ⚡ Pro ⚡ Teamwork

July 10 - AU ⚡ Storm ⚡ Jealousy

July 11 - Family ⚡ Friends ⚡ Birthday

July 12 - Self esteem ⚡ Comfort ⚡ Support

July 13 - Drained ⚡ Charged ⚡ Hope

July 14 - Relaxing ⚡ Studying ⚡ Laughing

July 15 - Affection ⚡ Fashion ⚡ Flirt


Remember the prompts are just a suggestion to get the creative juices flowing! Feel free to mix and match them or use none at all X3

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Rules: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better (author’s note: for fuck’s sake nine is not happening)

Relationship status: Single, indifferent about mingling.

Lipstick or chapstick: Matte lipstick, current favorite is E.L.F. Velvet Matte in Ruby Red.

Last movie I watched: The Cutting Edge, the other night someone on Twitter found it on Netflix and the Batsignal went up and a whole bunch of us watched it.

Last song you listened to: Fy Faen by Hkeem feat. Temur (damn you, SKAM, and your amazingly catchy musical choices what the HECK)

Top 3 shows: Right now SKAM, Fleabag, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Top 3 characters: The eponymous Fleabag, and Rebecca Bunch, and sorry, but all five girls from SKAM’s Girl Squad. I can’t just pick one.

Top 3 ships: Rebecca and Greg (forever FOREVER F O R E V E R), Isak x Evan (as a person with MI who writes romances with people who deal with MI, it was nice to see an LGBTQ+ love interest with an MI get a bumpy but ultimately fairy-tale-ish story) and, hm. HMMMMMMMMM. Does it have to be TV? Because Karou and Akiva from the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy, I love them so much.

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Hey I made it to nine!

Psychic: *reads my mind*

Me: Hunger Games is a complete rip-off of Battle Royale and, because of it’s popularity, it’s pretty much guaranteed that it won’t have the same major success without BR being labeled as the rip-off. The fact that I almost had a Western remake but the project was scrapped once Hunger Games was announced makes me angry every day. There are so many similarities:

(1) a corrupt government that forces civilians to kill each other every year to prevent an uprising, (2) the victims are chosen through a lottery system, (3) they’re implemented with tracking devices, (4) the protag + love interest are the only two that survive, (5) the protag being helped by a former winner of the game from a previous year who is sloppy and likes to drink, (6) a woman who talks about the game + how horrible it is in a cheerful high-pitched voice, (7) an instructional video, (8) they’re threatened with being blown up if they disobey the rules, (9) there are survival packs with (sometimes) useless weapons, (10) the protag + love interest bond in a cave, (11) a love triangle, (12) the people who die are regularly announced to the participants, (13) there’s a large control center, (14) their last opponent is a bloodthirsty volunteer who has killed the most people so far….

Psychic: What the fuck


As you may have noticed, BTS are now having a huge time in America and a great impact in te world’s music industry. That has brought to them a big bunch of new stans. The A.R.M.Y family is growing huge, and if you are new to the fandom of course all of your unnies and oppas will welcome you with a smile. BUT there exist a bunch of rules and behaviors us, A.R.M.Y, need to follow if we want to keep up with the tag of «most loyal fandom» and the peace, order and good connivance.

Well, so let’s begin.

Rule #1:
You WON’T start fights with other fandoms. Avoid fandom wars.

As you may notice, A.R.M.Ys have a delicate relationship with our EXO-Ls sisters. Most of us are tired of the ones in the fandoms that start fights. So PLEASE be careful with what you say. Praise all groups for their hard work. If you don’t come to like EXO or any other K-Pop group, you don’t have the right to express disapproval by insulting them or their fans. Be mature. Let’s show the K-Pop community that A.R.M.Y has grown up.

Rule #2:
You WON’T call BTS kings or gods unironically.

BTS are a great group that has come too far by themselves. Yes, they tend to break stereotypes and be different, and yes, they may be one of the bests boybands out there. BUT that doesn’t make them any superior to other groups. What we want is to have a harmonious community, and avoid fandom wars. Fandom wars regularly begin when proud and egocentric stans call their groups the best in the industry. All groups are doing their best and have done their best. There is no king, no queen, no god or goddess of K-Pop. In a subjective point of view, BTS may be the bests for you, but just remember there exist variety of opinion in the community and you shouldn’t try to convince anyone of your own truth.

Rule #3:
You are NOT going to compare the members.

BTS is a group that has been outstanding because of the unbelievably great relationship the members have, plus their humility and sincerity. They love each other as brothers and are a true example of brotherhood and team work. As well, us A.R.M.Y have to appreciate their hard work by equal. In this band, there is no rapper better than other, or singer better than other. They all have their talents and stand out for their own unique skills. I beg you to please don’t compare the members ever.

Rule #3:
Avoid talking about BTS everywhere.

Some fandoms are tired of A.R.M.Y bringing up BTS in every topic. It’s not surprising since we are known for being loyal and passionate to our boys. However, this tends to tiren up other fandoms. Let’s say that right now the A.R.M.Y community doesn’t have a very honored title among the K-Pop stans because of that. Much of them hate the fandom and even hate our boys’ success because of the fandom itself. I know it sounds ridiculous. But let’s try to change it. If another group is in the highlights, let’s congratulate them and their fandom. Let’s not fall in haughtiness.

Rule #4:
Defend the boys.

Up there I mentioned to avoid fandom wars. And yes, avoid them. BUT defend the boys in a good manner whenever you see someone insulting them or the fandom. If you are A.R.M.Y you’ll soon fall in love with the family, and as a strong family we protect each other. Actually, A.R.M.Y are known for being protective, so lets keep up on that. If you are having trouble defending the boys or the family to someone that is being missbehave and rude, call other A.R.M.Y to stand out in defence WITH GOOD MANNERS. Cease to fight with anyone who is being stubborn, better leave them in their own ignorance.

Rule #5:

BTS are a group well known for caring a lot more about their art than their visuals. If you want to be a true A.R.M.Y you should clearly listen to all their albums, the tracks they’ve developed outside the BigHit label, their mixes, read their translated lyrics, realize how poetic and beautiful their music is. If you gotta show off something about the boys, its their talent, trust me. Sure they are handsome and charismatic, but they are real for their music. Sure they may have called your attention at first glance because of their great looks, but know there is more about them than just pretty faces and expensive clothing.

Rule #6:

This is very important: your bias does not belong to you. It hasn’t happened yet, but if one of the boys ever decides to have a public relationship with whoever, you must not insult their partner or hate on them even if the jelousy is killing you. Realize how immature and ridiculous that is.

Rule #7:
Don’t take the ships too far.

I know a lot of fans that get really obssessed with ships. It happens in every fandom. But please, remember that being too obvious about the ships can make the boys uncomfortable and also other stans. Don’t insult your fellow unnies and oppas if they happen to ship anything different from you. Don’t start ship wars in the fandom. Don’t make yourself any illusion that your ship may be canon, because by now we are not sure about the boys’ sexuality and we’ve only see their brotherly love side. They are adorable, I know, but don’t make yourself any wrong conception of what they really think about each other. Also, you will notice that in this fandom specially there is… hum… how can I say it… Poligamy? xD Kind of, there are tons of ships. Basically you can ship every member with every other member, even outside the group! You’ll find some crazy shippers, some multi-shippers (as me), and some rare species that only happen to ship one thing (I don’t have a clue of how they manage to stay loyal to their only ship omg). However, you can have fun with this, but just don’t take it to insanity. Please.

Rule #8:
Learn which kind of jokes may result offensive.

I’m not going to lie, A.R.M.Y is a dope fandom. The best thing I love about this family is its humour sense. The jokes, the memes, the crack vids, its all fantastic. BUT as in everything, you need to know what is accepted and what is not. For example; don’t call Seokjin a princess. He doesn’t like being called that way, its disrespectful. Instead, why not call him a charming prince? or an egocentric bitch, I don’t know xD (Also realize that Seokjin is a very sarcastic person and he may seem arrogant if you can’t catch the joke, but he’s just very funny and his humour tends to be ironical. Just a little fact here) and also, don’t call Taehyung an alien. He doesn’t like that either, and I don’t want to talk to you about the scold you will receive from a V biased if they ever hear you call him an alien. I, myself, am an example of that. Don’t call him stupid or dumb either, he is not. Don’t call Yoongi lazy too often, if you do that sure there’ll be some Suga biased claiming to you he is not lazy at all (tho that may be a lie and we know it xD). Don’t EVER dare to say Namjoon or Hoseok are ugly. Ever. You’ll get hurt, trust me. I mean, I don’t even know why someone would joke about that, they are like the most beautiful creatures I’ve seen in my freaking life ???  I’ve been a long time on this fandom, and I think by now some very acceptable jokes that have always been funny are jokes about Jimin’s height and Jungkook’s bunny looks. However, these are jokes that the boys themselves started and tell, so we assume its correct if we use them. Whenever the boys end a joke, we stop making fun of it.

Rule #9:
Guide your new sisters and brothers into the fandom.

Help people know well their new family. More important: get people interested in BTS! Show your friends the MV’s, tell them about the crazy theories and how charming and talented the boys are. As good A.R.M.Y our work is to help them gain recognition, and guiding new people to their concepts and music is a way to make it. 

Rule #10:
Don’t be a koreaboo.

We know Korea is a very interesting country and the mother of one of the greatest cultures, but a lot of people will find annoying and even racist if you get too obssessed with South Korean’s popular culture or Hallyu. I may have to admit that me myself was a koreaboo for a long time and have been sometimes. South Korea its fantastic and its media culture its very attractive, but know that there also exist other means of comsumption and markets around the world. Also, please, don’t create yourself a fetiche around asian people. That is racist. Control yourselves, fam. Don’t get me wrong; support the hallyu, but don’t take the obssession too far. Also, don’t trust the website named “koreaboo” because it’s bullshit.

I think that’s it for now. Those are kind of the important points I think of. Thank you for reading this and please reblog! If you want to add anything please feel free to do it.