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Just a lad from London

He’s traveled the world for his work and pleasure — lived in far-flung filming locations and in L.A. for a time — but Eddie Redmayne is a London boy, through and through.

From his earliest days as a nattily uniformed Colet Court schoolboy to an award-winning, world famous actor ceremonially lighting up the iconic London Eye as patron of a favored charity, we look at Eddie Redmayne in the city he calls home.

1. Pupil at Colet Court (a boys-only school which he attended on a choral scholarship before moving on to Eton College in Windsor at the age of 13).

2. Photoset: Performing in Globe Theatre’s 400th anniversary production of Twelfth Night at Middle Temple Hall, his first big acting break, being interviewed at Globe for CBS Sunday Morning in 2016.

3-4-5-6. Photosets: Modeling at iconic London locations.

7. Photoset: Promotional photographs for stage production of Richard II, inside Westminster Abbey. He’s posing with a painting of the king.

8. Photoset: Showing his seasonal London street style out-and-about in favorite neighborhoods.

9. Photoset: In his own Bermondsey neighborhood, waiting on coffee, stopping by his favorite cafe and cleaner, attending a street festival.

10. Photoset: Street shots, courtship of then-girlfriend now-wife Hannah Bagshawe in Borough, fatherhood celebrated in a gleeful stroll with baby Iris Mary.

11. Photoset: At iconic London events — Ballet, Masterpiece London, Wimbledon, Royal Chelsea Flower Show.

12. Photoset: Riding the Tube. Eddie’s love for the London Underground is celebrated in the media as him being “normal,” “salt of the earth,” an “Everyman.” Says Eddie: “How else do you get around in London? I’ve always travelled on the Tube and I love the Tube.”

13. Photoset: Paparazzi frequently catch Eddie as he takes off or arrives home from his travels at Heathrow Airport. He was mobbed upon his arrival from Los Angeles after winning the Oscar in 2015 for The Theory of Everything, and the event was duly noted with a plaque honoring momentous events, installed for the airport’s 70th anniversary.

14. Receiving the Freedom of the City distinction, awarded to London’s most distinguished citizens (and which allows him to drive sheep and cattle across London Bridge once a year, should he choose to do so).

15. Lighting the London Eye blue and orange to mark Motor Neurone Disease Global Awareness Day. Eddie has been a patron of the organization since becoming acquainted with the disease and its sufferers — most notably, Stephen Hawking, whom he portrayed in The Theory of Everything.


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