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A series of Unfortunate Events, Lemony Snicket - 1998 to 2006

“ This isn’t fair, ” Klaus said finally, but he said it so quietly that the departing islanders probably did not hear. Only his sisters heard him, and the snake the Baudelaires thought they would never see again, and of course Count Olaf, who was huddled in the large, ornate bird cage like an imprisoned beast, and who was the only person to answer him. 

“Life isn’t fair,” he said, in his undisguised voice, and for once the Baudelaire orphans agreed with every word the man said. ”

Just one word book photo challenge - September 9 - “Siblings”

September Book Photo Challenge (via books-cupcakes)

Day Nine: Favorite cover(s)

These are, no question, my favorite covers of the books I own. So much pretty!


October Book Photo Challenge (via just0nemorepage)

Day Twenty Four: Never-ending.

It might be ‘over’ but for most of us I don’t think it ever truly will be. 


Books and Cupcakes | March Book Photo Challenge

Day 9: Book Haul

My books from my February Book Haul.