9 muses BARELY has enough food to eat

after school doesn’t even have money for a comeback

f(x)… idk what is even happening

exid just RECENTLY got their first paychecks in may after 3 yrs

spica doesn’t get any recognition yet vocals are on point

honestly what is happening to all of these influential groups they deserve so much more than what the world has given them???   ? please support them

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: ok but seriously nine muses debuted in 2010 and all of their songs have been amazing and everyone sleeps on them and other idols are too intimidated by them so they don't get chances to interact with others. they're talented beyond belief and gorgeous. they've said many times they're just happy to be on stage. they have even been quoted as saying that they are sometimes too shocked when they get recognition they don't know what to do and are amazed by the cameras. why is everyone ignoring 9 muses they've worked just as hard, if not harder than other groups out there and I'm very salty