9 months :(

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I sure look forward to 9 months of hot takes about Far Cry 5's alleged representation of the far right!

It’s apparent already that this game isn’t going to demonize conservatives, christians, or rural people the way most clucking about this game seem to want so I look forward to them being super mad when it comes out.

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I've been trying to find help for finding treatment for dysphoria online but every article seems to assume I'm some normie grad student with infinite money and fancy things like a 'home'. It's been 9 months since the only human I'd ever trusted abandoned me and I'm getting worse. The world around me feels brittle and empty and I'm so emotionally frantic I have no sense of myself as a person anymore. What did you do when you had to get out there and become the Porpentine you were meant to be?

hormones are free on medicaid in cali so i found an informed consent clinic and did their tests until they gave me a scrip. as for the rest i relentlessly put myself out there and tried to find people who get me? it doesn’t help to look back, you can only move forward with these things.

The world still feels brittle and empty but “ambient easy listening suicidal” is better than “300 BPM suicidal” i guess?

News flash: I’m taken!

I’m going to need y’all to sit down for this.

For about 9 months, I identified myself as an Aro/Ace. Aromantic Asexual. But that was because I never knew what love felt like. Today, I find out. Today, my feelings begin to tell me what love is. Love isn’t intense friendship, although it may sometimes feel like it. It’s not platonic hugs and kisses. Sometimes it feels as if it’s not real. Like you’re saying this to yourself to boost your self esteem when really it’s her that’s boosting it for you. Her that’s giving you the will to live. To love. To fight.

And I mean her as in @sub-tumb. I never knew she felt the same way and I felt so scared. But it turns out it was true and now we’re together. A big question you may be asking is ‘kitt, what are you now?’. And all I can say is I don’t know. A lesbian, pansexual, bisexual, or whatever. I could be anything at this point. But the label demipansexual is what I feel most at home with. And that’s what I am for now at least. 

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Have you noticed that Mona Lisa is not respond very much? Look at her blog, it had the same question for over 9 or 10 months! Is she? (Don't tell Raph. I'm scared! What if she's XP!?) *Covering a blanket over my head*

I’m guessing that she and Sal Commander are very busy up there in space.

According to his teachers, Ray has started to wave and say “bye-bye” to his friends and teachers when they leave the room. He has yet to say “bye-bye” again in front of me… I guess that’s what I get for being overexcited when he said it the first time.

He’s also getting close to saying “baba” for his bottle – which is what I call his bottle, too. He’s been saying “buh, buh” for a while now, but I think he’s starting to make the connection between the word “baba” and a bottle feeding.

He’s a very clever 9-and-a-half-month-old – and I’m not at all biased…

In my house fathers day is called daddy day. Because my dad isn’t my biological father. I only really recently (the last year) had contact with my father. But he isn’t my dad.

My dad has raised me since I was 9 months old. My dad went through step parent adoption when i was 10 so he is legally my dad. But to me, blood doesn’t matter. He is my one and only dad.

I may moan about him and he may really piss me off sometimes but he has stood by me. It wasn’t easy for him. I wasn’t easy. I had a lot of anger when I was told (I thought he was my father) and I’m not sure why. I dealt with anger issues. Even when I got through that I was having anger with myself due to mental illness.

He calls me his son even though he took on a 9 month old baby ‘girl’, I am his first child. He wasn’t a dad before me. He will always be my dad.

I had a saying when I was little.

Any man can become a father. But it takes a real man to become a dad.

So thank you dad, for being mine.

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(pt. 1/2) One problem I've always had is the connection that is made between being a senshi and virginity and motherhood. The fact that NQS loses her transformation powers in and around the time she had or was pregnant with Chibs (because if the 8 year old is 8 for 900 years, it seems somewhat reasonable to assume it wasn't a 9 month pregnancy) and the fact that we've never seen any mother senshi - our senshi don't seem to have any family (although given how much attention Naoko's given them,

(pt. 2/2) maybe they all have 20 kids on the side for all we know. But in any case, I really think NQS’s loss of powers and the senshis’ apparent lack of kids is supposed to hint between a connection between sex and motherhood and loosing powers. And yeah, fuck the whole concept of purity/innocent = powers while sex/motherhood = no powers thing.

I’m getting a weird deja vu here. Did I get an ask about something like this before? I can’t remember. IN ANY EVENT

I’m no fan of the manga, but I have to say that I’m not making the same connections as you at all. I don’t see any Senshin/virginity/motherhood theme or implication. Not that our sample size is anywhere near large enough to try and discern a pattern here, but looking just at Usagi/NQS, I don’t think it holds up, at least not to my eyes.

I don’t know that it’s a safe assumption that Usagi’s pregnancy was anything other than normal for humans. As I understand Chibs; situation, she stopped aging altogether at eight, it’s not that her aging is so slow that in 900 years she’s only REACHED eight. My assumption is that NQS’s statement is meant to indicate that she lost most of her battle-oriented powers because her role was different now. Not because she was a mother, but because she was a queen. I’M NOT SAYING I DON’T THINK THAT’S BULLSHIT, but I don’t think it fits your theory.

And even just looking at NQS and her treatment of Chibi-Usa, motherhood seems to literally be the least of her concerns.

Most compelling though, I think, is Usagi herself. Whatever else I think of her and Mamoru in the manga, I don’t think it can be denied that their relationship is pretty sexual (whether or not it includes actual sex yet or not). They’re making out every other second, and it’s clear they’re physically attracted to each other. Including her constant attraction to basically everyone who crosses her path, Usagi’s simultaneously the most sexual character we have in the manga, and the most powerful.

And much as we laughed about it then and now and forever, we LITERALLY have Minako becoming sexually excited by her own transformation in Sailor V.

I’m not arguing with you that sex and innocence and purity and power is handled really, really badly in a whole lot of media. I just don’t think the Sailor Moon manga is one of them.

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Not lying the second he said "I got you for that" I just bust out crying like it broke my heart knowing how much he feels like he needs her and just how much they love each other, and then just knowing they'd be separated uggggh

I’m gonna spend the next 9 months fucked up over the way he said that line,,,,,,, so,,,,,,,,, sOFT

BlueOmen Operation FAQ

This FAQ is for more frequent questions that we get, as well as some information to prevent further questions.

Q.) What is Blue Omen being made in?
Gamemaker Studio 2.

Q.) Who is working on BlueOmen?
A.) The team as of right now is: Inkerton: Artist, Cox: Programmer, Maxie: Composer.
We also have been getting help on the side from various folks who we shall announce at a later date.

Q.) Can I help?
 Nope! Unless we contact you or do a call out for a position need someone apply.

Q.) How Long has it been in development?
About 9-10 months. Started in late June of 2016.

Q.) Planned platforms for release?
Right now just PC, we of course will shoot for MAC and Linux probably after release. Consoles are right now a big fat iunno.

Q.) When will it be released?
No idea, expect a demo within the year though.

Q.) Crowdfunding?
Probably. Don’t know if it will be Kickstarter, Patreon, or someother thing. We wanna make a demo to prove that it is worth something to care or even support first though.

Q.) Whats the story?
Details will be released alongside the demo.

Q.) Whats the gameplay?
Imagine M&L games, Paper Mario, Mother 3, and various other GBA RPGs. 

Q.) Will there be a devlog?
 Yes, once we get the demo up we will be more vocal of the behind the scenes. Cox does devstreams of BlueOmen sometimes over on his channel.

Q.) How can I support the development of the game?
Go follow the entire teams social media (linked above in the “who is working on the game?” question), share the game with anyone and everyone, and of course whatever else you think you can do to support the game. More eyes looking at the game the better. Just don’t be weird.

This will updated as time goes on.

If you have any questions that weren’t answered here, feel free to ask Cox on his blog. 

So my mom just texted me and said she heard the daycare we have set up for Rylee (the one my aunt works at) is closing. Like are you fucking kidding me? And the other daycare in the area that I would feel comfortable with told me a month ago that they had a 9 month waitlist. Jesus Christ. Guess I’m gonna start calling places come Tuesday after the holiday and hope we can figure something out. I’m just upset that no one has called me from the original daycare to say anything?????? Mom said she heard because my aunt said she had to start looking for another job (she’s been working at this daycare for years) and the other daycare we had looked at in the area was accepting a lot of the employees from ours, so I know there’s a chance it’s not true but why wouldn’t it be? And why would they not call me KNOWING that in like 5-6 months I need somewhere to put her. 😡😡😡😡😡

Happy things that happened this week

1. I received my second bioengineering research grant as an undergrad sophomore. I’ll be working on my own project this summer. 

2. 97/100 on my differential equations midterm.

3. I finally have my boot off, one step closer to running again after 9 months of being injured with multiple injuries.

Life is starting to balance out again!

Revamping For Multimuse Blog

//I think I’ve decided that I will be gutting and redoing this entire blog to make it multimuse. Seeing as I am starting a 9 month intense training program in August and I’ve become immersed in BATIM, I find it logical that I will not likely be active in Undertale anymore.

I will still have Sprinkles and Shy around, but they are now mixed in with BATIM muses I’m developing.

This will become and ask blog only, with some minor rp here and there. Currently two bendys are set to join here and possibly a third.


“When you hear whites say:get over it,’ ‘slavery was a long time ago,’ ‘my family didn’t own slaves, ‘the Jews owned the slave ships,’ ‘your own kind sold you into slavery,’ and other sentiments like these, know these are the most common excuses these devils will use in attempts to not accept responsibility for and make restitution for their kind’s generational race crimes. Know today that these are unacceptable racist statements reparations offenders use in support of their kind’s historical racial terrorism.”

“Whites who make statements like these are just as racially terroristic as the whites who dehumanized and terrorized our ancestors during the slave trade and even in this - the post Trans Atlantic slave trade era. Most often, these are the kinds of whites you will have to defend yourself against in a reparations protest.”