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Whether they’ll appear in the film or not, I can’t say, but as for Godzilla: Kaiju Planet’s history… Rodan confirmed! And Anguirus, Dogora, Dagahra, Orga, and Kamakiras! [x]

I can’t translate all of this, but it seems the timeline is more or less like this. Someone more fluent–or more willing to spend time looking up kanji– can help.

May 1999 - Kamakiras attacks Boston/NYC area. 2.5 million deaths
September 2002 -  Dogora in London. 3.9 million deaths
November 2005 - Rodan and Anguirus. Maybe something about Hedorah. 8.2 million deaths
December 2017 - Dagahra in Australia. 6.7 million deaths.
May 2022 - Orga in Turkey. 11.5 million deaths.
2030 - Godzilla appears.

_George Harrison; England/Inglaterra; London/Londres; East Ham; Granada Cinema; November 9th 1963/9 de novembro de 1963.

_Photo/Foto: Jane Bown.

_Source/Fonte: Solo Beatles Photos Forum.

_Please, don’t smoke/Por favor, não fume.


Take A Bow

1.) Margravial Theater Opera House- Bayreuth,Germany

2.) Palais Garnier- Paris,France

3.) Teatro Real De Madrid- Madrid,Spain

4.) Semperoper - Dresden,Germany

5.) Teatro De Liceu- Barcelona,Spain

6.) Teatro Nacional de São Carlos- Lisbon,Portugal

7.) Teatro dell’ Opera di Roma - Rome,Italy

8.) Royal Theater Of Covent Garden- London, England

9.) Bolshoi Theater- Moscow, Moscow

10.) La Scala- Milan,Italy

Fanfiction writers,

I know there are already many challenges and exchanges going on, but I created this two years ago and I decided to share it with you anyway. Because this is multifandom!

Starting 24 December and ending 1 January, write one fic/ficlet; there is a crossover on 1 Jan.


Fandoms: at least two, maximum is eight – the more the merrier, though

Pairings: again, 2-8+

  • Unlimited number of pairings, since multiple pairings in one work are possible. Optional, but welcome.
  • OT3s, platonic pairings, crossover pairings (in the crossover) possible.
  • You don’t have to write for pairings at all, it can as well be a bunch of friends at a party or something.
  • You can write one pairing in one fandom over and over again, but it’s better if you do more.

Ratings: all

Word count: 100-2,5K, crossover up to 5K

  • It can be a drabble, ficlet, or a full fanfic, but oneshot.
  • You can do multichapters too. However, another chapter isn’t considered as another work. It must be nine independent works altogether.
  • A chapter or sequel to already existing work does count.

Genres: fluff, humour, crack, Christmassy tropes, smut, angst, anything

Tags: tag your work with #9dayscwc2016 or #9dcwc within first five tags, you know the deal

  • If you have an AO3 account, better post it both here and there. Put it in this collection.
  • Consider creating a series for your works.

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It’s rare I post a photo on here with a celeb these days because I swear to god some random people just loved to hate that time I met Tom Hiddleston at a party and posted it on here (like you don’t know me and you deffo wasn’t at the party to gtfo of here ya muggy little c*nts, excuse my French) last year.

Annnnnyway!! I just really wanted to share this one because it was at a charity event the other night and about a month before this I’d seen James McAvoy for the first time since Ruling Class and to my shock he actually remembered me and my friend, asked how we were and told us he was doing more theatre next year. Then at this event the other evening we had spotted him arrive but wanted to play it cool. At one point we walked right past each other and I could tell he was looking but avoided eye contact but I know he recognised us because then when my friend behind me past, she must have made eye contact because I heard him say ‘hey’ and something to the effect of ‘you’re here’ but we didn’t stop and talk.

Finally, later in that evening, after I’d had a load of champagne courage he was returning inside after going outside for a bit and I just intercepted him with a light backhanded slap on his chest/shoulder (I really need to learn not to do that oops) and then the following happened:

Me: Hey James!

James: Hey you! *holds out hand to shake*

Me: *goes to fist bump instead because that’s how I roll*

James: Nah, come here! *proceeds to pull me in for a hug*

And inner me is freaking the fuck out because James McAvoy just hugged me like I was his bro (and I am happy with being his bro if anything) That’s when I also realised I’ve got to not screw up now and come across like a major fangirl, I’ve got to act chill AHHH but I somehow managed.

So, then I spoke to him for what seemed like forever about how we’ve both been, theatre and other stuff. It’s so easy to get caught up talking to this wonderful man that I nearly forgot to bring my mate in on the convo but then I got him to wish her a happy birthday and we continued to talk about theatre and stuff. (Theatre is my passion of you hadn’t noticed oops) And then he was so nice with taking photos afterwards and I legit feel like I’ve upgraded from random James fan to random acquaintance that James recognises but not in a bad way! Then later that night I went to talk to him again and he took some classic James McAvoy selfies with us, because he’s a photo beast when he gets hold of your phone!

Oh and he also remembered telling us a month before he was doing theatre because turns out he probably isn’t now until 2018 because everyone is doing he show he wanted to do next year already!

This weeks Harry Potter Character Design Challenge was Hedwig the Owl.  I decided to make my Hedwig with all of Harry’s luggage.  Personally I don’t think he brought enough clothes lol

_George Harrison; London/Londres; East Twickenham; Willoughby Road; Madingley Club; April 9th 1969/9 de abril de 1969.

_George Harrison’s smile/O sorriso do George Harrison.

_Photo/Foto: Linda McCartney.