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Tarnish my honor? How about no money or job?

tl;dr will be at the bottom as this is quite long story.

Names, places and dates have all been changed to conceal people’s identity in this event.


Let me set the scene first, I had joined the Army direct from “high school” (for my colonial friends) and had a great time, however my contract was up and I had decided that I really wanted to go back into further education and redo my high school (As I failed everything as I was so focused on joining the Army at the time) with the intention on going to University. So, with that in mind I did not sign on for another contract with the Army I just left.

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I’ll be home soon- Klance Week Day 4

So I got inspired by @sevenfivetwo voltron k drama au. Now in no way is the things I have in this fic cannon in their AU, I just got inspired by it. Please enjoy.
Welcome Home

“Actually, I just miss you.” Keith smiled as he looked out the window of his hotel at the lit city beneath him. “It’s weird how it came to this didn’t it?”

“Yeah, I mean, 4 months ago I was being paid to kiss you and trying not to fall for you but I did, like we’re in some K-Drama.” Lance replied. “But you really miss me?”

“mmhm.” It was strange how he and Lance got to this point. His family wanted him to marry, but relationships were not something Keith did, so he hired Lance to help him. He paid him to go out with him, paying extra if he got hurt. It wasn’t serious at first but they got to know each other more and more and actual feelings started to develop. It took a while for them to actually admit it to each other but it happened. They were actually celebrating a real 100 days of dating before they knew it.

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A Birth in a Blizzard part 2 (a Fairy Tail fanfic)

Author’s Note: OK, I’ve finally completed the second part of A Birth in a Blizzard. Be prepared, as with all of my stories, this one also has a ridiculous amount of fluff. I’m also thinking of writing a tiny Jerza drabble as an epilogue to this story, since Gruvia is the ship that’s primarily represented in this chapter. We’ll see. Enjoy!

Juvia was on the largest bed in the infirmary, sweating and screaming in pain. It absolutely killed Gray to see her like this, but he was trying his best to be strong for her. He kept placing washcloths on her forehead that he cooled down with his ice magic. Erza was at the other end of Juvia, coaching her and trying to keep her as calm as possible.

“You’re doing great, Juvia,” Erza said encouragingly. “I’m starting to see the head. Just a few more minutes and you’ll be ready to push.”

“I don’t… I don’t think I can do this,” Juvia exclaimed, tears pouring down her face. “I’ve never felt so much pain before. I really don’t think I can do this.”

Gray grabbed Juvia’s hand and squeezed it reassuringly. “Juvia, I can’t even begin to imagine how much pain you’re in,” he started. “But you’re one of the strongest, most persistent women I’ve ever met. Remember how long you pursued me, even after I said no, even after I broke your heart too many times than I’d like to admit? You never give up. And because of your tenacity, we’re married and you’re about to give birth to our child. Don’t give up, Juvia, you can do this. And I’m right here with you.”

Juvia began to cry all over again and stared at her husband. “Oh my darling Gray.” She said through her tears.

“Juvia, it’s time for you to push,” Erza replied, breaking Gray and Juvia out of their little moment. “When I tell you to, push as hard as you can.”

“O-ok, I will,” Juvia said, her courage beginning to return to her.

“It’s time, push, Juvia!” Erza exclaimed.

Juvia listened to Erza and pushed as hard as she could. She fell backwards on the pillows and breathed deeply. This process was repeated a few more times until Erza told Juvia that one more push would do it. After pushing with all of her remaining strength, Juvia was rewarded with the sound of a baby crying. She collapsed backwards and breathed heavily while Gray wiped her forehead with a washcloth.

Erza deftly caught the baby and carried the child to a small basin to be washed. When she was done, Erza dried the baby and wrapped her in a blanket. Erza couldn’t help but smile at the newborn; this whole experience made her even more exited for the birth of her own baby in about two months.

“Juvia, Gray,” she began, walking closer to them. “Congratulations. You’re now the proud parents of a healthy baby girl.”

Gray’s mouth was agape and Juvia smiled with tears running down her face. Erza handed the baby to Juvia and the new parents stared at the little bundle intently.

“A girl.” Gray said with amazement, feeling tears brim in his own eyes.

“Hello there, my little angel,” Juvia said softly and tearfully to the bundle in her arms. “Welcome to the world. Your Daddy and I have been wanting to meet you for so long.”

Gray stared lovingly at his wife and child, soaking in the amazing sight before him. He was filled with emotions he couldn’t even begin to describe.

“I’ll leave you two alone now so that you can get acquainted with your new daughter,” Erza said quietly. “But I won’t be too far, so just call if you need anything.”

“Thank you, Erza,” Gray said. “Seriously, I-“

“There will be time for gratitude later. For now, focus on that little girl and your wife.” Erza interrupted. “Like I said, I’ll be around if you need any help.”

Gray nodded as Erza left the room, leaving the Fullbuster family to welcome its newest member.

“Gray, would you like to hold her?” Juvia asked.

Gray, whose eyes were glued to the new baby, was snapped out of his trance and looked at Juvia. “Yes.” Was the only thing he managed to say. Juvia smiled and carefully handed the baby to Gray, who handled his new daughter like a breakable porcelain doll.

Gray couldn’t help but let his jaw drop as he held his new daughter. She was still wrinkly and a little red, but she was the most beautiful thing Gray had ever seen. The baby had her mother’s soft blue eyes and her small patch of black hair was the same shade as her father’s. She also appeared to have Gray’s skin tone, as she did not look as pale as Juvia.

“Juvia, she’s… she’s…” Gray started, not even able to get all the words out.

“I know, love,” Juvia said understandingly. “She’s gorgeous, isn’t she?”

Gray just nodded and continued to stare at his daughter, a soft smile etched on his face.

“We need to give her a name, darling,” Juvia said to her husband. “The Fullbusters have a tradition of naming their children after shades and colors, right? You had your heart set on Violet the last time we talked about names. Do you still want to name her Violet?”

Gray continued to look at the baby, but now his face was etched in thought. “Y’know what? I don’t think so. I think I just came up with a better name. But I want to make sure you like it too, seeing as how you carried her around for 9 months and just spent hours in labor.”

Juvia gave a weak laugh, “Oh, Gray, you’re always so thoughtful. I’m sure I’ll love the name, tell me what you’ve thought of.”

“Well… I was thinking Aurora. The Fullbusters do have a tradition of naming their children after colors. But when I saw our little girl for the first time, I saw every single bright color the universe has to offer. She reminded me of the Aurora Borealis, a stunning force of nature that can contain every color imaginable. So let’s name her Aurora. What do you think, Juvia?”

Gray looked at his wife and was shocked at what he saw; even more tears were streaming down her face and she was sobbing.

“J-Juvia, are you okay?” Gray asked, concern rising for his wife.

“Y-yes, Gray darling, I’m fine,” Juvia assured him, brushing the tears off of her face. “It’s just that your words were so heartfelt and perfect that I was overwhelmed. Aurora… It’s the perfect name for our little girl.”

Gray was relieved and sat next to Juvia on the bed. She held her arms out expectantly and Gray returned the baby to her mother. Juvia gently stroked the baby’s face with her finger, a soft motherly smile on her face the entire time.

“So her name is Aurora Ultear Fullbuster.” Juvia said.

“Our beautiful little girl.” Gray continued. He looked at Juvia and gave her a kiss on the lips, one that, as tired as she was, she returned with full force. There was no way either of them could be happier than they were at that moment.

Skool Luv Affair Part 10

Pairings: Jikook, Yoonseok, Namjin

Words: 1281

Genre: Hogwarts!au, enemies to lovers

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9  Part 11  Part 12 Read it on AO3

Part 10

“Here, this’ll do,” Yoongi said walking into an abandoned classroom. There were still a few desks and chairs randomly placed about the room and a large, slightly ominous cupboard in one corner.

“Ok, great,” Hoseok smiled, trying to subtly inspect the area for spiders which were likely to be lurking. He could hardly object on the grounds of his fear of insects though, if he didn’t want the elder to think him an idiot.

The library had been too crowded and noisy to work in, so he had suggested they find somewhere else for the tutoring session the Slytherin had so kindly agreed to. It had been a week or so since their first impromptu one and he was yet again struggling so he had nervously sought him out, having delayed for some time as he thought it was likely he had just offered to be polite. But, surprisingly, he had readily agreed and had seemed almost pleased to be asked.

“Ok, so what do you need help with?” He asked, dragging two desks together and motioning for him to sit down with him.

“We had to write an essay on Polyjuice potion, explaining its use and specifically when it can’t be used and why. Apparently we’re going to have brew it over a few days next week,”

“So what’s the problem?”

“The problem is that I got a D,” He sighed. “Even though I spent hours on it, professor says we’ll be doing it again later in the year as coursework that’ll count towards our end of years,”

“Fucking hell! They didn’t do anything that difficult with us, it’s cause they keep trying to upgrade the syllabus,”

“Ugh, it’s hopeless,” He slumped forward onto the desk as the elder read through his disaster of an essay.

“No, don’t beat yourself up too much,” He replied, “You’ve actually made a pretty good start here. Honestly, I think Professor Nox is being far too hard on you,”

“He didn’t want me to carry on with potions, even though I made the grade. Guess he was used to my poor work during the year,”

“Hmm, well he does have a habit of pushing those who are struggling more than the rest of the class. Bit of a shit method if you ask me, just going to make you stress more,”

“I don’t really like asking him for help ever,” He admitted, “Every time I ask a question he always says –”

“’What do you think?’” He finished for him, “I know, it’s infuriating. Sometimes I wonder if he doesn’t actually know the answers,”

“Yes, exactly,” Hoseok smiled, feeling better now that he knew it wasn’t just him.

“Ok,” Yoongi began, giving him a frankly adorable gummy smile of his own as he shifted closer to show him the essay. “So, you’re on the right track here when you’re analysing each of the ingredients and their effects on the potion, but you basically need to reword it to make it clear why they’re necessary for the potion, yeah?”

Hoseok nodded his understanding, though he was actually embarrassingly distracted by the proximity of the Slytherin, taking note of the way his silver hair fell forward across his face and how his slim fingers danced across the page. Shit, pay attention.

Like, Boomslang skin for example,”

“Represents a shedded outer body and a new inner,” He recited promptly, having memorised all the ingredients and their uses for a recent test.

“Right, but what that means is that it allows the taker of the potion to essentially shed their skin and take on a new one and you have to explain that clearly, basically the points all come from application,”

“Oh, ok, yeah I get that,” He nodded.

“Good, and in any essay about potions it’s important to explain the method, like why is each thing done, why that order, etc.”

“How am I going to remember all this?” He said, mostly to himself.

“It helps to have a checklist of questions that you always ask yourself in an essay,” He advised. “You can copy mine if you like,”

“Thanks, hyung, this is really helpful,”

“It’s no problem, rea –”

At that point he was interrupted by a loud banging sound as the door to the cupboard was suddenly flung open, eliciting a shriek from Hoseok, who grabbed hold of Yoongi’s arm instinctively.

“What the fuck?” The elder muttered, drawing his wand.

There was a hideous scraping sound of scaly skin on wood and a gigantic snake slithered out, rearing its head and hissing. He full out screamed this time and threw himself under the desk, just as it morphed into a giant spider and then sunk to the floor and through it creating the impression that he was precariously balanced on the edge of a canyon. Great, snakes, spiders and heights, his three worst fears all in the space of a minute.

At some point he had curled up into a tiny ball and screwed his eyes shut, paralysed by terror even though the rational part of him was fully aware that this was a boggart and that it couldn’t hurt him.

“Riddikulus!” He heard Yoongi exclaim and the telltale popping sound of the boggart being extinguished, but he stayed where he was. Now that the fear was beginning to subside it was being replaced by excruciating embarrassment on so many levels. God of all people for this to happen in front of. He had actually screamed.

“Hoseok-ah?” He felt a hand on his shoulder gently shake him, “Are you ok?”

“Y-yeah, fine,” He stammered, forcing himself to uncurl and crawl out from under the desk.

“You sure,” He asked, sitting back on his ankles and fixing him with a disbelieving frown.

“It was just a boggart,” He blushed, looking down and hoping that the aforementioned canyon could open up again and swallow him whole.

“Right. I’ve never seen someone confuse a boggart by their fears,” He laughed awkwardly, trying to make light of the situation.

“Yeah, I’m just that pathetic I guess,” He joined in, trying to move past the embarrassment via savage self-deprecation.

“It’s not pathetic to be afraid of shit,” Yoongi suddenly became serious again. “Seriously, you don’t have to be embarrassed,”

“Well, it was kinda embarrassing,” He muttered, rubbing the back of his neck. “I mean, I bet you’re not scared of anything,”

“Clowns,” He answered immediately.


“Clowns. I’m fucking terrified of clowns,” He explained gruffly. “When I was little my parents took us to a muggle fair – my brother really wanted to go for some reason – and I got lost and there was this really freaky as shit clown who found me. The dude was just trying to help, but he was one of the ones with the fucking stilts and there was this monstrosity leaning over me and I ran for the fucking hills. And yeah, I’ve been fucking terrified ever since,”

“Oh,” He replied.

“It’s hard to believe?”

“It’s just that you seem totally fearless and brave, so it’s kinda hard to imagine,”

“Not being afraid of anything doesn’t make you brave,” He scoffed. “If anything, it makes you an idiot. Courage comes from conquering fears, like you,”


“You’re scared of heights yet you’re a chaser,” He elaborated.

“Yeah, but I just really wanted to play so I kept pushing myself,” He shrugged. “It’s not as bad when I’m on a broom,”

“But don’t you see that that makes you seriously brave,” He pointed out

“You really think so?” Hoseok asked hopefully, blushing again at his praise. He’d never thought of it that way before.

“Course,” Yoongi nodded. “You good to continue?”

“Yeah, sure,” He smiled brightly.

“Do Me Bad” (Pt6)

Part 1, Part 2 ,Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10

Member: Sehun from EXO

Genre: College!au: Angst

A/N: I’m sorry this took me awhile to do but thank you to everyone who reads and loves my series i’m sorry to keep you waiting! (Shit goes down in this part so get your tissues and popcorn)

“Ugh Sehun again…..” your phone rang for the 5th time. You were done with Sehun. You knew that he would try calling but the thought of talking to him just felt wrong. Everything still hurt since the last time you fought. This past month you fell hard for Sehun but it still amazed you how only a few sentences could make you rethink things.

-          “Pls call me Y/N we need to talk.”

A text from Sehun brightened your phone screen.  Sehun was never the type to just “talk” about things, he always kept his feelings hidden and moved on as soon as the situation was over so it was surprising that he actually wanted to “talk”.

-          “Meet me tomorrow at the cafeteria”

The screen lit up with another text message. Your brain was working overtime from school and everything that was going on so you decided to agree and meet him tomorrow.

8:00 AM “ your alarm rang, waking you up with a groan and an icky attitude. God not school again. You got up slowly and got ready for your first class of the day.

Let’s just say that math was never your thing and falling asleep in class instead sounded absolutely great. You spent the next 2 hours half awake and on your phone. Equations were not for today.

“Hey  Y/N…” a hand nudged you. Opening your eyes, a muscular figure stood in front of you.

“Hey the class is over….I just thought I should wake you up since I know for sure you don’t wanna stay for the micro economics class that starts here in 5 minutes” you suddenly sprung out of your seat.

“WHAT TIME IS IT?” you yelled at Minseok.

“Lunch time why?” he responded, looking at his phone.

“SHIT I GOTTA GO I’M SORRY BUT THANK YOU FOR WAKING ME UP!!!” you yelled, springing out of your seat and grabbing your bag.

You were already in front of the cafeteria when you felt a hand grip at your arm. “WAIT Y/N-“Minseok yelled right before you stopped your run.  

“We have to do this project in math and I was wondering if you wanted to do it with me?” He shined you down with a smile. Before you could answer him, your gaze shifted to Sehun in the cafeteria.

“Sure Minseok I just gotta go right now so I’ll talk to you later about it ok?” you let yourself out of his grip and strut towards Sehun’s direction.

“Hey wait you should take my number so I could text you the details since we don’t have a class next week” He smiled again. You handed him your phone and quickly sneaked another look at Sehun standing inside in line.

“Here you go” Minseok’s warm voice surrounded your ear once again but your body was frozen and your gaze was set on Sehun.

“What’s wrong?” he tapped your arm, looking at the direction you were looking at.

“That girl…..who is she?” you pointed at the girl that just wrapped her arm around Sehun’s shoulder, kissing his cheek.

“Oh I don’t know but I think I’ve seen her around campus a couple of times…..why?” his voice confused.

“Hey Minseok can I ask you a favor?” your expression fell and was replaced with an emotionless smirk.

Your mind didn’t know what to do. Sehun was making his way outside and the girl was right behind him. He wanted to talk…… was he going to break up with you? Has he already found someone new so soon? There was no way you were going to give him the satisfaction of breaking up with you just like any girl he dated.

“You see that guy? It’s my boyfriend. Well…..my ex boyfriend now. Can you make out with me when he walks out? I just-“you were shut up with Minseok’s lips on yours.

His lips moved slowly at first, tasting every inch of you as his hand made its way around your hip, pulling you closer. You had to admit, he was a great kisser. Your lips were attacking each other, fighting for breath before you felt his tongue lick your lips, asking for more access. His tongue made its way to yours, gently dancing around it as you unconsciously let out a moan in his mouth, your hand pulling him closer by his neck.  

Minseok pulled away breathless and with a smirk. His head tilted to your right, signaling you to look at where he was pointing. Suddenly you saw a frozen Sehun standing in the middle of the way. His gaze was cold and his lips parted slightly as if he were surprised or tried to hold back his tears, or maybe both. Your eyes met and the next thing you saw was him shaking his head and turning his back to you, walking away.

Why did he look so hurt and disappointed? He’s the one that was cheating on you.

“She cheated on me.” Sehun nearly whispered, crashing head down on Jongin’s bed.

“What did you say?” Jongin turned around on his chair, facing a very done Sehun.

“SHE CHEATED ON ME” Sehun yelled all over the room, anger in his voice.

“What? Y/N would never do that are you sure it wasn’t just a misunderstanding?” Jongin’s voice turned sweet and soft.

“If by misunderstanding you mean seeing a guy with his tongue deep in my girlfriend’s throat then yeah sure it was a misunderstanding.” Sehun sat up, running his fingers through his silver hair and shifting his gaze to match with Jongin’s.

“Who was she kissing?” Jongin’s face suddenly turned into a confused frown.

“I don’t know but I know that it took literally everything in my body to not walk up to him and punch the hell out of his perfectly shaped face. I was just waiting to meet her and talk to her about what happened and apologize about some things I said and then my project partner came and asked me about our assignment and when we should meet and the next thing I know my girlfriend is making out with some pretty ass fairy man.” Sehun’s fist was clenched and his stare filled with anger.

“But if she was cheating on you why would she just kiss that guy in public if she knew that some people know you and her were dating?” Jongin questioned Sehun’s story.

“I don’t know, ask your best friend. I’m not in the mood for anything right now” Sehun got a cigarette out of his pocket and quickly lit it up before Jongin could protest.

“AH SEHUN NOT IN MY ROOM THAT THING STINKS- Sure whatever it’s not like I get a say about what is done in my room or not. Also I don’t know about this whole cheating thing……something seems off. This isn’t the Y/N I know. I would talk to her but you know things haven’t been the best between us” Jongin got up and snatched the cigarette box off of Sehun’s hand.

“Do whatever you want just find out whatever that guy’s name is so I could beat him up for trying to mess up things up with me and the only thing I care about.”

anonymous asked:

Tips for highschool?

I’ve been meaning to make a masterpost about this for a long time so I guess I’ll do that now. thanks for the reminder!

so, bear in mind that these are just things I’ve seen that work for me or friends. I’m breaking this into the main areas that I see need addressing: organization, grades, tests, balancing time, extracurriculars, college, social, general


  1. clean your room. this sounds sarcastic and mom-like, but honestly, going into high school is a really good time to reevaluate a lot of things because it is a transitional time in your life. I suggest making a few piles: throw away, rehome, relocate (in your home), and keep. find organizational systems for things (no more piles on the floor), and make your room a space that you’re comfortable spending time. if this means redecorating, do it! you’ll likely be spending some good time here, be it studying, hanging with friends, relaxing, or sleeping, so make it a space that’s enjoyable and multifunctional.
  2. keep track of your assignments. I like to keep mine with me in a 2-inch binder, divided into sections for each class(which are separated by dividers). then transfer these to an expanding folder with a section for each class every quarter or semester (whenever the binder gets too thick). I especially like using the binder dividers with plastic sleeves between each section so I can keep notes or papers I’ll need year round there. it is *essential* that you keep assignments till the end of the year. teachers mean it when they say that they want you to keep things. this will come in handy when studying for finals. other options include a folder for each class, a smaller ½-inch binder for each class, an expanding folder for all classes, etc.
  3. put assignments where they belong. do not just throw them in your backpack. it’s easy to do when you’re feeling lazy, but it ultimately causes more grief.
  4. buy a planner. this is just one system of organization but its worked remarkably well for me. spend some quality time looking at them. I’ve found that university supply stores often have a better selection than office supply stores, but they can be found in either place, as well as bookstores often. look through and consider what you do and don’t like about each one, and make sure that its shortcomings are ones you can overlook. you’ll be spending a year with this thing after all, and if you’re like me, you’ll be looking to it daily. here’s what I have to say on planners:
    • mine runs august-july, and I buy it towards the end of july each year (because I have a terrible memory & need to have one I can look to at all times). I use the mead brand, because I like the way they look and the font they use. I like to have a planner that has a monthly calendar with a box for each day, followed by a full page spread for each week with roughly ten lines below each day.
    • I use the full calendar spread to write all of my events out. my planner is color coded, using a six-pack set of highlighters (though I use them so often that I buy a twelve-pack so I can renew it halfway through the year). I have a color for school, one for social/misc, volunteering, sports, various extracurriculars, etc.
    • I use the weekly spread to write assignments and daily tasks beneath the day they’re assigned. I write them in “class–task” format. I’ve met other people who prefer to write lists of things that are due on the days they’re due. do whichever works, or a combination of both. I like to write check marks next to completed tasks, and x’s next to uncompleted tasks. other people highlight them or cross them out. you do what works best for you


  1. one of the most important pieces of advice that I’ve ever heard is to start school the way you want to finish it. the first three weeks of any class or year are going to be the ones where you make the habits that stick, so try hard and figure out what works for you then, and you’ll be able to keep it up all year long, especially by setting little goals like “get a B this quarter, now next quarter, etc.”
  2. if you use an online score reporter or grading program, have a regular schedule for checking your grades (ie. every other monday) so you don’t fall behind
  3. make sure to ask teachers about your grades if you notice anything different. that can be, “hey I saw that this assignment was missing but I’m positive that I turned it in on time?” or “hey I’m wondering why I got this score on this paper, what can I do to improve?”. teachers like to see this kind of determination


  1. google test stress tips, and figure out how to minimize your stress. the most helpful things I’ve learned are the following:
    • figure out where you carry your stress. ie. I carry stress in my shoulders, so I make sure to relax them while I’m testing
    • take deep breaths. corny, but effective
    • bring your stuff. remember to double check that you have your number two pencil or your calculator
    • do everything you can to prepare. there’s nothing more you can do than walking into a test and thinking to yourself “I’ve done everything I possibly could to prepare for this, and that’s all I could do. whatever happens now happens.” this applies to when you’ve spent weeks preparing, and for those times you forget till the previous night and cram as much as you can.

balancing time:

for a lot of people, high school is a really busy time. if this is you, then you need to figure out how to manage that time and balance it between your various activities.

  1. write it down. it’s really helpful to have a schedule, so you don’t surprise yourself with how much you planned to fit into a limited time.
  2. estimate your time. if you have eight assignments one night, write down how much time you think it’ll take you to finish each task. this will help you prioritize.
  3. SLEEP. sleep is so important. like…… SO important! even if you forgot your test till 9:30 the night before. you’re not gonna do well if you haven’t slept. you may think “well I’m not going to do well if I haven’t studied either…” but trust me, you need some sleep. realistically you need 9 hours. set a bedtime for yourself. but honestly in high school that’s pretty impossible so aim for at least 8. I personally put sleep before school. if it’s my bedtime and I haven’t finished things, I call it a night. (this is where being able to prioritize comes in handy).
  4. if you absolutely cannot put sleep over school. still go to bed! you’re not going to get anything done if you’re falling asleep on your textbook (yes I’ve done this). estimate how much time you’re going to need to study/finish/whatever, then set your alarm so you can wake up early to finish, and still have enough time to eat breakfast and get ready to go.
  5. you deserve a social life. believe that! I’ve found that I can’t study in groups, but if you can, then that’s a good way to see friends more often! I don’t see friends on weeknights unless I’ve miraculously finished everything, and still have energy leftover (this is a rare occurrence). figure out what works for you, but I don’t recommend spending time with friends till you’ve completed your checklist. it’s really easy to convince yourself that that reading that’s going to take an hour will only take 20 minutes when you’re out with friends and having fun.
  6. trying to balance extracurriculars too. read on…


doing things that aren’t 100% academic during high school are important. they push you to think and interact in new ways and settings, they’re fun, and they’re good résumé and application builders.

  1. do things you’re interested in. there is no reason to join a club that you’re not interested in. many high schools have dozens, and if not then they have an easy system to set up your own. if you’re committing your time to something, then you should only do so because you want to. if extracurriculars aren’t your thing? that’s ok. don’t do them. as long as you feel like not doing them won’t close any doors for you down the road, then that’s totally ok.
  2. try to find a variety. if music is all that you’re interested in, then that’s ok, but maybe try to find other interests as well. it’ll expose you to new interests and opportunities.
  3. try things out. at my school, most clubs have an info meeting where you can check out whether or not that club is what you’re about. even if your school doesn’t offer those, it’s ok to just go to one or two meetings. drop them if you’re not interested or too busy.
  4. get exercise. you do not have to go to the gym. you do not have to maintain your weight. you do not have to join a sports team. but it’s really nice to find a sport or activity that makes you feel good, even if it’s just walking or yoga. (some schools even offer yoga as a physical education credit!) it gives you space to clear your mind, and improves your focus in school.
  5. get out of your school. high school is not necessarily fun. it’s not everybody’s ideal age or time or environment. that’s ok. if you don’t want to be at school a minute past the bell, then that’s ok too. you can find volunteer, cultural enrichment, community, and athletic activities all outside of your school. they may cost money however.
  6. don’t overdo it. I’ve quit sports, clubs, and activities because the time commitment was too much. it’s ok, there is no shame in quitting. it’s a whole lot better than realizing that you’ve been coasting for months and finding yourself unable to restore your grades (or your mental health! seriously. take it easy). do not overwhelm yourself. do not let peoples comments about college freak you out. do what makes you happy.


  1. it’s not for everyone. seriously. I’m sure it depends on where you grow up, but almost everyone in my area goes to college, and it’s very frowned upon not to. that is unacceptable, because there is a whole multitude of reasons why you wouldn’t go. among these, you just don’t want to. be ok with that. you’ll be ok.
  2. consider the alternatives. trade schools and community college are viable options. as are gap years. as are jobs. as are just chilling out. be it your health (mental or physical), energy level, desire, whatever, it is ok to not go “the traditional route”. it is ok not to do what’s expected or wanted of you. for those who do want to go to college…
  3. think about it early. researching colleges as an underclassman gives you a huuuuge upperhand. chances are you’ll have more free time them anyways, so utilize that. and figure out what you need to get done! have a checklist so you can feel prepared by senior year. no scrambling.
  4. do lots of research. it’s really comforting to not go into the process blind.
  5. begin applications in advance. I suppose it depends on the application system, but I’d recommend starting six months in advance. it can be a huge relief to get them mostly done during the summer.
  6. go where you’re happy, not where you’re obligated. prestigious schools like Ivy Leagues can be nice for some people. other people would complain about the huge student bodies, lack of diversity, high tuitions, large class sizes, and number of classes not taught by actual professors. there are pros and cons to every option. figure out what works for you.


  1. do not date seniors as a freshman. their intentions aren’t right. just trust me, they’re not the magical exception to the rule that they seem to be.
  2. surround yourself with people who make you comfortable. honestly. don’t waste time on people who don’t accommodate you. you deserve to be accommodated and cared for.


  1. there is no set way to do school. I’m answering this based on my personal experience, but it’s certainly not the right protocol for everyone.
  2. put your health first. school can be really draining. if it’s becoming too much, consider altering your course load or taking time off. do it at your own pace.
  3. find what works for you. make high school the best it can be for you, even if it’s not “the best four years of your life!” like some people unfortunately tell you.
  4. you are under no obligation to do things by anyone’s standards but your own. that is all.

feel free to share and/or add to this!

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can we get woozi and 50? thank you!

50. First time drunken mistake

… I’m not sure how angsty this is but I really hope you like it!

It wasn’t the first time either of you were drunk, and it wasn’t the first time you were drunk at the same time, but usually everything had gone smoothly. You’d be at a bar with some of your friends, dance together, let alcohol work its magic in your bodies, both in good and in bad. It was rare you’d even quarrel while drunk, but that night was… different, and not in a good way.

Maybe it was the stress, maybe it was that the day had been awful, maybe it was that you had been going through a rough patch, with lots of arguing and fighting - maybe. All that was certain was that the more Jihoon drank, the more irritated, angry and upset he got, and with his mood dropping, yours did, too.

“What’s wrong?” you asked eventually as you sat down next to him, your drink spilling a little when you put it on the table, and placed a hand on Jihoon’s arm. He groaned and shook your hand off.

“Nothing,” he said through gritted teeth, moving away from you. You frowned.

“Something’s clearly wrong, Jihoon. I’m worried,” you said with the smallest of slurs, loud enough for him to hear you over the music of the club you were in, and got back a sharp glare from him.

“Let’s go outside, we need to talk.” You frowned even more at his words, but followed him to the door anyways. The air was chilly despite it being summer, and it didn’t help that Jihoon was silent and radiating coldness, none of his usual warmth could be seen or felt.

You were about to speak up when he opened his mouth.

“I think we should break up.”

Even through your alcohol-induced state, you could process Jihoon’s words, painfully clearly so. It had been the last six words you had expected to hear from him, and they hit you hard.

“What?” you asked incredulously, your heart beating even faster with the anxiety that was taking over you, and slumped your shoulders, looking at him almost helplessly. He groaned and rubbed the back of his neck, a frown evident on his face.

“I’m just tired of always fighting with you, and I’m sick of how you keep an eye on me like I was a child,” he said, clearly irritated, and shot a glare at you. You took in a breath; you only kept an eye on him because you were worried, and that had only happened recently anyways, since he had been working long hours and was constantly exhausted, and with that, also more irritable than normally. Wasn’t it only natural that you were worried about him?

“We’re both drunk, we shouldn’t do this kind of decisions–”

“It’s not just because I’m drunk!” Jihoon cut you off loudly, clicking his tongue afterwards. “Gosh, you keep telling me what I should or shouldn’t do and it pisses me off.”

But you’re never like this, was what you thought at the back of your mind, but were only able to stand still and stare. Your usually understanding, warm boyfriend who’d do anything to solve any issues between the two of you was now giving up, and you were almost certain that if he was sober, the whole situation wouldn’t even be happening. You took a step towards him, only for him to take on backwards. “W-we’re just going through a rough patch, remember? The arguing isn’t all there is to us, Jihoon.”

Jihoon ran his fingers through his hair and took a deep, shaky breath. “Whatever. I’m fed up.”

You were quiet, clutching your purse and looking at the ground. The alcohol was blurring your thoughts, the only thing running through your mind being how unreal everything felt and how badly you wished it was just a nightmare, as it sure felt like one.

“I’m going home,” he muttered as he broke the silence, tone angry but quieter than earlier, and walked past you, his steps slightly wobbly. You turned to look after him and bit your lip as bitter tears welled up in your eyes.

“Fuck you, Lee Jihoon!”

He didn’t answer and just kept walking, kicking away the occasional larger rocks that came his way.

You shuddered; with how anxious you were, the already cold night air felt even colder. Wrapping your arms around yourself, you sighed and looked around. Where would you go now? You didn’t want to go home - you and Jihoon lived together, and he was the last person you wanted to see and were sure that the feeling was mutual - and your parents lived too far away.

Eventually you found your way to your best friend’s place. You woke them up when you knocked on their door, but as soon as they saw your tear-stained cheeks and glistening eyes, they were wide awake with their arms tight around you.

They held you through the night, telling you everything was okay and trying to take your thoughts elsewhere by talking about anything and everything but Jihoon. 

In the morning, you woke up alone to a series of text messages from him.

9:02am Where are you?

9:02am Is everything okay?

9:15am Ok last night’s coming back to me

9:16am I really fucked up

9:16am I’m so sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking. It was such a mistake

9:25am Please forgive me?

You stared at your phone with your brows knitted and tears welling up in your eyes again, and put your phone down. You knew he was sorry, but you weren’t sure if he fully knew how much he had hurt you. As soon as they entered the bedroom and saw you, your best friend hurried to hug you, caressing your back soothingly..

You didn’t reply to Jihoon until many hours and multiple new messages from him later.

4:11pm I want some distance.

The distance was long and cold; you wanted time to calm down from the fact that your long-term boyfriend had called it off while saying all those things - whether or not he was drunk, it was still hurtful. Jihoon spent even more time in the studio, trying to write songs, but all he could come up with were melancholic melodies, slow beats and everything that represented both the regret and longing for you that wallowed inside of his heart.

Every single day you’d get an apology in one form or another, let it be in form of your favorite flowers, a half-minute recording of a song made for you and simple text messages like making sure you were eating well, sleeping early enough and wishing you a good morning.

Every single day you wanted to tell Jihoon that that wasn’t “distance” enough, but you didn’t have the heart to do that, not when you found yourself sitting on your friend’s couch, replaying the recordings over and over again.

He did his best to patch things up, and once you felt better, you took a step forward and asked him out for coffee so that you could talk things out.

After all, a drunk mistake, although awfully painful, was something neither of you wanted to let ruin your three-year relationship when you loved each other probably more than life itself.

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crisswift  asked:

Honestly, when I seen that he just disappeared, my first thought was "I hope nothing bad happened to him or his family." Clearly being in Miami is better than something sad happening, but it's clearly, unavoidably, unprofessional. If you need to leave a work thing because you're sick or something's going on in your personal life, that's cool! Some stuff is more important. But this was pre-planned and trivial, even if it wasn't, why not be upfront? Why not offer even a tweeted apology? It's rude.

Honestly, I really really really try to be open minded with Darren. I literally look the other way when he lies on a daily basis to his fans (as do we all).  I constantly excuse him and say its because he is surrounded by toxic people and still obligated contractually. I rarely, rarely place the blame on his firmly on his shoulders.  But when I got home last night and saw he was having wine in Miami, I was outraged. And honestly not as much for myself. But for the people who made an effort to be at that event and to see him. The fans that were promised 3 panels over the weekend.

Because to me, this blunder, to me there is no excuse. And I don’t care if it was lack of communication or a misunderstanding.  That is Darren’s responsibility to know and understand his commitments to fans.  The fans that pay his salary as well as the salary of the horrific people he has assembled to support him. 

I am not kidding when I say, people waited by the Elsie Table for hours to see him. And their belief he was coming was based on a tweet sent by the Elsie Fest Twitter account. It was not based on hope. It was based on a statement made by Elsie Fest.  Who are direct representatives of Darren.  So it is utterly and completely unprofessional to not only not show, but to fail to tweet again and say, hey we got it wrong, Darren isn’t able to stop by the table. And the two people running the table, who handled it amazingly, got the brunt of it. They had the fans asking over and over. And had NO INFORMATION FROM MANAGEMENT.  NONE.  On Friday, it was arranged that Darren would go to that table after the Speech and Debate panel.  And he just never showed.  It was completely disrespectful to a whole host of people. Yes fans. But also the people at his table who had to deal with the fans. And to the Broadway Con staff who were planning for the chaos that would certainly have ensued of he came.

And honestly worse to me was the no show for the evening panel on Saturday night. I understand the Friday Night Cabaret was canceled due to contract issues. So no fault there.  But why was he not at the 9:00 PM panel?  The one scheduled as he missed his 10:00 AM panel as his flight got into New York too late.  Because he was over scheduled and in Vancouver shooting a TV show. I am not kidding you when I say, the room for the 9:00 panel was full, FULL of Darren fans. And they were just the obvious ones wearing their Darren swag. And yes, many of us were concerned. We knew he was exhausted. Immediately the buzz was, what happened to Darren. Why did he not show? Is he ok?  And that is why, there was radio silence about his no show as people were legitimately concerned for his well being.   

 His management loves to use his twitter. And for all the wrong reasons.  This was one instance where tweets to explain his absence would have been appropriate and welcome.

But you know who else that room was full of? People who maybe only know him from Glee or maybe not at all. A room full of fans so passionate about theater that they spent a weekend at a conference, and some of them thousands of dollars to be there with flights and hotels, who know nothing about Elsie. Know little to nothing about Darren. And who maybe would have thought, hey that guy is crazy talented and funny and maybe I will check out what this Elsie Fest is. And go to the table. And sign up for the mailing list. That is called a  brilliant marketing move. But he was a no show, so it did not happen.

So yes, he did the Speech and Debate Panel. It was clear he was exhausted. But that panel did not showcase Darren or showcase Elsie as it was about the film, as it should have been. So it was critical, from a marketing standpoint, to do another panel, as was promised, that highlighted the amazing talent that is Darren.  And they failed. And pissed tons of people off. 

Not to mention the networking opportunity missed as the Con was full of people that make plays,. Something Darren is passionate about. Something he says he wants to do again. He wants to originate a role. Here is a novel idea, stick around and talk to these people. And more, don’t look irresponsible by failing to fulfill commitments.  

So yeah, I am pissed. I am more than disappointed. I am more than tired of bad decisions being made by the worst manager in the industry. And at some point Darren needs to stand up and take responsibility for his career. He is already walking a thin line with the constant lies and speculation. He simply cannot afford additional controversy. Controversy he brought completely onto himself and completely deserves.  Not to mention, I still don’t understand how being in Miami last night precluded him from the Saturday events.

To be honest, the only reason I can think of why he did this. Is to continue self sabotaging himself. And this is an art he seems to be mastering.

I just want us to have time when we can focus on Darren the talent. Something that fails all the time with his team of idiots.

Three Birds -- a modern godstuck dave/dirk jamboree

100 million thanks to littleplantman for letting me write fic of their fantastic au (CLICK THAT LINK YOU SHALL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED) and for not getting annoyed with me for pestering them with questions endlessly. i’m sorry it’s so shitty and that the end is so lame and OH BOY OK HERE INTERNET ENJOY

quick plot summary: dave is the modern god of urban birds, and dirk’s a lonely schmuck who likes feeding pigeons, and the pigeons like dirk so much that dave’s maybe just a little bit fuckin jealous

This morning, Dirk decides, is most assuredly a blessed and fortuitous morning, because this morning a huge mangy albino crow has chosen to leave a dead mouse on his radiator.

An omen of good fucking tidings, if ever he’s seen one.

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ok i watched that video thats goin’ ‘round of those three boys acting like women are something to be moulded to what they want and i have figured out their requirements to date them theres only a few here we go (link to video here)

  • have to be entertaining
  • have to be funny 
  • have to have a personality
  • have to be fun
  • have to start conversation
  • have to memorise their schedule 
  • have to improve them
  • have to be outgoing
  • have to be adventurous 
  • have to be spontaneous 
  • have to not want to sit on the couch and, like, talk
  • have to go camping
  • have to have a talent
  • have to be able to sing
  • have to have your own ambitions
  • have to never get corrective (plastic) surgery 
  • have to be playful
  • have to not mind being pushed and hit a little bit
  • have to text a guy first
  • have to not play hard to get (will get turned off)
  • have to not play easy (think you’re a whore)
  • have to drop lots of hints
  • have to make it clear that you like them
  • have to wait AT LEAST two weeks before you kiss them 
  • have to not take orders easily, don’t be a pushover 
  • have to be quiet and not obnoxious or crazy
  • have to be a little bit crazy
  • have to give space
  • have to be trusting
  • have to wear long socks with a skirt
  • have to always have soft hair
  • have to have really natural beautiful hair
  • have to have a really good smile
  • have to be nice to look at
  • have to have dimples
  • have to have freckles under the eyes
  • have to never hide your freckles with makeup
  • have to have a “natural” look
  • have to have a natural face with a little bit of makeup “if you want”
  • have to not over do makeup
  • have to have full confidence in your bare face- a lot of girls look better without makeup
  • have to have full eyebrows so you can’t draw them in
  • have to be short
  • have to have good style by their definition 
  • have to be brunette
  • have to have long wavy hair
  • have to have a new hairstyle everyday 
  • have to never have makeup on your lips so it doesnt annoy them when you kiss them
  • have to never wear lipsticks in reds/browns/blacks
  • have to be 100% innocent
  • have to be able to get dressed up all fancy BUT also likes to dress not so fancy
  • have to want to go “mudding” with them (??)
  • have to want to wear ball gowns 
  • have to be able to cook
  • have to be able to snowboard
  • have to be classy
  • have to be a little “freaky” in bed
  • have to be your own image- dont follow the crowd
  • have to shave your arms
  • have to wax/shave your face
  • have to wax/shave your legs
  • have to wax/shave your armpits
  • have to get rid of all peach fuzz
  • have to basically not have hair
  • have to have a natural look with no hair
  • have to have reading glasses
  • have to be good at video games
  • have to not be obsessed with video games
  • have to play sport
  • have to play volleyball (because thats the HOTTEST girl sport)
  • have to be yourself personality wise
  • have to be yourself image wise
  • have to be honest

73 points.

please watch this reaction video that is BRILLIANT 

but i would love to add some points from what the reaction video states as well as build onto what he has said

yes, some of these don’t seem terrible (have to have own ambitions for example) but what IS terrible is how they have spoken them. they don’t want to give women a choice, they HAVE to do that and not because women want to because THEY want to. its for them and no one else.

these expectations are beyond specific, and notice how i worded them as “have to”??? thats because in the video they are NOT stating their preferences they are stating the ONLY way to look they are saying that as a woman, you need to be following this.

not only that, but the sexualisation of regular, everyday things is ridiculous. like the part where they’re talking about sport- “whats the hottest girl sport” not the most competitive, enjoyable or anything beneficial for girls. it all comes down to these three 14 year olds entertainment.

the hair comments literally disgusted me. from year 5 to year 9 i was teased for having pretty hairy arms and i was lead to believe that no guy will ever like me all because of the hair on my arms. i have grown up a lot and have realised that any guy who is uncomfortable with arm hair would probably be uncomfortable with a vagina. if you’re that immature to focus on something as natural and as beautiful as arm hair- you are not mature enough to be kissing girls.

the rules that these master-minds have created are literally all contradicting. “be out going” - “be quiet”, “don’t be boring in bed” - “don’t be a whore”, “don’t play hard to get” - “don’t be too easy”, “the natural look is GREAT” - “shave every square millimetre of your body including your face”.  for these children, there is never a good enough balance. 

“be spontaneous”

punch them in the FACE is that enough spontaneity for you there buster

Taylor Swift ‘Put the Brakes On’ Her Romance With Tom Hiddleston

September 9, 2016 @ 8:25 AM By  Sarah Grossbart

Taylor Swift is in love with love. The self–described hopeless romantic “dives headfirst into relationships,” a close Swift insider tells the new issue of Us Weekly. She admitted as much when speaking to Parade a few years back. “I don’t think there’s an option for me to fall in love slowly, or at medium speed,” she explained. “I either do or I don’t.” Her all-in approach means that once she clicks with a guy, she ignores potential pitfalls. “I don’t think it through, really, which is a good thing and a bad thing,” the pop star told the magazine. “You don’t look before you leap, which is like, Yay, this is awesome! Let’s not think twice!” When the relationship begins to unravel, however, the second-guessing kicks in. As Swift summed it up, “You’re like, ‘We used to be flying. Now we’re falling. What’s happening?’”

Her heart is crashing back to Earth once more. Multiple sources confirm the 26-year-old Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, native has ended her 12-week whirlwind romance with actor Tom Hiddleston. And the end came, well, as swiftly as its start. Just two months ago, says a Hiddleston friend, the 35-year-old London-born star — beloved for his role as Thor’s evil brother, Loki, in theThor and Avengers films — was contemplating buying a ring for the 10-time Grammy winner. “He’s talked about all of it: marriage and kids,” the friend toldUs at the time. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he proposed.” Indeed, the twosome flew back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean to introduce each other to their parents within days of their June 14 first date and swapped I love you’s before their one-month anniversary.

But it was too much, too fast. “It was an intense start,” says a Hiddleston family source. “No one can keep that kind of momentum going.” Echoes the close Swift insider, “They just dived in and it backfired.” Slowing the relationship down failed to save it, explains the insider: “They decided to take a break and it turned into a breakup.”

The space between them caused a chasm. After spending the early weeks of their romance together 24/7 — traveling from Nashville to England to Italy — the fledgling duo struggled when Hiddleston reported to Australia in early July to film Thor: Ragnarok. Though Swift — unfettered by work commitments, having wrapped her record–breaking 1989 World Tour last December — joined him at first, once she flew back home, “the distance was hard,” notes another close Swift source. “Especially because they were together every minute when they started dating. They’d gotten used to that.”

Weeks into long-distance love, their frustrations began boiling over, resulting in their first big blowout in early August. “It was a major argument,” confirms a source. “They fought about not spending enough time together.”

The spotlight on their union was also a source of strain. Within hours of being photographed making out near her seven-bedroom Westerly, Rhode Island, spread (just weeks after her split from Scottish EDM DJ Calvin Harris, 32), the two had been dubbed “HiddleSwift” by fans who eagerly tracked their every move. Well versed in public romance (see: her dalliances with Jake Gyllenhaal and Harry Styles), Swift suggested they fly under the radar. (After all, as she joked to Vanity Fair last year of relationships, “I usually don’t make the same mistake twice. I make new ones, but I don’t usually repeat my old ones.”)

Explains a source close to the couple, “Taylor knew the backlash that comes with public displays of affection. But Tom didn’t listen to her concerns when she brought them up.” Instead, a madly-in-love Hiddleston boldly donned an I [heart] t.s. tank and a temporary heart tattoo emblazoned with the letter T at her annual 4th of July bash. Days later, he gushed to The Hollywood Reporter that he and Swift “are together and we’re very happy.”

Hiddleston’s declarations stunned family members. “The paparazzi photos, the public displays of affection, they all seemed very un-Tom,” a Hiddleston family source says of the actor, who never confirmed his 2015 romance with I Saw the Light costar Elizabeth Olsen in the press.

They also concerned Swift. “Tom wanted the relationship to be more public than she was comfortable with,” says the Swift source. Though the pair tried to work out their issues — texting and speaking on the phone regularly, as well as convening at her Rhode Island home for two days in mid-August — Swift realized she needed to take a step back. Explains the source, “She was the one to put the brakes on the relationship. They get along great and will remain friends, but they just don’t see it working romantically right now.”

The revelation crushed Hiddleston, leaving the Eton- and Cambridge-educated star “embarrassed that the relationship fizzled out,” says the source close to the couple. Swift is also dismayed at the prospect of enduring yet another public breakup. Although the insider says Swift “doesn’t regret” allowing herself to be wooed by Hiddleston (he even sent flowers before their first date!), she wishes their early days could have been spent in private. “I think she feels a little embarrassed that the whole world saw them so serious and now it’s over,” notes the insider.

Still, the pop star — famous for turning failed romances into hit records — knows how to shake off a split. The insider says she has been spending time at her homes in Nashville, New York City and Rhode Island, hanging out with her parents, stockbroker dad Scott and former finance-exec mom Andrea. (She also reported for jury duty and was excused from a rape case August 29.) “She’s doing OK — just living her life and not talking about Tom,” says the insider, adding that, yes, “she’s been writing a bunch.

Hiddleston is not writing off the singer just yet. The strapping 6-foot-2 star has a history of laying it all on the line for love — he once told a Russian website that he skipped a key audition to surprise his college girlfriend in Paris — and the family source predicts he will try to rewin Swift’s heart. “He’s in Oz now for Thor,” says the source, “so he’s got some time to figure out what he wants.” Swift is contemplating their future as well. Says the insider, “They could get back together when Tom is done filming and comes back to the States. It’s possible they will see each other and make it work. She had an amazing time with him.”

I hope they give it another try in the future but I respect their decision to take a break for right now. and the last paragraph does give me hope. I’ll be positive as usual. I am thankful for all the new friends I have made the past few months.