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Imagine Chris sending you on a scavenger hunt.

A/N: This is Part 2 to ‘Imagine Chris helping you take care of your sister’. I have a feeling we’re going to need a few more parts before we get to the end so stay tuned. X (Read Part 1)

The sky was still dark when Chris woke. Beside him, you were still deep in your sleep and unaware of what the day was about to hold. Chris looked over at you, smiling because he loved watching you sleep; it’d been awhile and he missed the way your lips parted slightly. He softly kissed the top of your head then carefully pulled his arm out from under you, wincing when you stirred. He held his breath and stayed incredibly still as he watched you, letting out a quiet breath when you remained asleep. He quietly pushed the covers off him and padded into the dark bathroom because he didn’t want to risk the light waking you. He quickly cleaned up, got dressed, grabbed his car keys, and headed out to meet Scott so they could start work on the surprise he had been planning for you for the past six months.

Your alarm was set for 9:00AM, but you were brought to consciousness much sooner by your little sister who was an important part of Chris’ big plan. He had dropped her off moments before, before leaving for the first location where Olive was meant to steer you towards with the clue card Chris had given her. As it turned out, Chris loved the escape room idea Omaze gave him a little too much; his idea of a grand proposal was now a scavenger hunt.

“Rise and shine,” Olive sang-song as she poked you in the nose with a single red rose. Your nose scrunched at the disturbance but your eyes remain closed; you were pretty sure you were dreaming. “Wakey wakey, Sissy.” She continued to tickle your nose with the rose and you finally opened your eyes.

“Shit!” You exclaimed, startling Olive then making her giggle when you sat up and buried your face in your hands. “Olive,” you looked up at her with narrowed eyes, “what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at-” you glanced over at your digital clock and realized it was Saturday. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to get you fed, dressed, and ready for the day,” she told you then beamed. You looked at her weirdly, even more confused than before. “This is for you,” she passed you the rose then read the first note card in her hand as you took the flower from her. “Good morning, my love. I thought I’d start your big day off with your favorite flower.” You smiled at that. “Breakfast is in the kitchen, eat up then get dressed so you and Olive can head to the next destination. You should be able to figure it out, I’ll see you soon. Love, Chris.” She slipped the first card back into her little sling bag, smiling. “He is so sweet, Sissy. I’m so glad you’re dating him,” she told you.

“What’s going on, Olive?” You asked and she giggled, looking down at the second card in her hand with a response from Chris if and when you asked Olive that question; he was incredibly well-prepared, it helped that he knew you like the back of his hand.

“Why don’t you get your cute little butt out of bed and find out?” Olive read and you chuckled. “Don’t bother asking Olive any questions ‘cause she’s on strict orders from Captain America not to reveal anything,” she continued, turning your soft chuckles into louder laughter.

“Fine, my butt is out of bed.” You pushed the covers off your legs and rose to your feet; Olive smiled and slipped the second card into her bag. “Let’s go find out what Captain America has planned for me.”
• • • • • • • •
After breakfast- which consisted of your favorites- you got dressed while Olive used her walkie-talkie to inform Chris that she was about to give you the first of four clues; a clue for each year you were together. He smiled when he heard; he was sitting in the park with Dodger who had the next clue tucked in his collar. He responded back with a “we’re in position, over.”

“Okay,” you rejoined Olive in the living room and held out your hand. “What’s the first clue?” She smiled and passed you a white envelope, tucking the walkie-talkie into her back pocket. “God, it’s going to be embarrassing if I can’t figure it out,” you joked as you ripped it open. “You know where to go if I can’t figure it out, right?” You asked Olive and she chuckled.

“You’ll figure it out, Sissy,” she assured you.

You pulled out the note card laced with his cologne and chuckled softly at the first clue; Olive was right, you did figure it out. You read it out loud, smiling, “at this location, these famous words will always be uttered 'Chris, I don’t think I love you enough to keep going. Just take Dodger and leave me’.” Your sister laughed because she, too, knew exactly where it was. “So we’re going to the park where we have our morning runs?”

“Yup,” Olive giggled and started for the door. “Let’s go.”

The two of you headed for the park, chatting about small nothings as you always did with your sister. The park was about ten minutes from your apartment and the weather was beautiful so it made for a good stroll. When you arrived at the park, you headed straight for the largest oak tree which was where the two of you would stretch before your run. Chris spotted the two of you from his car and smiled when he saw you smile at the sight of Dodger, knowing his pup was in safe hands- he moved onto the next location.

“What are you doing here?” You chuckled softly as you descended to your knees in front of Dodger; his tail wagged excitedly because it’d been a while since he last saw you too. Your apartment didn’t allow for animals so when Chris went away, Scott took care of him instead of you. “Oh, I’ve missed you too.” You hugged him and he licked your cheek. “What’s this?” You asked, pulling out the folded note from under Dodger’s collar.

“Sissy, look at this,” Olive called and you looked up at her. She stood by the oak tree, pointing at something carved into the trunk. It didn’t take you long to figure out what it was; the carving that Chris did of yours and his initials were still there after four years. “There’s also a photograph.” She told you as you rose to your feet, taking Dodger by the leash and leading him with you. “Here,” she unpinned it from the trunk and passed it to you.

You traced the carving with your finger, smiling in reminiscent. You’d just started dating Chris when this happened, in fact- you weren’t even officially a couple when it happened. You’d met Chris a week before in New York at one of Sebastian’s famous 'let’s-party-before-working’ get-togethers after the whole cast and crew met to discuss the schedule for The Winter Soldier. After New York, you had plans to return home to California until Vancouver, and as it turned out- Chris did too. He was meant to go home to Boston, but after hitting it off with you- he couldn’t help himself and relocated to his second home in Los Angeles instead.

The two of you got together every morning to run and train for the film, while you liked his company- you didn’t enjoy his ridiculous stamina. The workouts the two of you did together- the ones he coached and pushed you through may have given you an amazingly toned body- killed you. You never made the same time or distance he did, but he still liked that you made the effort. He knew you didn’t need to train as hard as he did and that you were doing it because you wanted to give him support and company; he appreciated it a lot. It was after the first run that he took the photograph, and carved 'Y/I and C.E forever’ into the tree. It was a bold move considering the two of you had only been on one proper date, but he didn’t care. He knew he was aiming for forever with you; the girl who would always- without hesitation, through burning pain in her legs- support and try for him.

You turned the photograph around and chuckled when you read what he had scrawled across the back, “it seems like no matter how many times you tell me you don’t love me enough to keep going, you finish the run anyway and are back by my side the next day. Now if that isn’t soulmate level of love and commitment, I don’t know what is.”

“What’s the next clue?” Olive asked, snapping you out of your thoughts.

“I don’t know,” you said as you unfolded the clue you had pulled out of Dodger’s collar. “Okay,” you laughed when you read the clue; Olive raised her eyebrows with curiosity because while she was in on it, she didn’t know everything about the plan. “I think I know where we’re going next.”

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