9 fifty

Holy cow, this boat can move! I stand firm, grasping the wheel, fighting the rudder, and Christian is behind me once more, his hands on mine.
“What do you think?” he shouts above the sound of the wind and the sea.
“Christian! This is fantastic.”
He beams, grinning from ear to ear. 

In “celebration” of the new Fifty Shades movie, a friend and I decided to make this offering in “homage.”

Throwing Shade: The Series

Book 1: Fifty Shades of Champagne

           Chapter One: He fizzed your bubbles

 Book 2: Fifty Shades of Blood Orange

           Chapter One: He put ketchup on your buns

Book 3: Fifty Shades of Saffron

           Chapter One: You could not resist his banana

Book 4: Fifty Shades of Azure

           Chapter One: He hardened your blueberry’s

Book 5: Fifty Shades of Cinnabar

           Chapter One: His Sinnamon Sticks

Book 6: Fifty Shades of Vermillion

           Chapter One: He took your strawberry

Book 7: Fifty Shades of Ochre

           Chapter One: His lemony goodness

Book 8: Fifty Shades of Lavender

           Chapter One: A golden shower of lavender-lemonade

Book 9: Fifty Shades of Burgundy

           Chapter One: You poached his pear

 Book 10: Fifty Shades of Cerulean

           Chapter One: He watered your garden

 Book 11: Fifty Shades of Cerise

           Chapter One: He popped the cherry

 Book 12: Fifty Shades of Chartreuses

           Chapter One: His peas are in your pod

 Book 13: Fifty Shades of Heliotrope

           Chapter One: Harvest his eggplant

 Book 14: Fifty Shades of Sepia

           Chapter One: Peeling his potato

 Book 15: Fifty Shades of Baby’s Breath

           Chapter One: The unplanned pregnancy

As Friendship Comes
In Which Dorian Tries To Befriend Krem And Embarrasses Himself In A Game Of Strength

It sneaks up on him with alarming subtlety, but he’s found some measure of acceptance when he least expects it. Hard to fit his mind around, and doing so leads to truths he’d rather not face. But still, now that he’s had a taste of what might become friendship, he can’t keep himself from trying to uncover more of it. So like a man dying of thirst, Dorian Pavus finds himself weaving through Skyhold’s tavern in search of the Chargers’ Tevinter lieutenant. Finds himself searching for common ground with a soporati he’d never once speak to back home nor grace with a second thought.

These days, he thinks about many things.

The man is tucked into a comfortable corner drinking with a Dalish woman, and Dorian invades their conversation without first checking to see if they’ve noticed him. Of course they have.

“Ah, fellow Tevinter scum. Care to talk?”

The lieutenant doesn’t reply for some time, bottle halted partway to his lips. Then, finally: “Right.”

“Given we’re all killing the same people, we should at least be on speaking terms, yes?”

“You’re speaking, I’m speaking. Good enough for me.”

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