9 favourite photos

_George Harrison; London/Londres; East Twickenham; Willoughby Road; Madingley Club; April 9th 1969/9 de abril de 1969.

_George Harrison’s smile/O sorriso do George Harrison.

_Photo/Foto: Linda McCartney.

30 days of your favourite TV show challenge

Fed up with having no 30 Day Meme for your fave show? Then fret no longer, as I have made a set of generic questions that can be tweaked for any show. If I were a computer genius, I would have made a random generator for the list. As it is, a challenger will have to use the tried and tested pulling a number out of a hat method.

1. Favourite episode

2. What you wished happened

3. Favourite regular character

4. Favourite guest character

5. Your song/fan mix for the show

6. Best title sequence

7. Most Romantic moment?

8. Favourite fanwork

9. Favourite photo/screenshot

10. Favourite ship 

11. An unpopular/cracky opinion you hold.

12. How would you convert someone to your show?

13. What show related fan works you would like to see?

14. Worst decision

15. Scene that made your heart break

16. Best use of a hoary old trope

17. Something that made you happy

18. Something that made you Sad

19. Something that made you Think

20. Something that made you Laugh

21. Best series opener

22. Best season finale

23. Which character would you like to go to lunch with?

23. Talk about the music

24. Best scene involving music/dancing

25. Crime against fashion 

26. Favourite quote(s)

27. Favourite non-romantic OTP

28. Most surprising moment

29. Favourite location

30. Favourite costume/clothing/accessory

Swaps or another 30 Days!

31. Favourite colour episode

33. Favourite character moment

34. Biggest BAMF

35. Favourite b/w episode

36. Something from your head fanon

37. Best fight

38. Least Favourite episode

39. Best scene

40. Which character would you be?

41. Biggest surprise

42. Pick a side!

43. Least favourite character

44. All the pairings you ship

45. Best weapon

46. Most taxing problem

47. Favourite item of merchandise

48. Best explosion

49. Missing episode you would like to see found

50. Best SFX

51. Worst season finale

52. Favourite writer

53. Favourite director

54. The coolest thing

55. Crackiest moment?

56. Worst titles

57. Best pirate

58. Most woeful use of SFX

59. Best scene involving eating/drinking

60. Scariest facial hair

61. Favourite voice

Repeatable questions for shows with large casts and multiple ships:

Q. What did you think of ____ / _____?

Q. Favourite [name of character] moment?

Q. What do you think of [name of character]?

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