9 favourite photos


1. Favourite Original?

2. Favourite cover? 

3. Have you watched the On My Way Home documentary? 

4. Favourite music video?

5. Favourite sing off performance? 

6. Scomiche or Scolex?

7. Favourite Mitch photo? 

8. Favourite Scott photo? 

9. Favourite Kirstie photo? 

10. Favourite Kevin photo? 

11. Favourite Avi photo? 

12. Favourite Superfruit video? 

13. Favourite #KTMofficial blog post? 

14. Favourite KOver? 

15. One pentaholic you want to give a shoutout to? 

16. Favourite small pentaholic blog? 

17. Favourite big pentaholic blog? 

18. Best fanfiction? 

19. Have you ever seen ptx live? 

20. Have you met any of the members? 

21. Are you in any other fandoms?

22. How much do you cry when you hear the word s**n? 

23. Favourite Kevin tweet? 

24. Favourite Avi tweet? 

25. Favourite Kirstie tweet? 

26. Favourite Scott tweet? 

27. Favourite Mitch tweet? 

28. Favourite Pentatonix tweet? 

29. Olaf or Wyatt? 

30. Can you beatbox? 

31. Can you sing? 

32. Favourite friendship habits amongst anyone in the band? 

33. Have you preordered the album? 

34. Have you bought all the other albums? 

35. Do you have any ptx merch?

36. Are you getting the fanjoy box? 

37. Are you a patreon subscriber? 

38. Any funny memories about your friends and ptx? 

39. Any funny memories about your family and ptx?

40. Favourite friend of ptx? 

41. Favourite family  member of ptx? 

42. Which member do you relate to most? 

43. Do you have any ptx notices? 

44. What’s your favorite thing about being in the fandom? 


I was tagged by @liamstolenboxers, @sameoldbloganddance, and @iopenattheclose1909 to post my favourite 9 photos of Zayn. Thank you my loves for offering me the chance to take a stroll down memory lane! I was looking for more than an hour and finally decided to go with 9 (which I almost made 99!) photos from the era when Zayn had longer hair and his usual very soft expression and his beautiful eyes and his incredible eyelashes… those were the days… The 10th (the gif from “steal my girl”) is the added bonus!.

I will try to tag people that I haven’t seen been tagged to do this; @nerds4life, @lifechangeing@that-regular-chick, @paynoisbatman,  @ldbigg, @ziamgreatesthits,  @complementary-tattoos, @marvelsziam, @zayntoxicateme, @guilty1dlove, @knoorhoran, @downtherabbitholeafterzm, if you like and you have the time, go ahead and do it and please tag me so I can  see it!

Alpine skiing question time.

1. Best bromance?

2. How many after-race photo sets are too many?

3. Horse ridding with Bode or cycling with Benny Raich?

4. Most adorable?

5. Problematic fave?

6. What happen sooner: Hirscher wins downhill or Neurauter wins slalom globe?

7. Who do you ship?

8. Do you cheer for your nation?

9. Worst photo of favourite skiier?

10. Dream overall podium?

11. Do you think Marcel is totally human?

12. Afterparty with technical or speed skiiers?

13. Who would you choose as your bff?

14. Fuck, marry, kill: Hirscher, Kristoffersen, Vonn?

Add some more if you’d like ;)


At the age of 17, Bergman was allowed only one chance to become an actress by entering an acting competition with the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. Bergman recalls her feelings during that :

“As I walked off the stage, I was in mourning, I was at a funeral. My own. It was the death of my creative self. My heart had truly broken… they didn’t think I was even worth listening to, or watching.”

However, her impression was wrong, as she later met one of the judges who described how the others viewed her performance:

“We loved your security and your impertinence. We loved you and told each other that there was no reason to waste time as there were dozens of other entrants still to come. We didn’t need to waste any time with you. We knew you were a natural and great. Your future as an actress was settled.”

As a result she received a scholarship to the state-sponsored Royal Dramatic Theatre School, where Greta Garbo had years earlier also earned a similar scholarship!