9 favorite covers

This was actually kinda really hard… but here’s 9 of my favorite album covers!!!

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September Book Photo Challenge (via books-cupcakes)

Day Nine: Favorite cover(s)

These are, no question, my favorite covers of the books I own. So much pretty!



@igotmemories-igotshit tagged me to post 9 favorite album covers from some of my favorite albums… So here is part 1 of 2, in no particular order but all albums I love. Thanks for the tag!

krijgsonthaal  asked:

7 9 10 11 15 27 42? :) (For the Rammstein fan asks)


7. How did you first discover the band, if you remember?

technically it was through rock band 3 when i was very young. du hast was one of the songs on it! but how i actually got into them was because of @engelsscharen​ constantly playing their music when i visited earlier in september! and i was like. ok this is good shit. and then they showed me the paris dvd and my soul was officially taken

9. Favorite album cover?

herzeleid, because baby rammstein is my fav kjdfhgs they’re all so cute?? and they’re all shirtless. and richard had complained that they look really gay which makes it even better LMAO

10. Favorite album?

herzeleid ;o; i love their early sound the most

11. Favorite single cover?

one of my fav rammstein pics, period….i think its really hot LOL 

15. Favorite rare track, if any?


27. Favorite photo of the whole band? If you can’t post it, describe it.

THIS WAS SO HARD i couldn’t decide between these two;;; they all look so good in both T___T

42. Favorite lyric from any of their songs?

Dämonen Geister schwarze Feen - Demons, ghosts, and black elves

i like this lyric from mein herz brennt because till sings it nicely, and it’s fun to sing myself as well! 

thank you so much <3

feel free to send me any numbers, if you want!

environmentalizm replied to your photoset “9 of my favorite album covers as tagged by the lovely @tendaberry i…”

we love bruce also is it supposed to be the covers of ur favorite albums of ur favorite album covers out of all the stuff u listen to? does that question make sense

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favorite album cover art in general. i don’t even think i’ve listened to tragic kingdom i’ve just always liked the cover art lol