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get to know me meme; 2/10 favourite tv shows: doctor who (moffat era)
“Look at the sky. It’s not dark and black and without character. The black is, in fact deep blue. And over there: lighter blue and blowing through the blues and blackness the winds swirling through the air and then shining, burning, bursting through: the stars! And you see how they roar their light. Everywhere we look, the complex magic of nature blazes before our eyes.”

“Really, Julian? Pizza again? You of all people should know better.”

“I’m not a doctor yet, Constable”

DD9 Julian seems like the kind of student to just eat pizza for every meal because he doesn’t have the time or money for anything else and he’s always at the pizza shop anyways so why not

League of Legends Asks

(Made a league ask, feel free to use it at your leisure!)

Send me a number in my inbox, anon or otherwise!

1- First champ played?
2- First main?
3- Season when you started?
4- What got you into league in the first place?
5- Current rank?
6- Highest rank?
7- Current main?
8- Odd pick fave?
9- If you could date a champ irl who would it be?
10- Best odd combo?
11- Worst league experience?
12- Best league experience?
13- Ever got stuck in a rank?
14- Met anyone you met on league irl?
15- Last league game score?
16- Last champ played?
17- Most champ played?
18- How many mastery 7s?
19- Ever cosplayed a league champ?
20- Ever had a penta kill?
21- Favorite champ?
22- Favorite skin?
23- If you could perma delete a champ, who would it be?
24- Current instant ban?
25- Least favorite champion?
26- Aram, twisted tree line, or Summoners Rift?
27- Favorite special game mode?
28- Ever gotten so tilted you broke something?
29- Ever been reported?
30- Ever been banned?
31- How many summoner names have you had?
32- Ignite or heal (adc)?
33- Most expensive skin owned?
34- Longest game?
35- Longest amount of time playing consecutively?
36- Too many chests or too many keys?
37- Favorite midlaner?
38- Favorite adc?
39- Favorite support?
40- Favorite top?
41- Favorite jungle?
42- You’re worst champ?
43- Favorite lore champion?
44- If you have a champions abilities irl who would it be?
45- If you could be a league champ what would your kit/role be?
46- Your favorite male champ?
47- Your favorite female champ?
48- What’s your favorite league ship?
49- What’s your favorite LCS team?
50- Ever used RP to buy a champ?

30 Day CAS Challenge

Because I don’t like any of the others out there, I created my own! I’ll be filming these as videos for my Sims Youtube channel and taking screenshots for Tumblr. I will be starting in the next few days.

Day 1: Simself

Day 2: Female Townie Makeover

Day 3: Male Townie Makeover

Day 4: Millionaire

Day 5: Teen

Day 6: Elder

Day 7: Golden Child

Day 8: Fave Celebrity

Day 9: All One Colour

Day 10: Alien

Day 11: No CC

Day 12: All CC

Day 13: Geek

Day 14: Child Beauty Pageant Contestant

Day 15: Childish Adult

Day 16: Twins

Day 17: Sporty Child

Day 18: Girly Girl

Day 19: Manly Man

Day 20: Date Night Couple

Day 21: Nature Lover

Day 22: Mismatched Couple

Day 23: Like Mother Like Daughter

Day 24: Like Father Like Son

Day 25: Athlete

Day 26: Instagram Junkie

Day 27: Halloween

Day 28: Barbie

Day 29: Black and White

Day 30: Your Sim, Your Way