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can we talk about the fact that when the dursleys dropped harry off at kings cross station on september 1st in the sorcerer’s stone they just fucking left, laughing about how he wasn’t going to be able to find platform 9 ¾???? they left an eleven year old child in a busy train station, confused and alone. what would harry have done if he hadn’t found the platform?? wandered around the station for hours with luggage and an owl and no muggle money?? fuck the dursleys honestly

Things I want to see in Season 3 of Stranger Things

Mike and Eleven having a healthy, non-dramatic, sweet ass relationship

Dustin and Steve just together all the damn time being friends/bros/brothers

Steve learning how to FUCKING FIGHT, jfc

Is there a way to write in Ben Schwartz as Steve’s brother?

Like, very little Nancy/Jonathan screen time- I just do not give a shit. I mean it’s fine, I just don’t care  


Speaking of Hopper, stop dating other people Joyce… just stop. I mean Hopper is right there

1-7 and 9 and 10

Lets open that gate waaaay the fuck back up

Can Will be a hero this time or…? Can he not be incapacitated or…?

Just Eleven, fucking shit right the hell up

Billy could die and I’d be fine with that too

10 of the Best/Saddest Moments of Stranger Things 2

 1. “‘Like’ we’re in love?” 

2. When Will keeps screaming “GO AWAY!” at the Mind Flayer but the Mind Flayer still gets him 

3. Dustin and Steve on the tracks 

4. When Lucas says “totally tubular” to cheer up Max and Max, despite her tears, makes the brightest, biggest smile 

5. The death of Bob Newby, Superhero  

6. “I asked if you wanted to be my friend. And you said yes. You said yes. it was the best thing I’ve ever done.” 

7. Mike’s smile when he sees Eleven for the first time in 353 days and he looks so happy he is going to cry 

8. Mike’s whole encounter with Hopper after he sees Eleven

9.When Jonathan can’t look at Will in pain anymore and quickly turns and buries his head in Nancy’s shoulder 

10. When after Mike and Eleven kiss, Eleven rests her forehead against Mike’s and Mike just smiles like his world is complete 


Imagine hugging the Doctor. Imagine the way he smells and the way his hair feels against you cheek. Imagine how tight he holds you and his hand against your back. Imagine you both really needing each other, and showing it with warm hugs. Imagine him hugging you when your sad or scared, or when you’ve just been saved from danger. Imagine him hugging you when he sees you for the first time in awhile, or when you guys save the day.

Just, imagine hugging the Doctor when he needs you as much as you need him.

(Update: forgot to add, inspired by @imagineyourfandoms)

20 reasons why i cant stop watching the stranger things finale:

1) we finally get the mileven reunion scene and that was so heart-wrenchingly beautiful. i mean that was straight out of ‘the notebook’ like “i never gave up on you. i called you every day for –” “353 days. i know. i heard.” ouch.

2) that heartbreaking scene between mike and hopper. 

3) eleven’s reunion with dustin, lucas and joyce. 

4) mike and eleven’s farewell. “i can’t lose you again. promise me you’ll come back?” “promise” then eleven being the one to lean in for a kiss, only for papa hopper to be like ‘nope nope let’s go’. 

5) lucas kneeing billy for being a racist asshat. 

6) steve protecting his adopted sons and daughter. 

7) basically just steve and the kids in every scene tbh. 

8) max being a badass zoomer and also standing up to her abusive stepbrother, smashing that bat near his groin and standing up for her friends.

9) eleven and hopper’s gruff reunion that was so laced with love. “what the hell is this? where have you been?” “where have you been!” <3 

10) eleven and hopper’s heart-to-heart in the car. hopper saying he’s a blackhole and he’s so terrified of losing eleven because gdi, they were father and daughter long before that certificate. 

11) eleven being a complete and utter badass closing the gate, levitating and using both hands, then collapsing into hopper’s arms and him saying “you did good, kid. you did really good.” 

12) hopper receiving that birth certificate that said that eleven was now legally his daughter: jane hopper. 

13) dustin and steve’s brotp. him being dustin’s ride to the snowball and telling him how to pick up girls. 

14) lucas practicing in the mirror how to ask max to dance and his sister erica catching him. 

15) lucas and max at the snowball in general. how she just rolls her eyes and pulls him along and how she kisses him. 

16) will being called ‘zombie boy’ in a good way and how flustered he got when he was asked to dance. 

17) will being taught how to dance by joyce and jonathan just filming him with bob’s video recorder.

18) dustin’s scenes at the snowball. how heartbreaking it was to see him get rejected, see him crying but then lighting up to have nancy ask him to dance and reassure him he’ll be okay. 

19) mike seeing eleven for the first time at the snowball. him telling her she’s beautiful. their kiss, which was so full of heart and fondness and relief and joy. eleven leaning in and mike resting his forehead against her.

20) the ending with the mind flayer looking down on the middle school. i love that they closed the gate but didn’t kill it. it leaves so much room for season 3 to explore because the mind flayer is clearly sentient and it’s looking for revenge. 

A list of things I love about Remus Lupin

By Sirius (the raddest dude ever) Black

1. The face he gives me when I make a really stupid joke

2. The face he gives me when HE tells a really stupid joke

3. The way he speaks, he’s very articulate

4. His different kinds of smiles. He has a smile for when I’m sad, and he wants me to cheer up. He has a smile for when he’s so genuinely happy and we’re having a good time. He has a smile for when he’s trying not to smile. He has a smile for every different type of occasion and my plan is to see them all.

5. Sometimes when I flirt with him, he smirks back at me and we have a good time. Other times he flips me off and tells me to go away.

6. The face he makes when he is concentrating on school work or a good book.

7. The face he gives me when I give him chocolate.

8.His face when he sees the first snow of the season. He looks like a fascinated child. It really does take me back to when we were eleven.

9. How sometimes he can be so childlike and he can goof around with James and Peter and I.

10. And other times he can put on his prefect face and he likes to tell us what to do.

11. His blowjobs.

12. The way he looks up at me when he’s giving me a blowjob.

13. The way he says my name.

14. When I’m sick he takes care of me.

15. His moans.

16. How he looks in that one jumper. (You know the one)

17. His presents he gives me. He’s no good at buying presents, but it’s cute to see him try.

18. The way he looks in my clothes.

19. When he gets angry and his face gets a little blotchy and he yells at me and I just want him to push me against a wall.

20. The way he lights up when I ask him about a book he’s reading.

21. When he wants it, he’ll either drop me very subtle hints, or be very demanding about it. He sometimes will glance at my lips as I’m talking. Other times, he’ll bit his lip. He’ll take off his sweater and make sure it sticks to his shirt a bit so I can see his stomach as he takes it off. He’ll wiggle his hips a bit.

22. I’m very sappy, and I appreciate that he puts up with it.

23. He lets me talk about the next prank I’m planning with James, or he’ll let me talk about my bike, or he just let’s me talk about whatever is on my mind.

24. When I’m upset, I sometimes just like to be in the same room with him. No talking, no nothing.

25. His fucking (bisexual) finger guns

26. His hair. His messy, curly, bouncy hair.

27. His scars. Every one of them. They make him look pretty badass.

27. Speaking of badass, he can be, but he also can be quite the opposite of that.

28. We argue about the silliest things, but he would never hurt me.

29. His nose. It’s very cute. I can’t really explain it.

30. I know he has brown eyes. I know he says brown eyes can’t be pretty. But I swear to god, his brown eyes are the prettiest I’ve ever seen.

31. He may be a lot taller than me, but he’s skinny. I like to get in tickle fights with him (or we wrestle sometimes) because I always win.

32. When he’s wrong, he can tell me he’s wrong. (That’s something I really need to work on)

33. He has the most veins in his arms than anyone I’ve ever seen and honestly it’s a turn on.

34. Like I said, he’s tall. I love standing next to him because I feel very protected.

35. He doesn’t make fun of me because I talk in my sleep.

36. When we cuddle, I sometimes grind my butt into him and he gets frustrated and it’s very funny to see him flustered.

37. When I have nightmares, he’ll gladly share his bed.

38. We both like the room cold when we sleep.

39. He’s a blanket hog but it’s okay because I love him.

40. That kiss he gives me right after he smokes, it tastes like the best drug out there.

41. He’ll take care of me when I’m drunk.

42. He smells like his mum’s house, vanilla, and old books. And occasionally pumpkin spice. (My favourite)

43. He doesn’t get jealous of me and James’ relationship. (Why should he after all, James is my brother)

44. He’s jealous, but not too jealous, he’s overprotective, but not too overprotective.

45. When he tries to make me do my schoolwork and plays teacher and it really gives me a boner.


- …I will always listen, and I will always see you. - Eleven to (his lovely wife) River.

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- How could I not see you? - Twelve to (love of his life) Clara.

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How dare you say that Whouffaldi isn`t a canon?

It’s only been the first episode of Stranger Things 2 and:

1) I would voluntarily die if it meant that Will Byers gets a good nights sleep without nightmares and strange visions of the upside down

2) Mike has entered his teenage angst™ stage due to Eleven’s absense and I just want to give him a hug and shower him with love and affection

3) Jonathan is now labeled #1 brother of all time with that beautiful speech

4) Dustin’s purring added 10 years to my life

5) Did ya’ll catch that look Lucas gave Dustin when talking about saving the princess like is this some foreshadowing or whaaaa??

6) My girl Nancy rockin that snipped hair

7) Mad Max‘s note for the boys had me cackling what a cool gal

8) Steve and his fried chicken. Good shit.



get to know me meme; 2/10 favourite tv shows: doctor who (moffat era)
“Look at the sky. It’s not dark and black and without character. The black is, in fact deep blue. And over there: lighter blue and blowing through the blues and blackness the winds swirling through the air and then shining, burning, bursting through: the stars! And you see how they roar their light. Everywhere we look, the complex magic of nature blazes before our eyes.”

“Ah! Yes! A fangirl! Hello there! Oh my what a beautiful creature you are! Look at that hair and those eyes! Blimey!? Is that what chins are supposed to look like?! ….Perhaps my next regeneration then…. What was I going to say..? Oh, yes! Travel? Now? With me? All of time and space? The box you say? That’s my spaceship! Trust me she’s a lot more than she seems! Now let’s go! Geronimo!”