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Imagine hugging the Doctor. Imagine the way he smells and the way his hair feels against you cheek. Imagine how tight he holds you and his hand against your back. Imagine you both really needing each other, and showing it with warm hugs. Imagine him hugging you when your sad or scared, or when you’ve just been saved from danger. Imagine him hugging you when he sees you for the first time in awhile, or when you guys save the day.

Just, imagine hugging the Doctor when he needs you as much as you need him.

(Update: forgot to add, inspired by @imagineyourfandoms)

“Ah! Yes! A fangirl! Hello there! Oh my what a beautiful creature you are! Look at that hair and those eyes! Blimey!? Is that what chins are supposed to look like?! ….Perhaps my next regeneration then…. What was I going to say..? Oh, yes! Travel? Now? With me? All of time and space? The box you say? That’s my spaceship! Trust me she’s a lot more than she seems! Now let’s go! Geronimo!”


Doctor Who vs Ao3 tags  Part 5/??

My fandom wish  

would be that every show

was as open to shippers as Dr. Who

because look at this

no matter who you ship

there is a kissing scene




one of them

and guys:


Phoning Martha Jones

Recently I was listening to The Doctor’s Daughter commentary, and RTD mentioned offhand that he originally wanted Ten, when waving goodbye to Martha Jones, to make a “call me” gesture. It was cut out because they thought it would undermine the solemnity of the scene, which was probably a wise decision, but now I’ve set up a new headcanon that the Doctor calls Martha and moans to her whenever he needs a Doctor.

“Marthaaaa, nobody wants to travel with me.”

“Is it because you’re a right misery and you never wash your dishes?”

“….probably. Is that shooting behind you?”

“Yeah, Mickey and I are being shot at by three hundred troops of Mire on a planet that’s in the middle of a nuclear war and rapidly losing oxygen. Can this wait?”

“But I’m lonelyyyyyy, Martha.”

“Oh my god.”

“Marthaaaa, my stomach hurts.”

“Did your voice change?”

“Yeah, regeneration, try to stay focused, Jones. Does that pink stuff you left in the bathroom work?”

“DOCTOR, NO, that’s my shampoo!”

“At least my stomach smells like grapefruit now. Do you pluralize grapefruit? Grapefruits? Grapefruiti?”

“Oh my god.”

“Marthaaaa, I’m being erased from existence.”

“New phone, who this?“

“Oh my god MARTHA NO”

“Marthaaaa, River can’t come with me to the grand opening of the Iron Maiden Tree Nursery in the year 6577 on the planet Woot, are you busy?”

“Who’s River?”

“She’s got the space curls of a god.”

“I’m in a jacuzzi. I’m not getting out.”

“Well, okay, can Mickey come? I think this dress would fit him.”

“He says no. He’s in the jacuzzi too.”

“You two hang out a lot, don’t you?”

“We’re married, Doctor.”

“Marriage. That’s a good idea. I should do that.”

“Oh my god.”

“Marthaaaa, I’m lonelyyyyyy.”

“Sorry, is this you having flashbacks to 2010?”

“No. I’m living on a cloud in the Victorian era.”

“You—okay, you know, never mind. Look in the bathroom cabinet, there should be some antidepressants in there. NOT THE—”

“Yeah yeah I know, I know, not the pink stuff. I’m not an idiot, Jones. Are you—are you chuckling?? Do I hear Mickey? Are you chuckling at something Mickey said???? Well you just tell him—”

“Oh my god.”

“Marthaaaa we just saved Gallifrey!/Marthaaaa we just saved Gallifrey!”

“Is that an echo effect?”

“No, there are three of us on the line. Hello!/Morning, Jones!/Wait, who are we talking to?”

“What! Mickey, get over here. Which of you is it?”

“The attractive one/the one who isn’t an idiot/No, really, who are we talking to?”

“That is so funny. Mickey, go tell them we’ve got three over here.”

“What? What?/Go tell who? Jones, who are you talking to?/Is this somebody important we’re talking to?”

“Your fourth through ninth incarnations say hello. They’re having tea with us.”

“WHAT!/We weren’t invited?!/Oh, this Martha Jones, I remember now.”

“The one with the Northern accent just said ‘oh my god.’”


“Hello? Who is this?”

“It’s me, the Doctor. Why does everybody question who I am? Is it the voice?”

“Are you Scottish now? Blimey.”

“I regenerated—Clara thinks it’s because of Daleks, but actually I just ate the pink shampoo. Always lying. Never mind. Martha, I need you to look up dream crabs, all possible sources of them, what they like to eat, best means of transport, and what the capital of Denmark is. I’ve forgotten.”

“Doctor, I’m being attacked by Chumblies at a convention of masked lunatics, can this wait?”

“Well, I guess I’ll just crack into that new Ben and Jerry’s as I die from loneliness, a poor old man who can’t even get a friend to look up obscure alien fauna for him.”

“Fine. Mickey, give me your laptop.”

“Actually, no, wait, Santa just showed up. Never mind.”


Mickey: “Oh my god.”

You Me Her

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Chapter Eleven: About Last Night…

Word Count: 2138

↠ ♥ ↞

When Riley wakes the morning following the winter formal she’s immediately hit with a throbbing headache. Riley lets out a sleepy groan as she sits up and rubs at her temple. Violet meows softly after Riley’s stirring wakes her. 

“Any chance I dreamt it all, Vie?” Riley pats the kittens fir. Another tiny meow. “Yeah I didn’t think so.” Riley sighs. 

The brunette looks over to the window. The blanket Riley had placed over Lucas in the early AM sits neatly folded in the bay window seat. Riley notices a glass of water on her nightstand, courtesy of Lucas she guessed. Riley gulps down the liquid quickly, her dehydration was not satisfied even a little. She sets the now empty glass down and rises from her bed. 

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get to know me meme; 2/10 favourite tv shows: doctor who (moffat era)
“Look at the sky. It’s not dark and black and without character. The black is, in fact deep blue. And over there: lighter blue and blowing through the blues and blackness the winds swirling through the air and then shining, burning, bursting through: the stars! And you see how they roar their light. Everywhere we look, the complex magic of nature blazes before our eyes.”

hi! so everyone at the xfamnet decided to do an appreciation for the cast of the x-men since we have just finished our mutant appreciation. just like for the mutant appreciation, this is open to everybody! for this we will be accepting graphics, gifs, edits, aesthetics, videos- basically anything- except for fics, this was agreed upon by the entire net. 

you don’t have to do all of them, you can pick and choose which ones you participate in! do what you can and tag your works with #xfamnet or #xmencastappreciation and we’ll reblog it!

the weeks:

  • week one; april 30- may 6: ian mckellen week!
  • week two; may 7- 13: halle berry week!
  • week three; may 14- 20: patrick stewart week!
  • week four; may 21- 27: anna paquin week!
  • week five; may 28- june 3: hugh jackman week!
  • week six; june 4- 10: rebecca romijn week!
  • week seven; june 11- 17: james marsden week!
  • week eight; june 18- 24: famke janssen week!
  • week nine; june 25- july 1: shawn ashmore week!
  • week ten; july 2- 8: ellen page week!
  • week eleven; july 9- 15: aaron stanford week!
  • week twelve; july 16- 22: zoe kravitz week!
  • week thirteen; july 23- 29: lucas till week!
  • week fourteen; july 30- august 5: january jones week!
  • week fifteen; august 6- 12: kodi smit mcphee week!
  • week sixteen; august 13- 19: fan bingbing week!
  • week seventeen; august 20- 26: james mcavoy week!
  • week eighteen; august 27- september 2: briana hildebrand week!
  • week nineteen; september 3- 9: ryan reynolds week!
  • week twenty; september 10- 16: olivia munn week!
  • week twenty-one; september 17- 23: caleb landry jones week!
  • week twenty-two; september 24- 30: lana condor week!
  • week twenty-three; october 1- 7: oscar issac week!
  • week twenty-four; october 8- 14: sophie turner week!
  • week twenty-five; october 15- 21: evan peters week!
  • week twenty-six; october 22- 28: alexandra shipp week!
  • week twenty-seven; october 29- november 4: booboo stewart week!
  • week twenty-eight; november 5- 11: gina carano week!
  • week twenty-nine; november 12-18: adan canto week!
  • week thirty; november 19- 25: dafne keen week!
  • week thirty-one; november 26- december 2: tye sheridan week!
  • week thirty-two; december 3- 9: rila fukushima week!
  • week thirty-three; december 10- 16: edi gathegi week!
  • week thirty-four; december 17- 23: nicholas hoult week!
  • week thirty-five; december 24- 31: this last week of the year is reserved for every xmen cast member! just to show some final appreciation and how much it means to us that they’ve brought our favorite characters to life on screen and how we’ve found a family and friends through these characters/people.

these are all the scheduled dates! they will be posted each week on our blog! you don’t have to inform anyone if you’re doing this, just tag your work with #xfamnet or #xmencastappreciation 

you can direct questions here! have fun and we can’t wait to see everyone’s work!

The Story of Us

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Chapter Eleven: Tightrope Dreamer

Word Count: 6779

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

“Be down in a second!” Mabel calls out to Thomas followed by a squeak directed at Riley.

“Meow.” Riley giggles softly, referencing a previous ‘scaredy cat’ comment Mabel made about herself.

Mabel stands by Riley’s bed completely frozen. 

“Go on then.” Riley giggles as she gives Mabel a gentle shove. “He’s waiting.” 

“Come with me?” Mabel asks hopefully. 

“I can’t come with you.” Riley’s soft laughter continues.

Eventually, Mabel does make her way downstairs and opens Jed’s front door. She jumps a little in place when she finds Thomas standing directly on the other side of it. 

“Sorry.” He chuckles quietly with a gaze pointed at the ground. He looks up slowly, focussing mainly on her clothes. “Are you in pyjamas?”

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