9 days left :)


“We need to work together if we want to beat Leviathan …”

9 days left!

also FFXV week | Day 1: Kingsglaive
As some of you can remember I posted part of this painting before. For real I was planning this countdown all back then. As I begun to draw other characters my style begun to change and I needed to make more details for the final version to fit the others.


“Jab tak unhen dekh na loon, unse lad na loon…mujhe sukoon hi nahin aata.”


“Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a modern open plan layout, top-of-the-line kitchen, one car garage, and a spacious backyard complete with a pool and spectacular skyline views located right here in your target neighborhood. I do believe this house has everything on your wish list and more,” the realtor beams at Christopher.

“Thank you, Mrs. Riley. Do you mind if Madeleine and I look around on our own for a while?”

“Of course not! Take all the time you need,” she clucks at them indulgently. “After all, it’s a big decision, and with a little one on the way you two have a lot to consider.”

“That we do,” Kit nods as he absently runs his hand over Madeleine’s belly. “I just don’t know if a one car garage will be big enough for me long term.”

“Well, there’s an unfinished basement that you could use for extra storage or even convert into a play room for the baby,” Mrs. Riley suggests.

Kit looks perplexed. “You can’t put a sports car in the basement,” he laughs. “But I suppose it’s a quiet block, and Maddie can always park her car on the street if needed…”

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