9 days away

dear tumblr user @taylorswift,

first of all, i just want to say thank you for helping to give me the confidence to even post this in the first place. i’ve struggled with self-esteem issues for as long as i can remember, but thanks to you (and the people i’ve met because of you 💛) i’m finally starting to overcome that.

so, i kinda stink at letters so i’m just going to do what i do best and wing it. hi, taylor! i’m lexie and i’ve been hopelessly devoted (i think about you singing that on gigi’s snapchat A Lot) to you ever since i was ten. i remember seeing the teardrops on my guitar music video on music choice on demand the summer before i started middle school and thinking to myself, “who’s taylor swift?” (little did i know that that song was only the beginning.)

your music has gotten me through some of my worst nights to say the least; i really do consider red especially to be a safety blanket for me sometimes because that album has always been there for me when i’ve needed it the most. (well, not /always/, but you get what i mean!)

i still haven’t been able to see you on tour yet (i was grounded a lot in high school/none of my friends never really wanted to go to concerts with me) so i’m just hoping for this era to be the best one yet for me - after all, i’ve heard that everyone’s first taylor swift concert is unforgettable.

thank you for being you so unapologetically ever since you started singing; i’ve always considered you one of my biggest inspirations, from when i was a kid, to when i became a teenager, and now here i am, only 9 days away from turning 20 and still as proud as ever to consider you one of my idols.

thank you for making music that makes me feel a little less alone, and making music that just makes me feel - as a fellow writer, i take a lot of inspiration from you when it comes down to it because i want to make people genuinely feel things when they read what i write, just like what you’ve been doing for years.

anyway, this became a lot longer than i had originally planned, so i’m gonna wrap this up!

love you lots, t. thanks for everything.

love, lexie.

Summer clean up, bye bye blue bikini!! Who’s happy that Fall is 9 days away?? 😢🍁🍂🍃 Not sad bc this is CaliforNIAYE and #gymislife 😆 Folks are in bikinis til Dec. Lel Still putting some things away and planning for upcoming cons. I’m not going to be at Olympia weekend 💪🏽 because this weekend is @longbeach_cc so if you’re in town Saturday - stop by and say “hai.” Hitting the gym in a bit. Legs need a pump. Was shooting a new cosplay yesterday…ill post a quick shot in a bit 😆💪🏽❤️ I’ve also decided I’m going to workout more at @goldsgym Venice. Workout around the besssst!

“Ah, jeeze, looks like my phone’s about to die - 5% battery. We’ve been talkin’ for a while, huh?”

let’s all take a moment to realize that three months ago we were like chilling and getting 8 hour sleep daily and now we’re just 9 days away from reputation and we don’t sleep and we are in constant fear of missing updates and we don’t know what’s going to happen but we are happier than ever my conclusion is that time is fake and humans are confusing.

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I have a 9 day vacation in August and that is all I have to live for. I just need to have 9 days away from Hell and I will be ok for a while lol.

My 9 days away from hell is also in August and im struggling so bad to get there! Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor! -mandie