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GOT7′s Upcoming Schedule


9/21  Hit The Stage (Yugyeom)
9/22  TURBULENCE: Mysterious Teaser (?)
9/22-23  Est Cola Event in Thailand
9/23  TURBULENCE: MV Teaser
9/23  Fighting Man (Jackson)
9/24  Incheon Kpop Concert 
9/24  TURBULENCE: Album Spoiler                                
9/24  Seoul Girls Collection Concert 
9/25  Running Man (Jinyoung, Mark)
9/26  TURBULENCE: Live Premiere with V
9/27  TURBULENCE: Album & MV Release
9/28  Weekly Idol
9/28  Hit The Stage (Yugyeom)
9/30  Fighting Man (Jackson)
9/30  Korea Sale Festa (broadcast through Music Bank) 


10/1  DMC Festival 2016 [Korea]
10/18  Busan One Asia Festival, The Show Special: KPOP Super Concert 
10/23  Busan One Asia Festival, One Asia Dream Concert

(Music Shows aren’t added yet)


Never forget (to buy Coca-Cola)

Back to school, autumnal leaves, pumpkin spice — these are all tropes a brand may use to market its products in September.

This month, however, Coca-Cola went outside the rubric and used Sept. 11, the tragic day in history when more than 3,000 people were killed by terrorists, to hawk soda. Here’s why this tasteless marketing ploy is so troublesome.