9 casts

The fact that Kathleen is suddenly like “oh yeah Carrie’s not gonna be in ep 9″ is not only scary because now I’m worried she’s just going to passively kill Leia off in a terrible bullshit way but it’s completely disrespectful to Carrie and Carrie’s family. Todd was sure Carrie/Leia would be in ep 9 and I remember Billie saying Carrie was very pleased with everything for Leia in ep 8 when we were worried Leia would be killed. How rude and mean to do such a thing to Todd and Billie and to Carrie’s memory, Carrie would be pissed. We all saw Rogue One, we know they can recreate Carrie with CGI so Kathleen better not ruin Leia just because Carrie is gone.

  • dean: *beating the shit out of ketch*
  • me: my precious sunshine child