9 car


Kevin Crump and Allan Baker met one another in prison while both serving sentences for robbery. The duo decided to meet up once released to begin a life of crime; robbery soon led to murder. On 3 November, 1973, the two shot dead Ian James Lamb while he was asleep in his car. On 9 November, they were camping near the home of Brian and Virginia Morse. They watched over the house for two days before abducting 35-year-old Virginia. She was bound and gagged in their car while they drove from Collarbenebri to Queensland, abusing and torturing her along the way and on one occasion, stopping to tie her to a tree where they then took turns raping her before bundling her back in the back. When they were bored of raping and torturing Virginia, they shot her between the eyes before dumping her body in a river. The two were arrested on 13 November after their stolen vehicle was reported. They were sentenced to life imprisonment.