9 5 2013

Already nearing 6 million subs...
therealjacksepticeye is almost at 6 million subs! It’s insane to think about how fast the community is growing, especially if you look back on some of his old vlogs that mentioned the milestones. I could only imagine how happy Jack is, knowing that 6 million people love him and his content. And I, as I’m sure others agree as well, think that he deserves it, considering the amount of dedication he puts into the content we get a chance to watch everyday and for being the awesome guy that he is!

Here’s a look at some of the milestones he previously passed, based on his vlogs (Basically to see how much much, how fast, the community grew):

Jul 9, 2013:         1k
Sep 9, 2013:       2k
Nov 5, 2013:       15k
Nov 29, 2013:     20k
Jan 28, 2014:      50k
Mar 3, 2014:       100k
Apr 28, 2014:      300k
Jul 17, 2014:       700k
Aug 11, 2014:     900k
Aug 20, 2014:     1 million
Dec 8, 2014:       2 million
Feb 6, 2015:       3 million
Jun 11, 2015:      5 million

Two years ago, the community was between 1,000~2,000.  

One year ago, almost to the date, the community was at 900,000. 

And now, within a couple days, we will proudly be 6 million strong!