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Jason/Polly theory

So let me start off by saying that as of right now I am not sure of the identity of Jason’s killer. But I hope this theory clears the air a little bit regarding Polly and Jason. 

As everyone knows Jason made a move on Polly because of the playbook. 

But lower down the playbook, we see that things began to change with Polly and Jason.

First we see that it says: “Still working Polly (9) 2x week score!”.

But then further down the book we see (barely) that it states: “Polly… again bro? (-2) for feelings”. Which means that Jason was slowly developing feelings for Polly further than his score book. This starts to raise questions as we see (again bro?). Obviously his teammates just want more score and Jason not getting actually involved with Polly. 

Also, another thing that has to be noted is that Polly is shy. 

But isn’t this totally contradictory to what Alice said? We clearly see that she wants Betty to stay as innocent as possible and not turn into Polly. Because as she said “she was a shining star and Jason ruined her”. 

That could of course mean the breakdown, but what if this was the least thing that happened to Polly. I mean yeah it could just be about ONLY that and the fact that she went from a good girl to a bad girl but hear me out.

As we know she and Jason had a big fight during the summer and from what the girls saw on the playbook, it probably meant that Jason was with Polly for the score and that was what the fight was about.

But… Betty herself said this: 

So, what if after the fight Polly; betrayed by the man who was the father of her baby turned to her mother who did not approve of the relationship from starters as she always stated, and she was ultimately the person who led to her breakdown. 

We all see that all Alice wants was to keep her family’s reputation at ALL COSTS and same thing could be said for the Blossoms. So what would it mean for the two most powerful families in Riverdale for a teen pregnancy scandal to come out? 

Both families, not wanting that HID the pregnancy from Jason, Cheryl and Betty, as well as the rest of Riverdale, then payed people off and send Polly away to a group home so she could get better and then give birth. And they would both agree that once she gave birth the baby would be given away and then she would be back as new, keeping both families on top. 

Of course, that benefited the Blossoms the most and Alice didn’t approve in the beginning that is why she is so bitter and to this day blames the family for ruining her daughter’s life. 

So, that’s when things get complicated.  

We know that Jason wanted to leave Riverdale ONCE AND FOR ALL, and he wanted his parents to not find him. 

What if he had found out about Polly and her pregnancy and he planned on finding her? And he felt betrayed by his parents and that’s why he wanted to go away; also knowing that neither them nor Alice would let him find Polly if he told them that. 

This is why he staged the accident and let Cheryl in the dark so he would be sure to run away and no one would know what his true intentions were. 

And we also know that Cheryl loved Jason so much and wanted to protect him that she would lie for him without even knowing why he wanted to run away. 

I also want to point out that Polly returns in upcoming episodes of this season and she seems to be a reformed-bad girl and looks 100% like the good girl she once was. 

To conclude, i have no idea if this theory makes sense or not, or if any other person has posted it already, but it has been in my drafts since the first mention of Polly and Jason and the proof pile keeps getting bigger.

Tutors brother: C.G

So today, since I’ve got so little to do and well so much time on my hands since it’s the long weekend here in Australia I’m gonna do a couple of imagines for you guys. So here we go

It was a Thursday afternoon and you were going back to the Gallagher house for tutoring with Lip, so you had to walk with Debbie and Carl. Carl was talking about how Dominique dumped him for some college guy, he seemed destroyed by it. You quietly said “Carl, she isn’t worth it. You could do so much better.” He laughed “You really think so Y/N? Why would any fucker want a guy who was convicted for drugs not even a year ago?” You mumbled “Cause well even if you’ve been in juvie doesn’t define who you are.”

Debs asked “Why are you so quiet today Y/N?” You said “Just thinking tbh.” You thought ‘Why is Carl so caught up on Dominique when I’m here. I could be a fucking perfect girlfriend for him, she didn’t deserve him. He deserves so much fucking better than her.’ You’ve liked Carl for quite some time, even before he went to juvie. It was a quiet few minutes before you three arrived at the Gallagher house, you walked in behind Debbie and Carl.

You walked into the kitchen and saw Lip, you felt a smile rise on your face, Lip was your best friend. He knows the whole thing about you liking Carl, he know more about you then well you do yourself. You said “Phillip Gallagher would you look at that. The college man is back.” He smiled “Always here on a Thursday afternoon to see my favorite best friend.” You laughed “Bring it here boy.” He walked over and hugged you “So what are we working on today Y/N?” You said “Hmm, I need some help on algebra and need a plan for getting pizza.” You and Lip always had a code name for your crushes, Carl’s is pizza cause well you love pizza, Carl loves pizza everyone loves pizza.

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List of Magical Items (of varying use).

@stonednullibiety and I used to spitball these when bored, here’s a list of ones I remember. These things are really rough around the edges, and tweaking is encouraged.

1. Bow/Arrows/Quiver that cast ‘Spark’ upon impact, possibly lighting highly flammable surfaces.

2. A myriad of tiny figurines representing races and creatures. When you speak into the ear of a figurine, that figurine will LOUDLY speak out your words in the native tongue of said figurine.

3. A small mason jar that ages things, time moves 5x faster when the lid is sealed.

4. Instrument of your choice that performs Legend of Zelda 'Ocarina’ style feats; can once per day, with perform check, can cast from a predetermined list a variety of cantrips. I recommend this instrument be large and unwieldy for comedic effect, such as a Tuba.

5. This item is probably strong but a Short Sword that accumulates a charge whenever you cast a spell; you can consume charges to restores spellslots at a balanced ratio (five charges for lvl. 1, 6 for lvl. 2) or expend the charges upon a successful attack roll to add 1d2/1d3 damage per charge expended.

6. A trinket such as a wind up clock or a pocketwatch that once per (time period) can change the order of initiative; upon activation, re-roll initiative based on intelligence roll.

7. Angelheart Vial: a necklace that gains a charge whenever you are dealt damage. At ten charges, can expend all the charges to cast Cure Light Wounds at a CL3.

8. Rocket Boots! Grant +10 to jump checks, with a 25% chance of a misfire that causes you to also shoot 10 feet in a random direction! Hope there are no walls nearby or that’s a damage roll!

9. Various disjointed Pieces (2x Arms, 2x Legs, 1x Torso w/ Head) of what will eventually be a nigh-indestructible wind-up golem of diminutive size. When assembled, can be wound up a total of ten times (50 feet of movement), walk on any surface in the face of gravity, set off traps or switches, and perhaps spawn a quest to find the creator- maybe to get it upgraded or fixed.

10. A canteen that is indestructible from within; whenever any water is put inside it and the lid close, becomes a random liquid as determined by a percentile roll. A rune on the outside tells you what’s inside- magma? Acid? Cure potion? Deadly poison? Juice? Who can say? Can you even read the rune?


Flyshiki - Daishiki Plus Size Fashion

I wanted to put together another style post since my other one got a pretty good response. I hope to continue to post more.

Daishiki - Rainbow (One size)
Leggings - Forever21 (3x)
Boots - Rainbow (Size 9)
Jacket - Rainbow (2x)

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zealotlolo  asked:

do you know maths, show me some formula or somethin

y=mx+b is the formula of a straight line. m=slope and b=the y intercept. An example would be y=2x+9.

((It’s what we’re currently working on in Grade 9 math…))

Pokémon GO- Things You Did Not Know - Part 3

1. Pokémon GO Team Gyms go up up to Level 10 and could get stronger than 50000 prestige.

 I’ve see one at 52000 and it was Team Instinct.

2. All Pokémon except for Nidoqueen, Nidorina and Nidoran♀ are male. I know, shocking! - View Proof  or check your PKM.

3. It seems, Vaporeon evolved with @megapokemonxy “Rainer” trick, only get movesets: Water Gun/Hydro Pump or Water Gun/Water Pulse rarely Aqua Tail. If you Evolve Eevee near the ocean and get a Vaporeon it could get a moveset with Aqua Tail

EDIT: Beach/Ocean Vaporeon usually come with Aqua Tail.

4. If you walk around with an active Incense you will spawn Pokémon every 2 minutes. It goes to 5 minutes if you stay put in one place.

5. Items in a Bag increase by 50 for 200 PokéCoins. I have seen it at 600. Each bag increase will cost 200 and it’s a set price.

6. There is a Trick/Fake Curve Ball in the Game. You do this trick by doing a Curve Ball but instead of spinning it faster you just lightly press it. Its SPIN will decrease to a normal Poké Ball speed. If done correctly, you will get the extra Curve Ball points and the throw will be more controllable.

7. Pokémon with their “Special Move #3″ are rare.

The almost complete LIST is here.

8. Pokémon can be fed double or triple Razz Berries! Yes, you heard that right! That rare Pokémon escaped capture because you didn’t continue feeding it a Razz Berry. It actually, increases a Pokémon capture rate (2x) (3x).

9. Extra TIP from Twitter:  If you’re fighting a Gym and your Pokémon Dodge is lagging or slow its your Pokémon battle stats fault!

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