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I think this is everything. Today i went lifting with a friend who knows i lift but doesn’t herself. She’s cool with it. Anyway, we had time to kill but no money. I didn’t even bring my purse. That’s when i thought, “why not go get a purse?” My friend stayed in the car and i was in and out in 3 min. 

So here we go
-liz claiborne purse $85 (Literally walked in without a purse and came out with one!!) 
Hobby Lobby
(my friend came in with me, i grabbed a basket and she kept picking things up and saying they were too expensive. i just told her put it in my basket lol. half this stuff is for her)
-agate candle holder $30
-small wooden box 2x $3.99 each
-pretty candle holder $9.99
-rose candle 2x .99c each
-large flower shape candle $5.99
-taper candles 2x $1 each
-tiny jar 2x $2.67 each
-clear top jars 2x $1.99 each
-dragon broach $5.99
-8 pack of corked vials $2.99
-red brown leather journal $19.99
-tacks 2x $2.69 each
Dollar Tree
-shower curtain $1
-shower liner $1
-cotton pads 2x $1
-peroxide $1
-16 pack of tealight candles 4x $1
-haribo candy 3x $1

Total: $198.61!