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How I, a former Christian, became an Atheist.

Part One

Over the past two years or so, I have found myself slowly drifting away from my lifelong beliefs and more towards something that I have discovered completely for myself. I grew up in an extremely Christian home with a mother who has the kind of beliefs that would make the standard “loving and accepting” Christians cringe. To summarize, she firmly believes that anyone from the LGBT community will be going to hell, that Allah is Satan, and that Feminism is an act of the Devil. Out of all the influences in my life, hers is the #1 that turned me off of Christianity and I’ll tell you why.

            Think about how vast and amazing the Universe is, with its billions of galaxies and seemingly infinite number of stars. Now to me, it doesn’t make any sense to say that there is a giant man in the sky sending people to eternal damnation for loving someone of the same sex. How petty and small is that? And yet many Christians (or at least the ones I come into contact with) use this argument as a method to judge and condemn people. I don’t get it nor will I ever. To me it has always been okay to be gay, bi, and transexual because that’s the way you’re born. The point is to love each other, not condemn people for not loving others the specific way you say it should be done.

          The Bible justifies rape ( Exodus 21:7-11, Deuteronomy 22:28-29, Deuteronomy 22:23-24, Deuteronomy 21:10-14, Zechariah 14:1-2), the killing of innocent men, women and children (Judges 21:10-24, Exodus 21:15, Deuteronomy 17:12, Leviticus 21:9, Deuteronomy 13:7-12), and slavery (Leviticus 25:44-46, Exodus 21:20-21, Luke 12:47-48). Now I understand that the argument here is that “It was the time period” or “It was the Old Testament”, but to me, you shouldn’t be able to pick and choose things from the Bible that you decide to live by. Either it’s all true or none of it is. Also, why would a God (who apparently intricately designed us and loves each and every one of us immensely) decide to kill off thousands of the innocent people, including children. I can’t seem to understand it.

          Science has never told me to “pray about something” when I’ve been seeking answers. Science backs up its data and hypotheses with numerous experiments and numerical data. Anytime I went to my mother with a concern, the only answer she had was pray about it, and I did. I spent 18 years of my life praying about things, only to never receive answers. Not once did I experience a full on “encounter” with God. Sure I felt happy, emotional, and had a sense of camaraderie when attending worship sessions, but I noticed that the same feelings were felt when I attended my University’s football games. Maybe it’s just me?

          Now I’m not trying to force my beliefs on anyone (I promise because at this point I’m not too positive in what I believe) I just think it helps me to articulate all these feelings and jumbled thoughts that are continuously building up. If you have any opinions or whatevs please feel free to share. I’m all ears.

Where to start reading Ralph Dibny?

His first appearance was in The Flash v1 #112

  • Flash v1 (esp #115, 119, 124, 130, 134, 138, 206, 208, 210, 212, 221, 252-253, 277, 296, 300, 323-329, 341, 349)
  • Detective Comics #327-352
  • Justice League of America v1 (esp #51, 100, 102, 105-114, 116-121, 127-129, 131-134, 139, 142-143, 150-152, 155-157, 159-168, 170, 174, 179, 181-183, 186-191, 194-195, 197-200, 202-206, 209-212, 218-221, 226-230, 233-239, 241-250, 252-255, 257-258)
  • Secret Origins v2 #30
  • Justice League International #24, 51, 53-57, 65-68, Annual #3-4
  • Justice League Europe #1-50, Annual #1
  • Elongated Man #1-4
  • Flash 80-Page Giant #2
  • Starman v2 #61-63, 65, 67-73, 75, 80
  • Formerly Known as the Justice League #1-6
  • JLA: Classified #4-9
  • Identity Crisis
  • 52 #1-2, 4, 7-9, 11-13, 18, 21, 24-25, 27, 21-34, 39, 42, 52 
  • Secret Six v4 #1-14
  • Convergence: Justice League of America v1 #1-2

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Ahaha, here's a whole load of questions, 'cause I love you! ♥ 2, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 21, 28, 32, 37, 54, 61, 91, 94, 96.

WOOOOOW that’s a lot of question!! A-Alright alright here are the answers.. also love you
(2) No, I don’t have freckles
(5) I love all colors!!! But I think my favorite is purple, blue, green, and maroon. If I have to choose one then it would be purple.
(7) uHhhhh…….. idk? :,D it’s kinda rainy today, where I live
(9) I have 1,675 followers :]
(11) black or maybe dark brown
(15) “holder fast armene hennes, en annen setter seg overskrevs”
It’s Norwegian tho
(21) I have many favorite animal tho, but I like whales :]] and frogs cuz they’re cute
(28) what makes me happy??? I like to make people happy.. cuz it makes me happy
(32) purple
(37) yes
(54) “love me like you do”
(61) Asexual. Or idk
(91) ??? Idk
(94) Oceon.
(96) DANTDM AHHHHHHHHHHHHHYESSSSSSSSSS AND JACKSEPTICEYEEEEE OH OH! Also Pewdiepie and Albertsstuff cuz they’re precious and I like to watch their videos, it’s fun and sometimes it made my day

Marvelmas (9/13) - December 21 - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Words: 1257
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Featuring: Tony, Wanda, Peter Parker, Steve Rogers
Warnings: Probably swearing.
Marvelmas Series!
Authors Note
: this one was fun because damn i love pietro

Marvelmas Masterlist. Masterlist.

You knew that Pietro celebrated different holidays than you, but he also knew what Christmas was as he did celebrate that as well. He just wasn’t into it as much as everyone in America. Of course, he and Wanda celebrated as kids, but it was more of an extra thing to celebrate.

As he lived in Sokovia, he didn’t hear much Christmas music, so it was your honor to introduce Pietro to the festive time. To be honest, you didn’t have much planned for his day. He told you from the start that he didn’t need one if you ran out of ideas, and he wasn’t just trying to get out of it. But you weren’t going to let him off that easily; especially for someone like him!

“I got the video you wanted. Now show me the Bucky fail, Tony walked to where you were sitting with a flash drive in his hand.

"Not now, I’m trying to come up with something to do with Pietro for today.”

“The list is failing you?” Tony gasped, making fun of you.

“Keep at your sass, and you won’t make it until Christmas,” You smirked at him.

Tony put his hands up defensively to let you continue talking. “Well, what does he like to do?”

“Be annoying? I don’t know! I’m out of ideas!” You groaned and threw your hands over your eyes. All of the sudden you felt a gust of wind and everything was cold.

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Hello! I'm having so many Neverhuman AU emotions right now and I was wondering you you have any more ciphers for us? Thank you and have a nice day!

Actually yeah. this has been sitting in my docs for awhile 

7-18-1-26-5-4 20-8-5 19-8-15-21-12-4-5-18
3-8-1-19-5-4 2-25 6-15-5-19
18-21-14 9-14-20-15 20-8-5 6-15-18-5-19-20
9-14-20-15 20-8-5 4-5-5-16
18-9-7-8-20 12-5-7 3-1-21-7-8-20 9-14 1 20-18-1-16
1 20-18-1-9-12 12-5-6-20 2-25 2-12-15-15-4
6-15-5-19 8-1-22-5 6-15-21-14-4 25-15-21
12-5-6-20 12-5-7 19-8-15-20
19-21-14-19 7-15-14-5 4-15-23-14
6-15-5-19 7-15-9-14-7 13-9-19-19-9-14-7 15-14-5 2-25 15-14-5
25-15-21-18-5 7-15-9-14-7 20-15 4-9-5
25-15-21 13-21-19-20 19-21-18-22-9-22-5
19-8-15-20 9-14 20-8-5 8-5-1-4
12-9-7-8-20-19 7-15-14-5 15-21-20
1 2-5-9-14-7 23-9-20-8 8-15-18-14-19
2-12-15-15-4-19 15-14 9-20-19 20-5-5-20-8
9-7-14-15-18-5-19 25-15-21
14-15-20 9-20-19 20-1-19-20-5
14-15 12-15-14-7-5-18 8-21-13-1-14
14-5-22-5-18 23-1-19 8-21-13-1-14

What is the Mezuzah?

In traditional Jewish culture, mezuzahs consist of pieces of paper inside of a case that is hung on the doorway of a Jewish home. In Hebrew, the term “mezuzah” equates to “doorpost.” This tradition mostly occurs within the 30 days of a family or individual moving into a new home, but in Israel people tend to hand their mezuzahs immediately.

Inside of the mezuzah case, which is often decorated but can be plain if the owner chooses, is the Torah verses Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and 11: 13-21, versus that serve to bless the house and showcase a Jewish household’s dedication to God. This famous Jewish prayer, also known as Shema, declares God’s unity and the Jewish members’ devotion to him. The sole purpose of the mezuzah case is to protect this prayer, which must be written very carefully, for if it is not in mint condition, it will be invalidated. Both the handwriting and the piece of parchment must not have any defects.

Before hanging the mezuzah in any doorway within the new home besides the bathroom, a blessing must be recited in order for the mezuzah to activate and protect the house. This blessing is read as followed: “Barukh atah Adonai Eloheinu melekh ha’olam, asher kideshanu bemitzvotav vetzivanu liqbo’ah mezuzah.” Upon entering and leaving a home that contains a mezuzah in the doorway, it is tradition to touch the mezuzah and immediately after kiss the hand that touched it.

In addition, the scroll inside of the mezuzah should be checked at least twice every seven years by a qualified scribe, also known as a “sofer.” The sofer will ensure that there are no defects with the scroll so that it can continue to bless the house. Most often, the mezuzah is marked with the letter Shin, which should be written on the top of the scroll after it is rolled so that it is the only visible letter before the scroll is unrolled.

The mezuzah serves to act as a reminder of Jewish faith and as a symbol of God’s protection over the house and whoever enters the house. Through observation of the mezuzah, we are reminded that God is always with us, inside or outside of our homes.

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5, 9, 10, 13, 21, 41

5. Do you do drugs? I smoke we’d and drink sometimes but aside from that adderall on occasion.

9. Got any piercings? I just got my ears pierced about a month ago

10. Want any piercings? If my tiddies were a bit smaller nipple piercings might be cool! Also maybe a septum or nose ring would be cute.

13. Biggest turn ons. Here we go 😎 tbh my biggest turn on is body hair. I luv it everywhere. Belly, legs, feet, back, shoulders, ass. Also folks who are sweet and patient, it really goes a long way. Kissing/making out is also a requirement and very important imo.

21. What I love most about myself. I really love my 👀 and 💋

41. Where I want to be right now. I really wanna be someplace warm and tropical with sandy beaches or maybe a dispensary 👙👣🍹

Danke 😚😚😚😚

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1, 5, 9, 13, 21 for music asks? :3c

-A song you like with a color in the title
Oh a few but I LOVE Purple Rain by Prince. There’s another song called Blue Boss by Sampa the Great that is like up there with my fave jams of all time.

-A song that needs to be played LOUD
Woman by Kesha I’m not even kidding. Gary Clark Jr.’s cover of Come Together.

-A song that makes you happy
Alaska by Maggie Rogers, Shut Up Kiss Me by Angel Olsen.

-One of your favorite 80s songs
Prince again. Probably Kiss.

-A favorite song with a person’s name in the title
Fuck dude, I dunno. Georgia, by Phoebe Bridgers. The context of the song makes it a name.

Yay thank you so much for this ask! ❤️

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1. Who was your first girl crush? ANSWERED

5. What is your favourite thing about loving girls? Probably that girls are soft??? Like girls are almost blurred at the edges while guys are like sandpaper?? This doesnt make sense but just girks have soft hair and soft skin and smooth lips and they just kinda glow

9. Do you want to get married? If so, why?so I like the idea f a life partner but idk about a wedding…its just so formal and performance. The only reasons I would want tongrt married are legal benefits, presents, and the fact that its such a new right that gay people have and I feel like honoring the struggle of my predecessors and taking advantage of that

11. Favourite wlw film? Oh Carol for sure

12. Favourite wlw book? Ash by Malinda Lo is phenomenal and I high key recommend it. Its a lesbian retelling of cinderella but there’s Fae and shit

13. Favourite wlw show on Netflix? Hmm a lot of popular wlw ships don’t appeal to me but I do love Melanie and Lindsay on Queer as Folk, but that show is mostly gay men and gay sex (still very good!)

21. Are you a cat or a dog person? Oh cat for sure. Dogs are nice to look at but I hate them touching me. Side effect of a month long camping trip with a brand new untrained puppy coupled with 17hour drives in a cramped smelly car

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1, 8, 9, 13, 16, 21, 49 ! 😘😘😘 (I might as well ask them all lmao)

Haha Fabrizia, thank youuu <33 

1. What are your top 3 favorite sets you’ve made

My favourite for now / The first one I have really struggled with but happy with the result / The one who speaks to me personally because of the quote I chose 

8. What gif trend do you hate

I don’t really know, but if I really have to choose I would say the speed of the gifs! I don’t like fast gifs! 

9. What/who inspired you to start making gifs

Robron haha! That’s also why I have started editing videos! I just wanted to create some content because that was one way to express my love for them! That’s always the case even if now I have another blog and make contents for other shows but in the end they will always be the first reason!

13. Where or from whom did you learn how to gif

I already had Photoshop because of my master so when I first started gifs I knew the little basics! But I was really unhappy with the quality and everything so I have looked for some tutorials on Tumblr and I found some of them really helpful. 

16. How long have you been making gifs

Since February 2017, for the wedding ;)

21. PSDs or original coloring for each gif

Now, I have more and more PSDs but I can hate something I made and liked really fast so I work on new colourings really often! 

49. How much would you say you’ve improved since you first started giffing

Well, I can’t be a really good judge, I’m never happy with what I have done most of the time, you tell me ;) But I think I have improved in terms of colouring/quality and I try to find some new techniques to make some special gifs like the ones with the timing, it takes a lot of time but I would never have thought I would be able to do that a few months ago! There is always a way to improve, so I still have a lot to work on :) 

Questions for gif makers - Ask me :)

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2, 9, 17, 13, 21? :D

2. whats your “type” oh ok so last night i was talking to m friend about how i had a huge crush on our professor last semester and she was like “so your type is pretty and smart and kinda mean” and honestly?? yes exactly

9. opinion on brown eyes? lovely, incredible, mystical. things you can get lost in

17. night club gay or cafe gay? cafe!

13. what is a misconception you had about lgb people before you realized you were one? that we could never be happy

21. favourite gay youtuber honestly idk youtube isn’t really my thing

Leitura Diária: Prossigo para o alvo.

“Mas o meu justo viverá pela fé. E, se retroceder, não me agradarei dele". (Hebreus 10:38)

Os discípulos estavam sem rumo. Estavam sem o seu Mestre. E agora o que será de nós? Provavelmente questionaram-se. A primeira coisa que Pedro fez foi voltar ao passado: pescar (João 21). Jesus tinha dito a Pedro que ele não era mais pescador de peixes e sim de homens. Essa é a primeira coisa de que temos certeza quando a presença de Jesus não está conosco: tendemos a voltar a fazer as coisas antigas, até mesmo pior do que fazíamos.

Pedro disse que ia pescar. Em seguida os discípulos disseram que iria pescar com ele. Pedro tinha um espírito de liderança. Ele era o primeiro a tomar atitude, vemos isso no decorrer dos Evangelhos. Outra lição que podemos tirar disso é que se retrocedermos, poderemos levar uma porrada de gente conosco. Querendo ou não, existe alguém que se espelha em nós, que nos tem como exemplo. Quando nos desviamos, podemos levar algumas pessoas conosco. Não é algo que reflete só em nós, os outros também são afetados.

Já imaginou um bando de pescadores experientes passarem a noite sem pescar nada? E ainda chegar alguém perguntando se eles pescaram alguma coisa? Eles estavam tão decepcionados que só conseguiram dar uma resposta seca: “Nada!” Mas eles não sabia que era o Seu Mestre que havia perguntado. Quando fazemos algo sem o consentimento de Deus, o fracasso é certo. Esse é um dos riscos de retroceder. Dificilmente obteremos êxito naquilo que Deus não nos mandou fazer.

Mas a situação muda. Jesus manda eles jogarem a rede do lado direito do barco. Eles poderiam ter perguntando quem era Jesus para mandá-los fazer isso, afinal, pescaram a noite inteira e nada. Mas sem recuar, eles obedeceram ao Mestre. Acredito que essa deve ter sido a pesca mais vitoriosa que eles fizeram. Era tanto peixe, que mal conseguiam puxar a rede para dentro do barco. Ao fazermos aquilo que o Senhor Jesus aprova, somos vitoriosos. Mas para isso precisamos obedecê-lo, mesmo quando a falta de sucesso for mais do que certa.

E por último, essa história nos ensina que quando cumprimos a vontade do Senhor Jesus, ele prepara um banquete para nós na praia. Nós o obedecemos e Ele nos recompensa com tudo prontinho, com pão e peixe nos esperando. (João 21:9-13)

A Palavra diz que Deus não tem prazer naquele que retrocede. Que volta as antigas obras. Jesus certa vez afirmou: Ninguém, que lança mão do arado e olha para trás, é apto para o reino de Deus” (Lc 9:62). Ele deseja que avancemos, que cumpramos o propósito que nos foi dado. Se Deus nos tirou do nosso passado, é porque Ele não nos quer mais lá. Que possamos prosseguir para Alvo, para o Autor e Consumador da nossa fé. Vivendo uma vida de obediência e submissão ao Senhor.

“Irmãos, não penso que eu mesmo já o tenha alcançado, mas uma coisa faço: esquecendo-me das coisas que ficaram para trás e avançando para as que estão adiante, prossigo para o alvo, a fim de ganhar o prêmio do chamado celestial de Deus em Cristo Jesus.” (Filipenses 3:13-14)

“Estou subindo pra um lugar mais alto. Eu já queimei as pontes com o passado. E em meus olhos vejo o futuro. Tudo novo se fez, tudo novo se faz. E dessa estrada eu não me desvio nunca mais. Estou firme, eu não me desvio nunca mais. Vou avançar, eu vou crescer. Ninguém vai me deter. Meu alvo é Cristo.” (Kleber Lucas)