9 18mm


Tokyo, Japan


Untitled by Mike Cialowicz
Via Flickr:
Back Rock Beach / Sheraton House Reef, Kaanapali, HI


Pub de bière .. Advertisement beer Tokyo by Georges .Curious about the world.
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La bière est vraiment une boisson populaire au Japon et les publicités pour vanter leurs mérites sont nombreuses. . ビールは日本で本当に人気が高い飲み物です、そして(彼・それ)らの美徳を称賛する広告は多数です。 . The beer is really a popular drink in Japan and advertisements to praise their virtues are numerous.

This is one of the coves at Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz California. The ocean absolutely melted us in its calm. Anyway, I two toned this with a yellowish hue in the highlights impacting the beach and a greenish tone in the shadows. I added contrast to the horizon and the shoreline. I burned some detail into the clouds and dodged some detail in the rocks.

Nikon D7000 18-55mm f/3.5
@ISO-100 18mm f/9.0 1/250s


Just a photographer for fun.

I started few month ago to show my work through Tumblr, one pic a day (more o less).. years of amateur photography mainly focus on travel, architecture and nature, but recently interested on portraits and street photography.

My style: no-style.. perhaps one thing: love for bold colors and forms.

My gear: Right now i am looking for portability: Olympus e-p5, 20mm, 45mm, 9-18mm, telephoto. Sometimes iphone my iphone. (in the past some other hobbyists stuff)

Post production: Lightroom.