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  • The dates are following KST time
  • 17/11/14 - Departure to the US 
  • 17/11/15 -  THE LATE LATE SHOW - PERFORMANCE ONLY 8:30 AM KST (nov 14- Recording 3:30 PM PST -12:37 AM PST Broadcast)
  • 17/11/16 - Kimmel BTS outdoor Mini-Concert 10:45 PM KST (nov 15- 5:45 PM PST Recording) - 
  • 17/11/17 - KTLA News 8:40 PT - KIISFM 9PM PT
  • 17/11/18 - On with Mario Lopez (Radio) (9:00PM PT) - On Air With Ryan Seacrest (9:40am EST)
  • 17/11/19 - AMAs (American Music Awards performing DNA) Red Carpet 8:00 AM KST - The show 10:00 AM KST (8:00 PM EST Live Broadcast)
  • 17/11/20 - Nonno magazine featuring BTS release
  • 17/11/21 - Ellen Show pre-taping
  • 17/11/24 - Mic Drop Remix ft Desiigner by Steve Aoki
  • 17/11/27 - Ellen Show broadcast (Performing DNA)
  • 17/12/1 - MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards)
  • 17/12/2 - MMA (Melon Music Awards)
  • 17/12/4 - Jin’s Day (birthday)
  • 17/12/6 - JPN Album + Crystal Snow + MIC Drop MV 
  • 17/12/8-10 - WINGS TOUR Seoul (Finale)
  • 17/12/10 - WINGS TOUR FINALE Seoul Live Broadcast
  • 17/12/13 - Japanese Single album event
  • 17/12/16-17 - Tokyo/Osaka hand-shaking event (individual)
  • 17/12/17 - TBS Broadcast WINGS TOUR  (Kyocera dome) in Japan 
  • 17/12/27 - Release of WINGS TOUR Japan Edition
  • 17/12/30 - Tae’s Day (birthday)

BTS announced they will shoot V Lives in the US too so stay tuned for that. And lately every Tuesday there is a Run Ep -  9 PM KST

This list can be updated anytime
As Long as available the links to stream or rewatch the above events will be posted on this blog like usual.

Important Dates for the Signs in July - 2017

Z O D I A C G U I D E  / /  I G

Aries: 9, 17, 29

Taurus: 9, 11, 26

Gemini: 9, 19, 29

Cancer: 9, 12, 24

Leo: 5, 11, 27

Virgo: 9, 15, 24

Libra: 12, 14, 19

Scorpio: 12, 14, 17

Sagittarius: 6, 14, 21

Capricorn: 9, 14, 28

Aquarius: 9, 14, 24

Pisces: 5, 13, 30


Aries: Don’t stop screaming at the sky just yet, you’ve almost got their attention.

Taurus: Each brush-stroke seals a little piece of you inside the work - Your mind, your history, your essence. It’s no wonder your painting are so lovely.

Gemini: Hope and denial are your drugs of choice.

Cancer: A lot of unpleasant things happen in life. Most of the time they have no rhyme or reason and happen for no purpose whatsoever. Other times, you did something exceedingly foolish and fully deserve those 18 stitches wrought upon you by the lawnmower.

Leo: Pride is a hell of a thing.

Virgo: The road you travel is full of strange things.
And deer.
A lot of deer. Watch for those.

Libra: Move forward, become a better person, strive for your dreams.
Stay where you are, keep your fingers crossed, swim in nostalgia.
Pick one. You can’t do both, dumbass.

Scorpio: The world is cruel, but you deserve such wondrous and beautiful things in your life. More than you will ever know.

Sagittarius: Don’t stay.

Capricorn: If you would stop avoid everything, you might find something astounding. It’s not likely, but…

Aquarius: Don’t go.

Pisces: Ghosts belong to ghosts. The living belong to the living. No matter how much you long for the dead, you must stay where you belong for a while longer.

Imagine the company attempting to throw a birthday feast together for you with only a day of notice.

You: oh it’s my birthday the day after tomorrow…huh
Thorin: your birthday is the day after tomorrow?… tomorrow tomorrow?
You: yeah, it’s not a big deal Thorin.
Thorin: but you’re the queen, it’s a dwarvish traditional to celebrate the birthdays of the ruling couple with a feast! Now I only have a day to throw together a feast and invite people…mahal I have a lot of ravens to send.
You: Thorin no one will notice if you don’t this year, not with all of the repairs going on.
Thorin: yes, but when your next birthday rolls around everyone will wonder why I didn’t throw you one this year and it’ll make me look bad, like “I don’t love you” bad.
You: it’ll be fine.
Thorin: you’re getting a birthday party end of discussion. Now excuse me I have a lot to do.

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