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Hey, thoughts on Dean's denial on being bi? Like 8×13 he was hit on by a dude and he said "I don't swing that way."

Hi, Nonnie! I’m not sure if you’ve gotten a little confused or if I’m the one confused here. I know Dean has said “I don’t swing that way” (or similar phrases) before, but he didn’t say it in 8x13.

He said it in Croatoan (2x09) to a man who was trying to get him out of the car when the road was closed and there was a quarantine.

In Jus in Bello (3x12), he told agent Henriksen a similar version when the man said he got a lot to celebrate because he was seeing Dean and Sam in chains.

He used a variation of the phrase in Live Free or Twihard (6x05) when the vampire (who later bit him) called him “pretty” twice.

In all three situations, Dean was under stress and in danger. When he felt threatened, his sassy self took charge and had come backs ready even in situations where he wasn’t being propositioned.

Everybody Hates Hitler (8x13) was totally different. Aaron wasn’t a threat to Dean. It wasn’t a dangerous or stressful situation. And the guy wasn’t mocking him because he didn’t call him “pretty”. On the contrary, he used the phrase “Is that supposed to make you less interesting?” Dean thought this guy was actually hitting on him because he found him attractive and interesting, because he thought they had a moment, “a little ‘eye magic’ moment (like the thousands Dean’s had with Cas?) And what was Dean’s response? None of the “I don’t swing that way” crap. This was the exchange:

DEAN: Yeah. Uh, okay, but no – uh, no moment. This is a… federal investigation.

AARON: Is that supposed to make you less interesting? No. I – I’m sorry, man. I hope – I hope I didn’t freak you out or anything.

DEAN: No. No. I – I’m n-not freaked out. It’s just a, you know… a federal thing. It’s, uh… Okay… [his phone rings] citizen. As you were. [Dean walks away]

AARON: You have a good night.

DEAN: You – you… [he turns back to Aaron and bumps into a table, causing glasses to knock against each other] have a – okay. (x)

Dean never said he wasn’t interested. He never said he didn’t swing that way. His big excuse was the “federal thing” and he got very nervous and awkward about it. Dean had probably never been hit on by a man in a non-threatening, mockery-free situation. Dean Winchester didn’t know how to react. If he really wasn’t interested, he would have just said so. He was surprised someone actually liked him, and his reaction gave the interpretation of “potential for love in all places”. And that’s not something I’m saying. That’s something that Philip Sgriccia (the director of the episode) and Ben Edlund (the writer of the episode) said in the DVD commentaries:

Ben Edlund: [referring to Jensen] He did amazing in this.

Phil Sgriccia: He was so funny in this.

Ben Edlund: Yeah.

Phil Sgriccia: The whole, like, close-up where he pulls the wallet back, that was something he did that we caught with a camera.

Ben Edlund: Yeah.

Phil Sgriccia: It was so much fun to shoot that because he played it so right down the middle, you know, just more awkward about it.

Ben Edlund: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Phil Sgriccia: Like, “Wow, somebody likes me.”

Ben Edlund: Well, that’s the weird thing is that it reads in this weird way where it does feel like Dean’s a little bit like–It’s almost like a romantic comedy kind of fluster. Which is very interesting for the character Dean, because it just sort of suggests this weird [laughs] this potential.

Phil Sgriccia: [laughs] This potential for love in all places. (x)

So, dear Nonnie, I think we can all agree that 8x13 was not a moment of denial for Dean. To me, it’s the best bi!Dean moment in the show so far. Dean will always remember Aaron because…


W-we’re hunters, uh – Sam and Dean Winchester. We know about The Judah Initiative because our grandfather was a Man of Letters.

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