8x10 prints

i had a really good (bad) idea for a print: an 8x10 print of this with the dimensions so you can put your own “her” up where shes supposed to go

Happy N7 Day! 

I sketched this a couple months ago I think, but decided to finish it today since I didn’t really have any art planned for N7 day. I’m pretty happy with how it looks <3

You can get a limited edition 8x10 signed and numbered print of it here, I’ll only be doing a small run of 15 of them, though you can get unlimited 5x7 prints here as well! I still have a couple of last year’s N7 day foil prints available too! 

For the occasion I have free standard shipping on all Mass Effect prints on Etsy until November 9th, 2016! That includes the limited edition 8x10s ;)

I’m incredibly excited to see that 5000 of you follow my work and adventures. I can’t even begin to thank you guys. As a way to give back, I’ll be giving away an 8x10 print of your choice from my instagram (kylejengman) and tumblr to five winners. All you have to do is like this status to be put in the running. Winners will be picked at random. You don’t have to follow my accounts to enter. I will also be posting a photo that you can like to enter on my instagram. Thanks everyone and happy travels! Good Luck!

Closeup of a male red-knobbed hornbill. I love all of their colors! Made with watercolor, colored pencils, and gouache paint. 

Psst.. I have a few prints of it here if anyone’s interested:  https://www.etsy.com/listing/252976499/art-print-hornbill-8x10-tropical-bird?ref=shop_home_active_7

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Xavier with Preston and Amir

Fine Arts Room

The Detroit Public Library, 12/14/26

#8x10 gelatin silver contact print

Marco Lorenzetti

These three friends attend The University Prep Science and Math Middle School. It’s inside the Michigan Science Center and a short walk after school to the DPL.