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Despite the late hour and Hetty’s encouragement to get a good night’s sleep, Deeks is awake now and doesn’t exactly feel up to going to their room to face their bed alone just yet. Even though they have only slept there a handful of times, it already doesn’t feel right without her.


anonymous asked:

Do you know what the picture is on Stefan's desk when Caroline throws the cardigan at him? And also do you have any predictions about who the ultimate big bad will be?

I’ve seen it in gifs but I can’t recognize who it might be at all, maybe we’ll get another close-up in an upcoming episode.

Well the ultimate big bad will most likely be Arcadius/Cade who gets introduced in 8x04 via flashbacks according to slides released for that episodes (also fits the synopsis about Stefan and Ric discovering the origins of Sybil.)  There’s also a post on IG from a crew member that the flashbacks will take place in 2200 BC here and Georgie made a reference to the pyramids about all the preserved treasure in the cave. I’m thinking that skelton that was in there might be Cade and first we’ll see him in the flashback and then he’ll enter the present around 8x07/8x08.

As far as what he will be I’m not sure, the sirens in The Odyssey don’t have an origin so the writers have a bit more liberty. Also it seems like Sybil is from Ancient Egypt more than Ancient Greece timeline-wise (and the writers already said they were doing their own spin on the mythology) so I’m not sure what Cade’s origins are. What I do believe is he will be some form of “the Devil” because of Enzo and Damon only tracking bad guys to feed to Sybil and since we already know the theme of the season is about redemption.