8x01 the silencer


I don’t want to ruin to anyone the pleasure to watch the episode so… don’t worry! no big spoilers!!! I just needed to post these… in the few minutes Jayne was on screen she was FRAKKIN’ AMAZING (and more beautiful than usual… if that’s possible!)… she was “the boss"  but without being depicted as the meany bitch (finally!!!!)…  as for her "past” with Alex… I liked the way it was addressed for know, in particular for the way the writers made Strauss behave. 

ok, no more comment until everyone will have seen the episode!!!!

oh, thanks Canada!!!!! for once I was able to see something on the right airing day (here in Italy I have to wait for one-two days depending on how fast people update working links of my fav tv-shows!!!!) so… fuck yeah!!!!!!