Isabelle Emojis!

Showing the Animal Crossing love for this weeks Compixellated Challenge. I decided to go with little Isabelle emojis. 

If anyone ends up using these for their blog or anything else, please credit me. That’s all I ask. Thanks! 


I just got an amazing package from my friend Ted (partyforted). I don’t really remember the reasoning behind it but when I picked it up off the ground it sounded like something was broken, because there was some metal rattling inside. I’ve compiled a list of the contents inside. 

-a broken keyblade keychain?

-Harold and the purple crayon

- 2 Pokemon cards 

-LA Noire Badge Pursuit Challenge film strips

-Dead Space 2 postcard?

-Bonus Content and Online Pass for Assassins Creed Revelations

-Dr Doom Keychain

-Some really weird Rabbit keychain thing

- An amazon order slip from a previous order 

- A ticket stub for Guilt Trip 

-A Brodyquest sticker

-A picture of Ted and Johnny Weiss with Mega64 

-Madoka Magica trading card

-A kid robot Street Fighter sticker

-A random sketch

and I saved the best for last

-That 70’s Show : King Kelso 10 best episodes DVD

So thank you Ted. Now I have to figure out what to do with all of this stuff. 

my cat Oliver passed away today at the age of 16 which in cat years is 90. I felt like drawing something for him since he was probably my favorite pet ever and I’ll really miss him. This is a personal thing so I don’t really expect people to really care. Just felt like making something. 

Also he was named after Oliver from Oliver & Company which is a Disney movie me and brother liked when we were younger.