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So in the recent Pokémon direct, a lot of people are upset that the new Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games are coming to the 3DS and not the Switch. From a game developer and a business point of view, why would Game Freak or the Pokémon Company release their new main games on an old platform instead of putting it on the Switch where they could make more money?

There are a few reasons why I think Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon targeted the 3DS:

  • I don’t think they will make more money by bringing it to the Switch. There’s 60+ million 3DS units in circulation and less than 5 million Switches.
  • The engine, code, assets, tools, and support infrastructure is already in place for the 3DS, meaning they could create significantly more new 3DS content and features than spending that time porting the game to the Switch.
  • Many of the people who will buy Ultra Sun and Moon already have game data saved for Sun and Moon. They will be very displeased if there’s no way to bring that data over.

I think that the Pokemon Company might consider the Switch for Pokemon’s 8th generation, but I don’t think anything will happen until after they finish with the 7th first.

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Dark god AU Part 1

Lincoln couldn’t believe his facking eyes.

Like a scene straight out of a movie, the moment he was summoned, the world seemed to get darker. They were just standing on a rocky cliff, the sun high above them as gentle ocean waves crashed against the rocky shore below. Now, grey and heavy storm clouds rolled out of nowhere and blanketed the sky, hiding the sun and threatening to send a cascade of rain atop their heads. The once gentle ocean now churned and crashed against the cliff side so hard, Lincoln was sure that it was trying to bring the entire rock face and them with it down to the bottom of the sea. Somewhere along the sea horizon, thunder rolled.

And there he was. Standing tall and menacing before them, surrounded by a thick, neon green mist that circled around his calves. His eyes piercing the dark like two cursed emeralds, dangerous and threatening, and even though all his instincts told him to look away and bolt like a wee barra into his mother’s skirts, Lincoln couldn’t help but stare back into them.

He was staring into the eyes of a god. The god. The god he had been warned to never be in contact with. The god that had more rumors spread about him than legends. The god that even the other gods, his own father included, never talked about.

The god that had been lost for generations, was standing right before his very eyes. Glowing, practically overflowing with unused ancient energy that seemed to course and surge around him like green venomous lightning.

All because some fourteen year old girl called him a Seaweed Brain.

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Remington Cross, Prince of Rochester is an 8th Generation Ventrue and an ambitious visionary that intends to see the entirety of New York returned firmly into the hands of the Camarilla once more in 1999.  

For one claiming to be a prince, Remington is exceedingly young.  Following his service to a country that refused to see him as an equal in the Korean War, Remington struggled with the government to gain support through the Serviceman’s Readjustment Act, but it was not immediately forthcoming.  Not to be deterred and certain that if he worked the system properly he would get ahead, he applied to Howard University and received admission though the financial burden  that awaited him was daunting.

His determination paid off when he received the mysterious “New Amsterdam Scholarship,” which guaranteed him coverage for his educational interests so long as he majored in business and received his masters.  The offer was a great one, but it did not address his desire to see America changed for his people and so, he double majored in Constitutional Law.  The burden was a great one and yet as with all previous challenges his resilience saw him through the day… and into the night.

Proving himself capable of accepting challenges, following orders, and most importantly having the capacity to achieve his own goals regardless of their price, as Remington began to achieve success in the mortal world he was shown the ultimate price for his unseen patron and was embraced in 1967.

Remington rarely speaks of the identity or nature of his sire, though the bloodline from which he is descended is not one without particular prestige.  Some of the Camarilla believe this alone is the reason for his rapid success, but few that say such remain free of their own troubles.  With a cool head and an eye for talent, Remington has built a Primogen council from similarly young but ambitious members of the Camarilla that intend to see his thirst for blood matched with his thirst for power.

This awesome piece was done by my great friend @diermina and will hopefully be the first in a series of pictures that help me in preparing for a distant chronicle set in 1999. 

Georgette Adams (11th Generation Toreador) with her great great-grandsire Seibyakuren (8th Generation Toreador) following a meeting they might have upon realizing their connection in Savannah.   Recently two of the characters from our 1767 chronicle were able to meet some from the 2017 one.  

This is doubly sweet for them as Seibyakuren was forced to abandon her childe, Sebastian, at the behest of her imperious sire… while Georgette never knew how far back her bloodline went.

This was another magnificent piece done by @setecayounafeta which as always came out perfectly.  Georgette is @jessiphile‘s first vampire, so I figured it’d be a nice image to capture for her. :)


The My custom built Battlestation! Workspace

Here are some of the products that make this workspace an Amazing Workspace:

EXO as Morning Musume Members

This is my first time doing anything like this so I hope it’s good <3 

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Minseok / Erina Ikuta (9th generation): Both are actual sweethearts. I feel like they both don’t get appreciated for the hard work they do for their group. Also both are really good at dancing. Please appreciate more. 

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For those who missed CaffCast’s High Roller’s Stream - Here’s what I sent him about Trellimar!

The recent Sunday High Rollers stream that went out was conducted by CaffCast, as the majority of the Rollers were away. For those that missed it, the four of us all sent extra special detail about our characters and their backstories, which revealed snippets of and hints about the character’s pasts, which we don’t want you guys to miss out on. There was some awesome stuff in there. To catch the extra special detail regarding Cam, Elora and Jiutou, make sure you watch Caff’s stream when it’s uploaded to Yogslive. But for now, this is what I sent Caff. I hope you enjoy a little more detail about Trell’s mysterious life, and see what you can speculate from the little info I’ve given. ;)
Trellimar was born into the 8th Generation of the House of Aleath, and much like his ancestors he was in a position of servitude within the Temple of Lolth. His great grandfather, Juraxtyl, was a priest in the temple and none of Trell’s family had ever achieved such a high position before or after Juraxtyl. The whispering voice that Trell hears has been with him since he was a child. His parents thought that this was a sign from Lolth that he was chosen to follow in the footsteps of his great grandfather, but the voice had a different, older origin than anyone suspected.
Trell was one of few to survive the attack from the Daeylkyr, how he managed to do this remains a mystery. Trell’s quite, reflective nature comes from a lifetime of servitude and solace with the Temple of Lolth where he had little opportunity to develop the kind of relationships he currently has with his fellow travelers. His unusual attachment to items he has found comes from a life of having very few of his own possessions, and he will make use of any opportunity he can where there is gold or treasure involved. Upon the hatching of Granamyr, Trell felt a connection that he has not had with other creatures, possibly as a result of never seeing a creature like this in his underground home, as well as feeding into his possessive nature. When events take place that deviate from his mission, or the pursuit of treasure, Trell becomes disinterested and does not wish to get bogged down in the politics of others.

He also carries with him a blade of Lolth, a purely decorative item that acts as a sign of each Drow’s allegiance to their God.Having seen much death in his life, Trell showed little emotion to Jiuto’s passing. Only one death in his pat has proved of any significance to him, and it is something that he keeps close to himself. However, when Jiuto’s spirit saved Trell from the grip of death he was touched by this act of kindness, not anticipating that anyone would go to such lengths to save him. He now feels that Jiuto is a member of the party that should be protected, especially in her reduced form. Trell is looking for the Talisman of Fenriceer, a key to the powers of his patron. When he aligned himself with this force a streak of jet black appeared in his hair.

- editional info. He’s so clumsy because he’s not use to the ‘above ground’ world around him! 


Remember to catch everyone else’s when Caff’s stream is uploaded to yogslive! 

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Love your Cockles posts! Any sexy headcanons for those two dorks? *wink wink nudge nudge*

Aww, I’m glad you enjoy them! These two dorks make my life so much brighter, and I love them for it! Friendship or more, Cockles is life!

It’s hiatus, and my Cockles-love headcanons are all over the place, haha. Especially after the most recent interview with Jensen about his social media presence. I’ve always believed that what he shares is carefully chosen (his pics, anyways) and he basically verified that this past week. He forgets social media even exists, and then feels obligated to post something. He’s a very private person. That’s why it makes me laugh when people say he doesn’t really like Misha “because he rarely posts about him.” Um, he rarely posts about anyone or anything of substance. He keeps his life out of the spotlight as much as possible.

It may be hellatus, but they still have conventions! And let’s talk about Jibcon for a second here…”You compose great TEXTS, tweets, and such” Can you imagine what their text history looks like during hiatus? Misha texting Jensen about his next ridiculous adventures with GISHWHES, Jensen teasing him about his clothes or his choice of words…Making plans to meet up before the next conventions, or plans for after them…Can you picture the tweets that they sent back and forth during their time in Europe? Jensen checking in on Misha during his bicycle tour through Italy? Misha texting Jensen pictures of himself in beautiful locations or interesting towns along the way? We know they both were in Rome longer than just the weekend of Jibcon. Jared brought Gen, but JM were each there alone, so they likely had plenty of time to get out and sight-see together. They’ve been in Rome a lot over the years, and they’ve said it’s their favorite.

I picture them getting out of the city, away from potential paparazzi fans, and having a wine tasting adventure at one of the beautiful vineyards in the countryside. Misha, dressed like a homeless person, being dragged back into the hotel room while Jensen tsks and re-dresses him with his own clothes. Misha impressing Jensen with his knowledge of wine history (did you know some vineyards were destroyed during the world wars, Jensen? Did you know these deep wine cellars are hundreds and hundreds of years old, Jensen? Did you know the mold in the cellars is actually part of the aging process and highly valued, Jensen? Did you know this current owner is the 8th generation of his family to run this vineyard, Jensen?). And then, beautifully full of great food and fine wine, they find some small B&B in the village to spend the night. Jensen lightly teasing Misha about having one too many glasses, Misha mumbling something about “when in Rome…” into Jensen’s chest as he falls asleep…GAH!! And then Jensen taking Misha shopping for some real clothes in the morning, because they forgot to pack overnight bags from their main hotel rooms in Rome…

Some of my favorite headcanons involve their trips to Italy every year. They just seem so darn happy when they’re in Rome! They’ve both said Jib is their favorite, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. It’s the shippiest of all the cons, which haters claim makes Jensen uncomfortable, and yet he still loves it there the most… I think the two of them feel most comfortable out there, because they know they are accepted for who they really are in that city. They get to be goofballs on stage together, and get to spend extra days on vacation together. It’s very different from their filming schedule. Yeah, they’re together for 12-16 hours a day during shooting. But that’s work. It’s grueling and exhausting and anything but sexy. But Jib? Jib always comes at the end of the season. When filming is over and the last episodes are airing. I think this vacation is an annual event they both look forward to.

In my headcanon, they spend time together with their families, either in LA or in Bellingham together. It’s the perfect time to get the wives and the kids together for some fun, hiking around the foothills of Bellingham, out on Misha’s boat, crabbing with the kiddos, and generally having a good time together. I believe they are all close friends, the guys, the wives, and the kids. Bellingham makes more logical sense to me than LA, because there are fewer cameras pointed at them up here. The Ackles fam can take flights directly to the Bellingham airport, avoiding the crowds at SeaTac. Spend a few days together, and then they’re off in different directions for this event or that GISHWHES promo. Jensen doesn’t tweet about it because he keeps the most important stuff close to his heart. And Misha respects that, posting instead about his off the wall adventures. But at night, when everyone is asleep and the madness of the day is done, they lay in bed, texting sweet things (or dirty things) to each other. Maintaining their connection through the long months of Hellatus. Summer love is in the air!