September, Nobunaga’s 33rd birthday // Uvogin brings up an old promise and Nobunaga agrees to do what they said they’d do 15 years ago (based on Tree and Shrub Flowershop AU by @shalnarkonice 🌻)

So There Was This Guy... (My Steubenville South Story)

Now, I have had a few retreat experiences in my life. But this particular event hit me pretty hard, and I just can’t stop thinking about it. This happened Sunday morning, the last day of Steubenville South 2012, the day we were going to leave Louisiana and come back home. Before the final Mass, there was this little prayer/praise and worship thing where we were supposed to call upon the Holy Spirit to be with us during the Mass.

Everyone was standing with their arms out, eyes closed, all that kind of stuff. I was looking down at the floor. I suddenly felt the need to look up, and when I did, I saw this guy. As soon as I saw him, I heard a voice in the back of my head saying “Go to him, he needs you, run.” I didn’t listen at first because I had no idea who this guy was, it’s just weird going up to complete strangers, especially when you’re supposed to be praying. But I just kept hearing in the back of my mind this voice saying "He needs you, go.“ So I went over to him.

I grabbed his hand and I whispered into his ear "You are loved. You are so loved and I know that you will be well taken care of. You just have to know that. You just have to know that you are loved.” Then I left him and went back to my group. Once I got back to my seat, I saw him sit down in his chair and start crying. Then I literally collapsed into my chair and started shaking and hyperventilating, just like I did during Adoration the night before (different story for a different time). That lasted for a few seconds and stopped. Then I went back over to him and we just kinda held each other until his group had to leave. Then he gave me a hug and we went our separate ways. As he was leaving, I caught a glimpse of his name tag. All I was able to see on it was that his name was Cody. That is all I will ever know about him.

I’ll be honest, I was perfectly fine with the idea that I might not ever see him again. In my mind, I did whatever it is God had wanted me to do in that moment, and I was happy that I was able to console Cody (if that’s what I was doing, I’m still not entirely sure what I had done). But now…well, since Monday night actually, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Cody. I’ve been praying for him, because that’s all I can do, but….I don’t know. I feel as if there was supposed to be more, that I was supposed to do more, and I missed it…. I just hope he’s doing alright.

Now, I know that I only have four followers and that out of those four there is a good chance that no one will read it, but I felt as if I just had to tell this story. Maybe one day, Cody will find it….maybe not, but it’s all in God’s hands now.

Cody, if you do somehow end up seeing this, everything I told you at Steubenville is true. You are loved. Never forget that.


This video is hilarious.  Thanks to my mom for sending it.

Fairy Tail Fandom schedule

I`ve decided to make a full schedule for the fandom. with blogs and dates. (just click on them i put the link)

please for every week/day/weekend/month that appears let me know to add it there

deleted weeks who dont have any blog anymore i didn`t add

please reblog it so people can find about them.

January (Character Days, Couple Days, Couple Weeks and Fests)

GRUVIA LOVE FEST (January 11th- January 17th)

LALU WEEK (January 20th- January 26th) (i think this is the link since this blog hosted last year if not let me know)

JURICHIYA DAY (January 8th)

FAIRY TAIL WEEK (January 17th- January 25th)


GAJEVY WEEK (February 14th- February 19th)

FRAXUS LOVE FEST (February 4th- February 10th)  (i think this is the link since this blog hosted last year if not let me know)

LYORAY WEEK (February 15th- February 21st)


LORIES WEEK (March 22nd- March 28th)

LAXANA LOVE FEST (March 14th-March 20)

LUCY DAY (March 9th)

JELLAL DAY (March 29th)


GRUVIA WEEK (April 1st- April 7th)

LUVIA WEEK (April 19th- April 25th)

LYREDY WEEK (April 20th- April 27th)

NATSU DAY (April 11th)

ICHIYA DAY (April 1st)

ERZA DAY (April 10th)

JUVIA DAY (April 18th)

LAXUS DAY (April 25th)

MAVIS DAY (April 30th)

BIXLOW WEEK (April 28th- May 5th)



GRATSU FLUFF WEEK (April 10th-April 17th)

STINGUE WEEKEND ( April 8- April 10th)


JERZA WEEK (May 26th- June 2nd)


STINERVA WEEK (May 11th- May 17th)


CANA DAY (May 15th)

ANGST WEEK (May 1st- May 7th)

FLUFF WEEK (May 13th- May 21st)

ZERVIS FLUFF FEST (May 8th- May 14th)

GRAYLU ANGST WEEK (May 6th- May 12th)


LYVIA WEEK (June 1st- June 7th)

LUCY DAY (June 4th)

LAXANA DAY (June 16th)

GRATSU DAY (June 30th)

ULTEAR DAY (June 19th)

STING DAY (June 10th)

YUKINO DAY (June 13th)

ROGUE WEEKEND (June 26th- June 28th)


NALU WEEK (July 1st- July 7th)

NALI WEEK (July 21st- July 27th)

GRATSU WEEK (July 5th- July 12th)

FRAXUS WEEK (July 15th - July 21st.)

NALU DAY (July 26th)

NATSU DAY (July 2nd)

FAIRY TAIL MONTH (July 6th- August 2nd)


LEVY DAY (August 1st)

NAVIA WEEK (August 1st- August 8th)

LOLU WEEK (August 11th- August 17th)

GRAYZA WEEK (August 18th- August 25th)

GAJEVY LOVE FEST (August 22th- August 28th)

BROTP WEEK (August 25th- August 31st)

MIRAFREED DAY (August 28th)


GRAYLU WEEK (September 1st- September 7th)

JURICHIYA WEEK ( September 1st-September 7th)

GRUVIA DAY(September 10th)

GRAY DAY (September 1st)

ZERVIS WEEK (September 14th- September 20th)

NALU FLUFF WEEK (September 8th- September 14th)

GRAYLU DAY (September 6th)

MIRAXUS LOVE FEST (September 26th- October 2nd)


BIXANNA WEEK (October 1st- October 8th)

JUVIA DAY (October 2nd)

NALU LOVE FEST (October 19th- October 25th)

STINGLU WEEK (October 7th- October 13th)

JUVANA WEEK (October 14th- October 20th)

ZEREF DAY (October 15th)

TEAM NATSU WEEK (October 11th- October 18th)

JERZA LOVE FEST (October 27th- November 2nd)


FRAXUS DAY (November 5th)

LAXANA WEEK (November 19th- November 25th)

STINGUE WEEK (November 11th- November 15th)

MIRAXUS DAY (November 8th)

ROLU WEEK (November 3rd- November 9th)

WENDY DAY (November 9th)

FREED WEEKEND (November 17th- November 18th)


GRUVIA FLUFF FEST (December 8th- December 14th)

MIRAXUS WEEK (December 14th- December 20th)

STINGYU WEEK (December 1st- December 7th)


I’m writing an article on this band since they’re doing a concert by me, and got to talk to one of the lead singers for a bit.

They’re very catchy.

Ya'alili - 8th Day

30 Days of Doctor Who/Day 8

Saddest moment: the farewell of River Song (s7 e13)

You know, River Song is my favourite character. I’ve always known that she could not leave without a well made farewell, and when I’ve seen the name of Alex Kingston on the poster I’ve understood I was going to see her for the last time. Altough I was not prepared at all to a such ungair ending. The most beautiful love story of ever could not have an happy ending. I cried until I got sick and when the episode ended I continued crying for about an half an hour. But right now I just want to say something to you, River.
“See you around, Professor River Song.”