We bring you Mon-El Appreciation Week from 3rd July - 9th July 2017 ! As a way to show all the love for this awe and some character.

day 1 (3rd July): the moment you fell in love with Mon-El.
day 2 (4th July): favourite episode or scene.
day 3 (5th July): favorite heartbreaking/angsty moment
day 4 (6th July): favourite outfit
day 5 (7th July): favourite hero moment
day 6 (8th July): favourite funny moment
day 7 (9th July): free choice

You can make gifs/videos/text post/fanfiction/graphics anything you want to show the love for Mon-El

We will reblob all the post related to the week in the Monelnetwork page so make sure you are following it!

If you participate please use the tags #monelnetwork and #monelaw (in the first 5 tags)

Ps. this probably will get hate or some people will try to highjack it but there is no way that we should let it prevent us from enjoying this week.

a young troll stands in their room. it just so happens that today is this young trolls 8th wriggling day. and though today is their 8th wriggling day, it is only today that this troll shall be named!

what will this young trolls name be?


try again asshole


that’s more like it

your name is MARREN EVVETT, and as was previously mentioned, today is your 8th wriggling day. you don’t really care though. you’re more interested in the game you torrented last night, called SGRUB. you’re going to play it later with some of your friends. you just hope it DOWNLOADED WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS.

you have a variety of interests, including PROGRAMMING, CODING, HACKING, AND ROBOTICS. really anything to do with computers. apart from that you’re also interested in playing video games, reading dystopian fiction books, trying to prove that aliens are real, and MACKING ON YOUR SUPER HOT MATE-SPRITE.

speaking of your mate-sprite, it looks like she’s messaging you on your hubtop, which you should PROBABLY PICK UP OFF THE FLOOR. it also looks like you’re getting messages from that ANNOYING FISH, NIKKOL. god you hate her. she’s constantly trying to get you into a kissmessitude with her. and yes, you do hate her and find her incredibly annoying, but you’re NOT INTO HER THAT WAY.

your handle is ParadoxicalHacker, and you xalk 1n a vo1ce xhax ssoundss perpexually bored and condesscend1ng. you’re alsso very sself-conssciouss of your h1ssss


Happy International Women’s Day! - March 8th

8th March. International Women’s Day. 👩🏼‍🍳👩🏻‍🎓👩🏽‍🎤👩🏼‍🔧👩‍🚀👩🏼‍⚖️👩🏿‍✈️👩🏼‍🚒👩🏽‍🎨👩🏻‍💻. Be Bold for Change. Art by Dottie.


100% ♡

Happy Birthday Mob ! !





FOR 3/8


The “SansPapy” day is something from the Japanese Fontcest fandom, this day (8th of March) is dedicated for people who ship Dom!Sans/Sub!Papyrus. There will be another day in 3th of August which is for the reverse “PapySans” day (Dom!Papyrus/Sub!Sans). Now would you excuse me I am gonna dive into Twitter to eat up all the good ship art just for todaaaaaaaay.

[You can find the Bone Brothers Shipment Meme in here]


women in figure skating who inspire me ♥ – international women’s day, march 8th

mao asada - symbol of her nation, experienced the highest highs and lowest lows, rises and falls and rises again, she may bend but she will never, ever break; akiko suzuki - overcame an eating disorder and fought her way back to the top, a speaker for women’s health, radiates pure joy and love of skating; yuna kim - trailblazer, shouldered a country’s expectations and did not crack, returned so her compatriots could reach their olympic dreams, ambassador and activist; ashley wagner - the almost-girl-turned-queen, faces challenges head-on and doesn’t take shit from anyone; mirai nagasu - the child star who fell from grace but refused to let that be her story, the young woman who grabbed life by the reins and writes her own destiny; michelle kwan - the eternal champion, a model of grace, faced disappointments and triumphs with dignity and class; carolina kostner - living proof that you only get better with age; wenjing sui - stares down the impossible, lets nothing, not even injuries, stand in her way, loves what she does with every fiber of her being