does anybody remember that one game???????? where the baseball man cleanses his hoolahoops???????????????


Kdrama kisses

January 8th 2017, Studyblr Challenge Day 4 of 30// Took a quick picture of some Chinese revision I did yesterday before heading off to the first day at my internship! Something tells me that I should spend my last pre-ib holiday doing less work and more relaxing but ¯\(ツ)/¯

My mother always told me
What’s meant to be will always be
She loves unconditionally
Forgives easily
Laughs loudly
And lives selflessly.
That’s what a strong woman looks like to me.

My sister is so weird
All grown up yet in some ways a little girl
If there’s one person who can make me blurt out anything, its her
She’s compassionate and funny
And her nickname should have been sunny
Because when she walks into the room
Her smile drives away all the gloom.

My best friend will probably kill me for this
But then she’ll shower me with hugs and a kiss
What would I do without her in my life
If I was a man, I’d make her my wife
So very intelligent yet goofy as hell
She gets all my ideas without me having to sell.

My niece is a baby, so very little still
But look how everyone dances to this angel’s will,
For her, I wish she grows up knowing
What strong women are and how very loving.

All these incredible women
The list is far too long
A very happy women’s day to them
They show me how to be strong.

—  Happy Women’s Day!

No one with a brain wants to elect a lying, misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, treasonous, bigoted, sociopath. If you stay home on election day or waste your vote on a third party candidate like Jill Stein, THEN ELECTING TRUMP IS A REAL POSSIBILITY AND WE CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN.

Here it is! Thanks to an anonymous suggester or two, I prepared a week in dedication to our red headed princess. And what better way of starting on the 8th where (supposedly) represents a day of reflection upon all beauty; a day to disregard all dwellings on we don’t have and appreciate what we do instead. Sounds very apparent for her, and I’m more than excited to share this. Tag every submission to either #kairisweek2017 or #cutiepiekairi so that I can see and reblog them on here.

Dates and activities:

April 8th (Day 1) - Favorite appearance / outfit

April 9th (Day 2) - Favorite scene

April 10th (Day 3) - Favorite interaction

April 11th (Day 4) - Favorite trait / feature

April 12th (Day 5) - Favorite quote

April 13th (Day 6) - KH3 hopes / wishes

April 14th (Day 7) - What character(s) relate to Kairi / Character crossovers

*April 15th (Day 8) - What you love most about Kairi / Free day (do whatever)!

Express those days anyway you want! Art, gifs, edits, text– doesn’t matter. Writers, cosplayers, or musicians are most welcomed! Don’t hesitate to get creative. This all about positivity for Kairi. Spread nothing but love.
Note that you don’t have to follow those exact activities listed or do each day. Go about any way you want it! If you got any more questions, go on and ask!

ALSO: I will be making a similar post on my primary blog (keybladewielder) tomorrow so incase if there’s any confusion, it’s still the same person.

Book Cover Reveal + GIVEAWAY (closed)

Drum Roll Please…….

Neat, huh?? My best friend did the cover for me (my graphic art skills are very low), and she did SUCH A GOOD JOB. 

To celebrate, I’m giving away TWO FREE ADVANCE COPIES of Fantastical Eats & Treats! 

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  • Winner will be announced on Thursday, December 8th (the day before the book is officially released). 
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So go forth, my friends! I’ll be sure to reblog this regularly over the next several days to make sure everyone can see it :)