the 8th house concerns itself with invisible mystique… sometimes people with uranus in the 8th house can have a prophetic knowledge of when death will occur, and pluto in the 8th is inherently bonded with their own immortality, the infinite continuation of their spirit, the continuation of light 
they are sort of karmic lords. neptune in the 8th mysteries surround the dead and their seamless voyages from consciousness to obliteration, as if they imitate a death like state
saturn in the 8th house seems to have spiritual debts to pay in the material world. the dream state here can be quite profound, however terrifying. jupiter in the 8th is drawn to the lustre of spirituality, the symbolism of religion, they seem to celebrate the idea of death in the way they revere the gift of life 
mars in the 8th house is on a crusade through invisible battlefields. this is psychic power. venus in the 8th evokes them mysteries of love, the continuation of bonds once the spirit has crossed over, til death do us part. and moon in the 8th house wanes into a spiritual sensitivity that is rich with ancestral guardianship, passed love ones speak through them, and those who stood before them. mercury in the 8th plan and do everything in secret. everything about them is a mystery. they communicate with unseen forces, mostly unwillingly. sun in the 8th turns inward, using solar light to illuminate 8th house shadow, to turn a lantern on the eternal source that resides deep inside 


Christendom et al. Reading List

Early Christian:

Apostles of Jesus (1st c.) †
The New Testament

Apocryphal Christian
Protoevangelium of James
Syriac Infancy Gospel
The Acts of Paul and Thecla
Gospel of Nicodemus (Acts of Pilate)
Gospel of Thomas

Philo of Alexandria (1st c.) א
On the Creation
Allegorical Interpretation I, II, III
On the Unchangeableness of God
On the Eternity of the World
Hypothetica: Apology for the Jews
On Providence

Apostolic Fathers (1st - 2nd c.) †
Epistle of Diognetus
Epistles of Clement (of Rome)
Epistle of Barnabas
Epistles of Ignatius of Antioch
Epistle of Polycarp
Martyrdom of Polycarp
Shepherd of Hermas

Justin Martyr (2nd c.) †
1st Apology
2nd Apology
Discourse to the Greeks
The Sovereignty of God
On the Resurrection

Ireneaus (3rd c.) †
Against Heresies
On Apostolic Preaching

Clement of Alexandria (2nd - 3rd c.) †

Hippolytus (2nd - 3rd c.)
Refutation of All Heresies
Origin (3rd c.)
On First Principles
Against Celcus

Arnobius (3rd - 4th c.) †
Adversus Nationes (Against the Pagans)

Lactantius (3rd - 4th c.) †
The Works of God
Divine Institutes
The Wrath of God
The Phoenix

Constantinian Shift:

Athanasius of Alexandria (4th c.) †
On the Incarnation

Basil of Caesarea (4th c.) †
On the Holy Spirit
To Students on Greek Literature

Gregory Nanzianzus (4th c.) †
Orations (Selected)

Augustine of Hippo (4th - 5th c.)†
The City of God
On the Literal Interpretation of Genesis

Ephraim the Syrian (4th c.) †
Nisibine Hymns
Nativity Hymns
Epiphany Hymns


Plotinus (3rd c.)

Porphyry (3rd c.)
Philosophy from Oracles
Against the Christian

Iamblicius (3rd - 4th c.)
On the Mysteries

Proclus (5th c.)
On the Eternality of the World

Pseudo-Dionysius (5th - 6th c.)  †
Divine Names
Mystical Theology
Celestial Hierarchy
Ecclesiastical Hierarchy

John Philoponus (5th - 6th c.)  †
Commentary on Physics
Eternality of the World
Creation of the World
Contingency of the World

Germanic Kingdoms of the Post-Roman West:

Boethius (6th c.) †
Consolation of Philosophy

Gregory of Tours (6th c.) †
Ten Books of History (“History of the Franks”)

Isidore of Seville (6th - 7th c.) †
Historia de regibus Gothorum, Vandalorum et Suevorum

Bede (7th - 8th c.) †
The Ecclesiastical History of the English Peoples


Paulus Avalrus of Cordoba
Incipit Confessio Alvari
Vita Vel Passio D. Eulogii


Maximus the Confessor (6th - 7th c.) †
Life of the Virgin 

John of Damascus (7th - 8th c.) †*
Exposition on the Orthodox Faith
Three Treatsies on the Divine Images

* John was an Orthodox Christian of Syrian origin living under Muslim rule. His importance to the Eastern Orthodox and his pro-Chalcedonian views place him in this section.

Photios (9th c.) †

Michael Psellus (11th c.) †
Compendium Mathematicum
Fourteen Byzantine Emperors

St. Symeon the New Theologian (10th - 11th)†

Gregory Palamas (13th c.) †

Gemisthis Pletho (14th c.)
De Differentiis

Near East, Rise of Islam:

Muhammad (7th c.) Ↄ
The Quran

[Muhammad] ibn Ishaq (8th c.) Ↄ
The Life of Muhammad

Jacob of Edessa (7th c.)  †

Hunayn ibn Ishaq  (9th c.) †
How to Grasp Religion

Yahya ibn Adi (10th c.) †
Tahdhib al-akhlaq
Maqala fi at-tawhid

Al-Farabia (9th - 10th c.) Ↄ
Al-Madina al-Fadila
On Vacuum

Ibn Sena (10th - 11th c.) Ↄ
The Book of Healing

Maimonides (12th c.) א
Guide for the Perplexed

Al-Ghazali (11th - 12th c.) Ↄ
The Incoherence of Philosophers
Deliverence from Error
Revival of Religious Sciences

Ibn Rushd (Averroes) (12th c.) Ↄ
The Incoherence of Incoherence

Michael the Syrian (12th c.)  †

Bar Hebraeus (13th c.)  †
Hewath Hekhmetha “The Cream of Science”
Makhtbhanuth Zabhne,  "Chronicle"

Catholic Christendom:

John Scotus Eriugena (9th c.) †
De Division Nature

William of Malmesbury (11th - 12th c.) †
Gesta Regum Anglorum
Gesta Pontificum Anglorum

Peter the Venerable (11th - 12th c.) †
Summa totius heresis Saracenorum (The Summary of the Entire Heresy of the Saracens)
Liber contra sectam sive heresim Saracenorum (The Refutation of the Sect or Heresy of the Saracens)

Robert Grosseteste (12th - 13th c.) †
On Light
The Six Days of Creation
De lineis, angulis et figuris

Roger Bacon (13th c.) †
Opus Majus

Peter Lombard (12th c.) †
The Sentences

Albertus Magnus (13th c.) †
On Union with God
De Bono
Liber phisicorum sive auditus phisici

Thomas Aquinas (13th c.)†
Light of Faith: Comependium of Theology
Summa Theologica
Summa Contra Gentiles

William of Okham (13th - 14th) †
Sum of Logic

Nicolas of Cusa (15th c.) †
Of Learned Ignorance

Crush Imagine #23

“Hey remember that pact we made in the 8th grade?” y/c asked me. I frowned, I had no clue what he was talking about. “the one about prom…” he hinted. It clicked. 

“Of course, if we don’t have dates, we go together” I grinned. “But you have a date” I pointed out. 

“No I dumped her last month” y/c cringed. 

“What?! Why didn’t you tell me!” my jaw dropped. Y/c and his girl friend were very low key, after all she went to a different high school. 

“I thought you and y/f had a fling so I didn’t want to guilt you” y/c admitted. 

“That is so sweet, but y/f and I are just friends. Always have been. Besides, he has a date” I giggled. 

“Well, that means it’s not you then. Come here” he put a blindfold around my eyes and led me somewhere. 

“Am I about to be promposed to?” I asked excitedly. 

“Would you just walk” y/c chuckled. “Alright stop” he let go of my hand. “Take off the blindfold” he shouted. I took off the blindfold and laughed. Y/c and his soccer teammates were lined up on the field. His friends had “P-R-O-M-?” written on their chests, and y/c was fully clothed a teddy bear. I ran towards y/c and leapt into his arms. 

“Yes, a million times yes” I laughed. 

“Well then my date, I guess we better make us official” he dipped me, and kissed me.


(just keeping this for my own reference, feel free to read though!)


It’s time for the dreaded eliminations :( The trainees are brought back to the creepy basement studio and their ranks are revealed starting from 59 (60 is revealed last). The entire episode is basically this plus some other random antics (dancing king competition, family fitness, arm wrestling, a hilarious scare prank)


TOP 11 - first up is Minhyun!

Jonghyun Hyung, we made it past 12th!

10th! Joo Haknyun who is just happy to be anywhere (lol)

sweggy wrapper Lai Guanlin at 9th

“the nation’s leader” Jonghyun :D 8th

HYUNBIN-AH I C U let’s work hard now

Bring on the Bro Squad

Daehwi falls from the top down to 7th everyone is SHOOOOK

everyday i shook shook every night i shook shook

that looks incredibly awkward… #stairstaring

Hyungseop drops from 5th to 6th and makes the pouty face of the century haha

the two archangels bond over their mutual fall from the heavens

Daniel is 5th and Jisung is in the top 4, the MMO bros rejoice

Daniel literally falls out of his chair in excitement hahahaa

Cool guy Seongwoo is 4th


and finally… the results are…?!?!

aaaaand not to forget #60 (just meeting the cut off!) Sangbin!

Full list of ranks

So tomorrow is my last day of high school and I’m writing W’s letter tonight and no lie, I’m freaking out a little. I’ve been in contact with C (my 8th grade math teacher that I became very close to) lately and I invited him to come to the graduation ceremony next Saturday. He said that he’s never been invited before and he seemed really happy. I am going to give him his ticket Friday after he gets off of work and I’m pretty pumped. So this is what C wrote in my 8th grade yearbook…it sure was different from what W wrote in my yearbook this year.

Constellations Weekly Q&A

W/C 8th May 2017 
Question: If you could learn any language fluently what would it be?

I wish I could know every language that’d be so cool. For now though, I just need to stop blending French and Japanese OTL

I spent a few years studying Spanish but never really got anywhere close to being fluent. I’d like to pick it up again and learn more because it’s such a beautiful language.

Japanese if I had to pick one. I’m trying to teach myself it and I’m currently doing German at school.

I’d really like to speak Korean fluently <3

The ones I’m currently learning. I’ve taken Japanese, Chinese, French, and German and started self teaching Korean, Thai, and Indonesian. I’d like to become fluent so that I can speak to everyone and reach a wider audience when I do a variety of activities. I also think it’d be a great skill if I ever decide to go to acting classes in order to become an actress.

All languages. They’re fun to learn ^^