8th planet

Sun through the houses

Sun in the 1st house:  With the sun in the first house, great effort is put into creating and maintaining a good self image. The way you are perceived by others is paramount to first-house sun people. Accept that you need to be a leader or an innovator, and go for it, but be careful not to be overbearing with others. A sunny disposition is generally attributed to this placement and a positive confident attitude is normally displayed. 

Sun in the 2nd house With a second-house sun, a person’s identity is developed and expressed by defining personal values and accumulating objects of value. You have the ability to attract money and resources, but you can’t always hang on to it or it doesn’t bring you the happiness you expected.   Avoid over-identifying with what you have. Take pride in the solid and secure foundations that you build, as well as the lasting relationships you aim to maintain, while being careful to avoid possessiveness.

Sun in the 3rd house: Gemini, the natural ruler of this house, gives Geminian overtones to all traits. You is driven to learn, explore and enjoy their immediate environment.  You have an uncontainable desire to acquire knowledge. You relish in taking various pieces of knowledge and putting them together like puzzles that need solving. You’re observant, optimistic, flexible and you’re a superb communicator, able to relate ideas clearly to others. You would make make an excellent teacher, lecturer or writer.  

Sun in the 4th house: The chart holder with a fourth-house sun is not happy unless their home life is happy. Because the fourth house can be deep and emotional, the sun here has to work extra hard to liven and inspire things. They thrive and excel in a home that is active, alive, open and loving. If they aren’t in this type of home environment, they will not feel invigorated about their life. They will strive to make the changes necessary to give them the home and family life they need. 

Sun in the 5th house: The sun is comfortable in its own house. In fact, it is driven to shine here. At its best, it creates a chart holder who is confident about who they are and how they affect others. You want to be noticed for your unique and special qualities and your creativity. You are happiest when you are expressing yourself in a special way and attention comes your way as a result. You have a flair for drama and/or sports. You are proud of your fun-loving attitude towards life. As you demonstrate your ability to shine, avoid grabbing center stage all of the time.

Sun in the 6th house: The work that you do, and the services that you offer, are very important to your sense of identity. In order to feel good about yourself, you need to be busy with daily activities and to produce work you can be proud of. Focus on finding a suitable and rewarding avenue for expressing this part of you, being extra careful to choose an occupation in which you can express yourself. You are sensitive to criticism about the work you do, and you work best when you can create your own schedule.

Sun in the 7th house: Libran traits are accented with the Sun in this house. You take pride in your ability to negotiate, and to establish harmony in your relationships. It is important to you to have a partner, as you feel incomplete without one. You can be fickle about partners because new partners inspire them and allow them to see themselves in new ways. You’re self-confident, popular and have favorable dealings with your superiors. You’re good at public relations, sales and promotions.

Sun in the 8th house: You have a great urge to go farther or deeper into life every step of the way. You want to experience more, and your desires are both powerful and intense. It is hard for you to find satisfaction in common experiences, and you have magnetic power if you choose to use it wisely. You are fascinated with what lies under the surface, and at some point in your life, self-improvement is a big interest. You are attracted to unexplored or taboo areas of life, and you avoid all things superficial.

Sun in the 9th house:  You have a deep need to understand the world around you. You have high ideals and you have your eye on what’s on the horizon. You are looking ahead, and at times can seem quite restless. You are proud of your knowledge and of your morals. Be sure to avoid self-righteousness in your enthusiasm to share your knowledge. When used correctly, you are a tolerant, adventurous, and curious person, and you want to see the best in people and in life

Sun in the 10th house: The traits of Capricorn are much in evidence. Your career takes on greater than average importance. You feel the need to improve your career and is usually successful and involves your whole personality, possibly at the expense of your marriage and friendships. You’re ambitious and intrigued by power, which may make you too authoritative and dictatorial. You’re a leader in whatever you do and people pay attention to you. You may become arrogant or rebellious if you let that attention go to your head.

Sun in the 11th house: The Aquarian traits are stressed here and you simply want to do your own thing. You have many clear-cut objectives and usually achieve what you set out to do. You have a strong desire to gain recognition through mental achievements and inventions. You have strong organizing abilities and are usually a leader in any group you are involved with– societies and groups are an important part of your life. You’re apt to be a humanitarian with concern for universal human dignity and brotherhood

Sun in the 12th house: You have a tendency to be introspective and need some space and seclusion in order to pull up your strength. You may avoid the spotlight, and if you do find yourself in a public role, you tend to hide your true self behind that role!  However the sun sheds his light on this house giving the native zero worries under stressful situation. No matter what the problem is, the native will sleep sound, and will be able to see all the secret dealing happening behind or against him or her. This also can take a native to foreign lands.

Bad Neptune

Deception, deceit, and disintegrated boundaries. May I present to you the negative aspects of Neptune in the houses:

1st House: total loss of self, with no definition of who or what you know yourself to be; the identity is uncertain and unstable, which leads to deceptive and duplicitous personas; the person is impressionable, unclear about how they are received.

2nd House: extremes of wealth and poverty; money is an elusive commodity – either it is abundant and divine or scant and unreachable; wasteful and frivolous spending; financial fraud and self-deception; delusions about being saved by money, or saving people with money.

3rd House: a scattered mind and lack of concentration leads to daydreams that distract and deaden awareness of reality; easily hypnotized, lulled by self-concocted fictitious imaginings; shallow mentality with a devotion to useless, esoteric studies.

4th House: early roots are in disarray leading to heavy confusion about one’s own family and upbringing; deep, unshakeable longing to remain protected and safe by parents or parental figures; enmeshment; discontent at home and let down by the reality of the family; unrealistic expectation from domestic life.

5th House: deception in love affairs, which leads to scorned romances and paramours; often aligns with underdogs; over dramatizes life and love, and loses self to glamour due to substantial quixotism; using fantasy, entertainment, and artsy pleasure are used in excess to escape the self.

6th House: ungrounded and untidy, with great difficulty being practical as it pertains to daily-to-dos, which leads to harmful avoidance of work and routine; disorganized living; swamped by health concerns and details; hypersensitive hypochondriac.

7th House: projections and disordered reflections of self; unreal relationship ideals and expectations; tends to glamorize relationships, making one blind to potentially fatal flaws of the partner, leading to codependency; wants to rescue and save spouses and lovers.

8th House: obsession with death, sex and confuse, sometimes scare causing overwhelming emotional wounds, which lead to destructive avoidance and damaging habits; the identity disintegrates into  a cesspool of possessive manipulation.

9th House: optimism, though abundant, is unrealistic and hopeless; restless and fervent yearning for some type of ecstasy and/or heaven; personal beliefs can lead to increased vulnerability to religious misleading and philosophical misperception.

10th House: the career and one’s calling is in a constant state confusion, which causes hallucinations about one’s true purpose in life; difficulty finding position in society, and establishing a reputation that is separate from the identity; bewitched by achievements and success.  

11th House: finds society deeply unsatisfying and wants to wash away the pains of the world, but cannot separate fact from fiction; strange altruism; continually let down, influenced, and enchanted by unreliable, careless friends and associates; acquaintances drift away and apart.

12th House: the ego is overwhelmed, feeling helpless and vulnerable, protected by nothing and no one; an aversion to the mundane causes a comatose existence riddled with seclusion, self-containment, and make-believe; feelings of isolation and victimization are byproducts of inner loneliness.  

Planets in the 8th House

The 8th house is considered the house that controls sex, taboos, death, and rebirth/reinvention. Ruled by Scorpio and  Pluto- it is an intense and mysterious house. It is a darker house, and looking into your 8th house placements can help you fully understand your self.

Sun 8th: Very perceptive. You can always trust their intuition as this placement is known for its ‘physic abilities.’ These people are always prepared; born ready.

Moon in 8th: Similar to Sun in 8th as they are perceptive; but not in a physic way. They can read others insanely well and have future predicting qualities that accompany this. This placement makes for great counselors. 

Mercury in 8th: Very private people. Possesses a serious, deep mentality and are very curious. Resolute in their interests.

Venus in 8th: Seductive qualities they may be oblivious to. Profound wisdom in their interactions and communications. Tendency of magnetic attraction.

Mars in 8th: Very independent. Known as one of the most sexual placements, physical attraction and connection with your partner is highly valued. Constantly looking for answers, even if they project confidence. 

Jupiter in 8th: Generous and strive for good fortune. Equipped with incredible instincts, this placement stops at nothing to fight against injustice. Represents balance in life. 

Saturn in 8th: You feel things deeply but refuse to be overemotional. Skeptical and can be apprehensive, but this is due to your great intuition. 

Uranus in 8th: Another placement similar to moon in 8th. A huge placement for psychologists as you see everything seriously and deeply. Always looking for ways to reinvent themselves.

Neptune in 8th: Sensitive, yet secretive about it. You struggle with a constant desire for something more making you over analyze life and see more than there is. 

Pluto in 8th: Has a high intensity and is very passionate. You love to come off as mysterious. You have a strong need for control and change is important to you. 

Eris the 10th Planet thru the Houses, Where in Life Do You Feel “Left Out”?

Discovered in 2005, from plates found in 2003, Eris is a Trans-Neptunian Object, which is an astronomical term meaning further out than Neptune. She was named a dwarf planet along with Pluto. She was Planet X, then nicknamed Xena, then officially named after the brother of Ares/Mars, the goddess of discord.

Eris entered Aries in 1923 and will not enter Taurus until 2048, so almost everyone alive right now has Eris in Aries, therefore making the house of Eris more personal to you. It takes 556 years for Eris to orbit the sun.

“Eris is one who struggles against injustice and oppression. She has her war-like and even bloodthirsty side, with the higher manifestation of defending the weak and standing up for oneself. Her placement and aspects to other planets correlate to the archetype of the underdog warrior, speaking truth to power, and with also a willingness to resort to violence if necessary. Many manifestations of this archetype exist in the present culture, and the discovery period is also coincident with the onset of the Iraq war. This archetype represents a dire motif of the struggle for survival that is inherent in the natural world, and in humankind also, and which represents once again, as with Pluto and Chiron, a darker side of our common humanity that must be acknowledged and faced in our time. Where she located in your chart, you have the capability to make a powerful and perhaps ruthless stand for yourself, and to battle against all odds.” –Time Passages Software

Eris in the 1st house: Your presence is so radical that you don’t fit in with most people. You boldly state your opinions and you might even get a thrill from causing trouble between people. You are a brave fighter full of strength. You thrive on conflict as it propels you to feel alive. You prefer revolution over tradition. You crave discord and excitement as opposed to trying to find peace in life. You feel doldrums when life is too calm, you always feel the need to take on challenges.

Eris in the 2nd house: You resist the current system of economy and want to rebel against being dependent on money, you’re the person who is cut out for growing their own food and/or living off the grid. You feel a drive in your soul to not be materially attached, even if you might have other factors in your chart that indicate a tendency to splurge on possessions. You value sticking up for the underdog, fighting injustice, and living passionately.

Eris in the 3rd house: The school system made you feel boxed in; your learning style might not grasp academic lessons, but is able to absorb information when you are allowed to learn on your own. You didn’t get all the attention from teachers that would have helped you excel in the classroom, so rather, you reject commands of busy work assignments and find brilliance by doing projects your own way. You may have been made to feel dumb because you could not meet standards that other students could, yet the chaos in your mind brings ideas together when you are given freedom to learn at your own pace.

Eris in the 4th house: Your family made you feel like the odd one out, they did not sympathize with you during hard times. You had to break away from traditions and find yourself. The universe gives you permission to shamelessly reject what your parents taught you, as they may not have had the most well rounded perspective when they raised you. They likely treated you with injustice and made you feel oppressed.

Eris in the 5th house: Your idea of fun is different than those around you, so it may have been difficult to find comradery (feeling of a connected community) until you found a group of people with a common interest. Your hobbies are seen as strange, compared to typical activities that most people enjoy. Your children may have a discordant temperament. Your romantic life is filled with chaos.

Eris in the 6th house: You don’t fit in at most workplaces, you resist being subordinate to a boss. You feel oppressed by the daily grind and wish to find a more exciting job. You’d do well in an action packed vocation that allows you to be a maverick. You feel like you weren’t given a fair shot in the workforce and may excel more if you become self-employed. Your health will decline when you act discordant.

Eris in the 7th house: Relationships always seem to end up in flames in your life, which includes business partnerships, lovers, close friends, etc. You wonder why can’t I just find that special someone and make it last? You attract discordant people. Perhaps you haven’t worked through all the chaos within you and so you project others as being difficult. If you make a point to cultivate inner peace while acknowledging your own inner wild self, you will draw in the right people who do not provoke you too much.

Eris in the 8th house: Deep in your soul lies discordance that you need to embrace and understand. You desire a crazy sex life to let out inhibitions your chaotic emotions that you don’t get to release in other areas in life.

Eris in the 9th house: You feel that religion has oppressed you, you do not resonate with the faith you were raised with and it is up to you to explore spirituality in many forms to find your own truths. Traveling alone would be very therapeutic to you. You love the idea of higher learning, but the structure of college doesn’t agree with you. You experience injustice in the college setting.

Eris in the 10th house: Your discordant nature makes it difficult to achieve your career goals. You’d excel in a career that involves helping others who have been left out, for example, special education, infertility, adoption agencies, counseling, addiction, women’s or men’s rights advocacy, etc. You are resistant to bosses that expect you to be subordinate, you have to fight to achieve the goals and jobs that suit you.

Eris in the 11th house: No matter how many friends you have, you still feel like they don’t include you in their lives as much as you’d like. You feel like a lone wolf, you don’t fully fit in with most groups. If you find friends who appreciate your uniqueness, you’ll feel fulfilled. Make it a point to seek non-judgmental, open, and understanding people, and you can allow yourself to grow close to people who matter. You can heal from any previous friends who betrayed you or any times you felt like you had no one to reach out to.

Eris in the 12th house: You subconsciously want to be alone in order to dig deep into your spiritual self. You have sabotaged relationships and opportunities because you hadn’t worked thru your inner baggage. Your soul has likely existed on other planets as you feel estranged from this world in general. You can journey through other dimensions because your chaotic spirit endlessly searches for more. You are fighting a battle in your psyche, as Eris triggered the Trojan war. Your chaotic nature has been suppressed, as you realize that too many people in this world cannot handle you.

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Moon through the houses

Moon in the 1st house: Whether for the better or worse your mother probably has a very big influence on you and your life. As your moon is on your ascendant your feelings are right out there for everyone to see, and you can come across as emotional and impatient, or nurturing and caring (or both). You need emotional stimulation, movement, and freedom to express yourself in order to feel happy and fulfilled. You have a vivid imagination and can be sensitive and self-protective. 

Moon in the 2nd house: Financial and material security are of extreme importance to those with a second house Moon. When it comes to money, you can be generous and frivolous in your spending habits one day, and frugal the next. Your emotional well-being is dependent on material comfort. Money can come from sources dealing with food, home, and real estate. Your finances are changeable and can manifest in phases throughout your life. You might also hold onto people quite tightly. You may love to indulge in anything comfortable, such as, fine foods, drink or music.

Moon in the 3rd house: Your emotions strongly influence their thoughts. You have an incessant curiosity, and are easily bored. Your thinking is strongly influenced from past experiences and early childhood. You have powerful imaginations and natural intuition. Your mother will have had a powerful effect on your mental development, and she may well have been strongly involved in your education. Much nervous energy gives you the ability to do several things at one time. You may become easily distracted and lose your concentration, thus it is often difficult for these people to concentrate.

Moon in the 4th house: Your home and family are incredibly important to you, as you see your home as a safe haven. Interacting with family members is serious business for you and any disagreements or disputes are taken to heart. Whether for the better or worse, you have deep relationships with your parents, but it is the relationship with their mother which is deepest. Commonly fourth-house moon chart holders spend a great deal of time with their mothers growing up and are often home giving their mothers constant emotional support. 

Moon in the 5th house:  You love to share emotional experiences with loved ones and have a flair for the dramatic. Love affairs are magnetic and intense, and you don’t take them lightly by any means, although you may go through much change with regard to your romances. You are attached to children, whether they’re your own or not. Your creative hobbies are subject to relatively frequent changes, and you have innate artistic talent. There is a sense that you are always in touch, or trying to get in touch, with your inner child.

Moon in the 6th house:  You have an emotional need to be useful, to work productively, to be organized and on top of things, and to lead a healthy life. If these matters are chaotic in your life, it’s a symptom of emotional unrest. You are excellent at tuning in to the physical needs of others, and generally happy take on a lot of tasks - both in your career and around the house. As you are very sensitive to your working environment, you tend to worry too much about how other people are feeling.

Moon in the 7th house: You are drawn to partnerships and prefer to have a companion for emotional support. A partner awakens feelings in you that you may never know you had, and you seem to need a partner to learn about your own needs and feelings. Emotional fulfillment is sought through relationships, but you may have many relationships one after another, each time believing that this is “the one”. Taking time between relationships is something that is hard for you to do, but quite necessary, as you tend to jump into relationships out of fear of being alone.

Moon in the 8th house: Your emotional peace and comfort are sought through intimate relationships. While you have a strong need for emotional security, you are also a person who is drawn to pushing your own limits, and many lifestyle changes can be the result of this need to challenge, or reinvent, yourself emotionally. You have a complex relationship with your mother and therefore have a very deep emotional nature. You are always fascinated with how people work, taboos, secrets, and all that is forbidden or hidden. 

Moon in the 9th house: You are a philosophical sort, interested and curious about the world, other people, and perhaps different cultures. You will have been powerfully affected by the convictions and values that your mother held, and though she may have been intellectually dominating, her opinions will continue to have a strong moral effect on you. You might find yourself longing to be somewhere else when you are unhappy. However, this attitude can only keep you from enjoying and improving upon the situation you are now in, only serving to make you feel more unhappy with your current circumstances.

Moon in the 10th house: This position of the Moon indicates an emotional need for recognition, popularity, acknowledgement, and achievement. You can be quite charismatic and your mother may have strongly influenced your choice of career. You are at your emotional best when you lead a structured and responsible life, but it can take time to get there. You may change your goals and ambitions, and/or your profession frequently in an attempt to find the perfect fit. You may worry about living up to your image, or the expectations of your family.

Moon in the 11th house: You form very strong bonds to your friends and are extremely sensitive to how they treat you. You are both caring and concerned as regards their personal development, and easily hurt if they let you down in any way. Drastic changes in your social life may be a reflection of inner emotional unrest. You are filled with many dreams, wishes, and hopes for your future, and most of these are altruistic and good-hearted desires. However, you might change your aspirations frequently, with your changing moods, and have a hard time settling on goals to work towards as a result. 

Moon in the 12th house: This position of the Moon indicates an emotional attachment and sensitivity to all that is ethereal, groundless, and eternal. As sensitive as you are, you often have delayed reactions to your own emotional experiences. You need frequent moments of solitude in order to recharge yourself emotionally, and this need, while strong, can also lead to feelings of isolation and of being misunderstood. While you are a perceptive person, you are often either flooded with emotions that are hard to define, or completely out of touch with what you are feeling. Either extreme keeps you from truly discovering your emotional needs.

Eris: the black winged goddess of strife. Also called the 10th planet takes 560 years to transit, it is a transpersonal planet and therefore the house is important and what aspects it creates.

Eris defines the part of ourselves whose essential nature is as odds with our current cultural norms. This part of us stands against “what everyone does”. With Eris now recognized in our solar system and now part of our developmental path as a species, this is the time for us to recognize that true inner voice that does not bend to the will of the many. We may kick up some discord, but it is for our own good.

Eris in the Houses

•1st house: When Eris resides in your first house, your mission is to trust yourself. You will have opinions that differ from societies’, you will do things different from other people. You will experience pain and loss here, because though you may desire to integrate fully into society, you can not. This in not a Uranian process where you discover your individuality. The Eris process dictates that your innate sense of values pits yourself against society. You have no other choice.

•2nd house: With Eris in your second house of resources, it is your task to sound the alarm regarding the incorrect use of resources. You have a vastly different way handling money and wealth which involves the sharing of resources. People think you are foolish with your use of money. You are not. You realize the value of sharing cooperatively, though there is a danger of using your resources to dominate your social sphere.

•3rd house: In the third house of communications, Eris gives you a strong voice that sounds discordant against the sounds of the collective. You have the intellect to discern what is off balance and not in the interests of the society. You must beware of forcing your opinions on others, but it your job to tell society at large your perceptions.

•4th house: When Eris resides in your fourth house of the home you have the power to recognize how past conditions have contributed to current problems. You experience through your childhood how unequal power distribution causes problems in the home. If you are wise, you will work on these dynamics in your own life, so the same bitter fruit is not born. If you do not, you will repeat the experiences of your parents.

•5th house: Eris in the fifth house of romance and creativity gives you the power to create divergent forms that highlights societal problems caused by unequal power distribution. Your images, your writing, your music can inspire others with the power of your message. Likewise, if you misspend your gift, your art will devolve into pointless blame games. You must work to overcome that tendency in your life.

•6th house: When Eris sits in your sixth house of health and servants, you challenges your authority with others and other people’s authority to make health care decisions for you. This latter situation can manifest as a health care crisis that is not managed correctly by the care provider calling for clarity of thinking and intervention on your part. You will have to be your own best health care advisor.

•7th house: In your seventh house of partnerships Eris will create situations of unequal distribution of power that will stress your relationship. You will have to work at finding a partner that will share your goal of sharing the work and well as the joys of partnership, or suffer the consequences for failing to doing so. If you attempt to follow traditional male/female roles, your relationship will ultimately lose its vitality and strength of purpose.

•8th house: Eris in your eighth house of death [transformation] creates situations where you experience people trying to take away your resources. Inheritances, insurance payments and loans can be contentious and difficult experiences, especially if you are elected to be the consevator/distributor of those funds. You may have to share a partnership role in the disbursement of funds, but do not have final say in where they are to go. In the area of sexual development you may have sexual experiences that are incomplete or unsatisfying due to one partner or the other demanding a control of the sexual experience.

•9th house: With Eris in the ninth house of law and education, you may experience education and travel opportunities that are divergent from the norm. You may find the traditional educational process difficult to complete because of your urges to pursue your own line of study. Travel takes you to places where you glimpse the economic inequities of life. Even if you go to a sunny Carribean beach for vacation you might find yourself getting lost in the slums.

•10th house: When Eris resides in the tenth house of authority and power, you are here to understand your role in taking care of the those with less power than you. Should you not have a natural understanding of this role, Eris will make sure you experience the consequences of the bigger fish eating the smaller fish. You will experience why some people insist on “survival of the fittest” and you will not necessarily be the one considered “fit”. When you grow in wisdom in this role, you wlll be a fine steward of the needs of the people.

•11th house: Eris in the eleventh house of organizations and friends, you either do or will come to understand the necessity of a cooperative role within the group. You may be confronted with situations that place you outside the group for a time to experience the feeling of “odd man out.” In a cooperative society there is no room for pushing people to an outsider’s position. When you come to understand this yourself, you can teach the rest of your brothers and sisiters.

•12th house: In the twelfth house of connection with the your higher sources, Eris gives you a voice to speak about how this dimension’s experience does not necessarily mirror all of reality. You have a powerful prophetic voice that holds much wisdom and truth. You can channel the wisdom of higher realms and have the ability to access the Akashic records without the guidance of the guardians from the other side. However, because your voice is at dissonance with the drumbeat of your time, often you are not listened to, like Cassandra of Trojan War fame.

From: The astrology of Eris: there we go with them apples again By Beth Turnage

Death in Astrology

The 8th house is ruled by Pluto, the God of the underworld. Planets in the 8th could give an idea of how death could be. This isn’t exact and I just take a few traits to make this post, so please don’t take it literally. Also, this could be interpreted as a symbolic death.

Sun in the 8th house: natural death. maybe involving exertion or heart problems. A “dramatic” death or very spoken about.

Moon in the the house: death by emotional/mental or physical weakened health, maybe involving depression or stomach problems. Death at home.

Mercury in the 8th house: death by mental breakdown/deterioration or hypertension, maybe involving breathing problems. A modest and not dramatic death.

Mars in the 8th house: death by extreme circumstances or accidents, maybe involving fire. A sudden and violent death.

Venus in the 8th house: death by body problems, maybe involving kidneys and intestines. Could be a peaceful death or an unpleasantness one.

Jupiter in the 8th house: death by overindulgence and bad habits, maybe involving substances or alcohol. Death away home, gradual.

Saturn in the 8th house: death by bones injuries, maybe involving the spine or degenerative demises. A difficult and slow death.

Uranus in the 8th house: death by unusual causes, maybe involving rare diseases. A sudden and confusing death.

Neptune in the 8th house: death by substances or alcohol, maybe involving self-destruction or water (e.g., drowning). A unaware and painless death.

Pluto in the 8th house: death under mysterious circumstances. A violent or confined death.

8th house cusp

The sign/s in your 8th house (and planets) tell a lot about how you get yourself through anything emotionally painful or difficult. The 8th house is where we experience a lot of trauma and generally awful things. People with planets in there have been more exposed to it and have a deep strength as a result of it. But, even people without planets in there can undergo pain; it’s something that is part of the human experience.

8th house Aries/Mars in 8th: you draw on your resilience and instinct to fight and survive, and also your feeling of independence to get you through anything emotionally painful or difficult.

8th house Taurus/Venus in 8th: you draw on things that provide you with a feeling of comfort and stability/security, beauty, and possibly money, to get you through anything emotionally painful or difficult.

8th house Gemini/Mercury in 8th: you draw on your voice, and communicating your pain, and communicating with other people around you to get you through anything emotionally painful or difficult.

8th house Cancer/Moon in 8th: you draw on your nurturing, responsive, emotionally aware side to get you through anything emotionally painful or difficult.

8th house Leo/Sun in 8th: you draw on your ability to shine as an individual and your creative gifts/abilities to get you through anything emotionally painful or difficult.

8th house Virgo/Mercury in 8th: you draw on your ability to be critical and analytical of things, communication, and also being helpful to others to get you through anything emotionally painful or difficult.

8th house Libra/Venus in 8th: you draw on your relationships with other people and the people you value, and beauty and possibly money to get you through anything emotionally painful or difficult.

8th house Scorpio/Pluto in 8th: you draw on your sense of personal power, emotional, intuitive abilities and the ability to size up any situation, as well as your survival instincts to get you through anything emotionally painful/difficult.

8th house Sagittarius/Jupiter in 8th: you draw on what you know, and have learnt, and also what you believe, to get you through anything emotionally painful and difficult.

8th house Capricorn/Saturn in 8th: you draw on your work ethic and ambition to achieve something, as well as your wisdom about life’s hardships to get you through anything emotionally painful or difficult.

8th house Aquarius/Uranus in 8th: you draw on your ability to detach emotionally from situations, to create and be inventive, and your unique characteristics to get you through anything emotionally painful or difficult.

8th house Pisces/Neptune in 8th: you draw on music, and maybe spirituality and sometimes even alcohol or drugs, and your own emotional wisdom/faith to get you through anything emotionally painful or difficult.

Neptune:8th house🔮🔱🔮

-extremely psychic and intuitive
-interest in spirituality/communicating with the dead
-charismatic but in a mysterious way
-strange dreams that are often precognitive
-tempted to do witchy shit for your own personal gain
-may have some kind of death wish
-doormats;easily manipulated
-problems(confusion,deception) in finances
-easily addicted to drugs and alcohol
-submissive(not just sexually but in nature)
-spiritual attitudes towards sex or dependent on sex
-easily hypnotized
-death could be a mystery,occur through sleep,drugs,coma,or suicide even

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Which signs have psychic abilities? Like can read your mind/sense things

watery signs and houses and planets like moon and neptune, so like moon-neptune aspects, moon conjunct, trine, opposite sextile, neptune. 8th house planets esp. moon, Neptune. Jupiter is intuitive rather than psychic. 4th house positions, moon, neptune, and sun esp in the 4th. moon in the 1st, neptune in the 1st. the whole generation of kids born during neptune in pisces, 2012-present. scorpio emphasis and pluto in the 1st. mercury-neptune contacts. pluto in the 4th is pure plutonian psychic energy. venus-pluto aspects. the 12th house is ruled by pisces and symbolises the collective, the interceptor of every sensory output, but the 12th house can be inaccessible, so this psychic expression can generate through dream or sadly malady

If the future truly holds a place for you and I, would you mind if we just skipped straight to that chapter already? I’m sorry.. it’s just, I am so tired of holding on to the uncertainty of maybe. The distance might be keeping us apart for now but if we hold on to hope, we can win and that’s a god damn promise. Please don’t give up on us. Please keep fighting for us. A connection like ours has the power to keep the whole planet alive.
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Mars:8th house✨🔮🔥🔮✨

-Aggressive sex drive

-A man with this placement will hit it from the front,back,side😩😩💦…

-rough sex

-possible victim to violent/traumatic situations

-troubles through taxes,joint resources,litigation over these matters

-conflicts in the family over wills

-another placement that indicates good research ability

-painful yet powerful transformations

-hidden motives and actions, good or bad

-bad muthafuckas

-extremely passionate,emotionally intense

-possible interest in magic,the occult, the affairs of the dead or even medicine

Venus in 8th
  • Intense emotions
  • Intimate relationships come easily
  • May be particularly beautiful
  • A committed partner
  • Intuitive when it comes to people
  • Understands people easily but may hide own emotions/true self
  • Desires raw emotion
  • Desire to find the “truth” (or true self) in people
  • Passionate
  • May not trust people easily
  • May be possessive when it comes to people

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Astrology and Marriage Indicators: Composite Chart

* Jupiter conjunct/Trine/Sextile venus
* Jupiter in the 7th
* Saturn 1st house
* Pluto Conjunct the AC/MC
* Vertex conjunct the DC
* Juno In aspect to the DC ruler (preferably conjunction/Trine/Sextile)
* Juno Conjunct/Trine/Sextile Sun
* Juno Conjunct/Trine/Sextile Venus
* Juno Conjunct/Trine/Sextile Jupiter
* Juno same sign/house as sun
* Juno Conjunct/trine Saturn
* Sun conjunct/opposite venus
* Sun in 7th/10th
* Venus in 7th/9th
* Moon 1st/2nd/7th/8th
* Composite Cancer personal planets
* Composite AC/Sun in Libra
* Venus Sextile/Trine/conjunct Saturn
* Venus conjunct vertex
* Juno Conjunct vertex

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  • 1st: Being assertive and confident
  • 2nd: Obtaining material possessions (money, cars, etc.)
  • 3rd: Interacting with their surroundings
  • 4th: Nurturing or showing affection as a parent
  • 5th: Tapping inner talents and expressing their creativity
  • 6th: Working without neglecting their physical and mental health
  • 7th: Letting loose in platonic and romantic relationships
  • 8th: Evolving and accepting changes
  • 9th: Learning from their life experiences and understanding abstract concepts
  • 10th: Asking for help when they are submerged with work
  • 11th: Fitting in with groups
  • 12th: Acknowledging their limits and restrictions
Placements of Psychic Reception

Sun - Neptune aspects
Mercury - Neptune aspects
Moon - Neptune aspects
Uranus - Neptune aspects
Planets in Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
Planets in Sagittarius
4th, 8th, 12th House planets especially Sun, Moon, Neptune,  Mercury, Uranus, Pluto
Neptune ruling Midheaven
8th ruler in 12th
Neptune in the 1st House
Neptune conjunct ascending
Moon, Saturn, Pluto ruling the 9th House

Sun:8th house ✨🔮☀️🔮✨

-Early life is usually difficult because of the physical/emotional loss of father
-Strong desires and a powerful will to pursue them
-Good with handling other people’s money
-Significant transformations
-There is often a marked interest in the metaphysical,occult,the mysterious topics in life
-Can gain money through an inheritance or the partner
-Very perceptive
-Sex sex sex
-Death is usually natural or related to the heart
-Recognition could come after death
-Very creative
-Money matters will usually be favorable but the opposite is possible if the Sun is afflicted