8th imam

يَا ابْنَ شَبِيبٍ: إِنْ كُنْتَ بَاكِياً لِشَيْ‏ءٍ فَابْكِ لِلْحُسَيْنِ بْنِ عَلِيٍّ (عليه السَّلام )، فَإِنَّهُ ذُبِحَ كَمَا يُذْبَحُ الْكَبْشُ

The 8th Imam told Ibn Shabeeb: “Oh son of Shabeeb! If you wish to cry over anything, then cry over Husain ibn Ali (ع) for surely he was slaughtered in the manner that a ram is slaughtered”.

♥♥♥ 11th of Dhu al-Qiada - birth anniversary of 8th Imam Ali ar-Ridha [as]. He was born in 148 A.H in Madina. On this occasion of happiness in the house of Ahl-e-Bait(a.s.), we extend felicitations and greetings to Prophet Mohammad(saww), Imam-e-Zamana(a.s.), the Ahl-e-Bait(a.s.) and to all the Momineen and Mominaat. ♥♥♥

The Shrine of Fatima bint Musa al-Kadhim also known known as Fatima Masumeh (Fatima the Innocent) - Qom, Iran

Not to be confused with Fatima bint Muhammad (the daughter of the prophet Muhammad & wife of Imam Ali), this Fatima was the sister of Imam Reza, the 8th Shia Imam.