8th grade lol

Okay so in 8th grade I sat besides a guy friend of mine. I’d known him since I was 5, and we were insulting each other.

Me: You’re a dick
Him: You’re a bitch
Me: You’re a douche.
Him: You’re pretty.
Him: Wait not that came out wrong *stand up and walks away*



ALRIGHT so awhile ago i promised i’d post some super old art of my ocs after i moved and i finally got to digging out some ancients from 8th grade, enjoy

So honey now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
I’m thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are

Thanks for keeping me company at the stream :’)

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Duuude tenth grade? x3 I'm catching up to you! And I thought you might've been older! LOL 8th grade, right behind ya. Also. Love the dubs. I rewatched them. :,3 Can't wait for more! XD

D-Don’t make fun of me! But thanks bud XD

Missing Daddy Already

So me and Daddy have been together for like 5months now and it’s been great. We are both fairly new to the dd/lg lifestyle (I introduced him to it). We have known each other and been friends since we were kids, he even was my first boyfriend ever back in 8th grade lol.

Gettin back with him now that we are more mature and sure of ourselves is I think one of the best things I’ve done. But that’s the thing, I’m head over heels for him, but he keeps a lot of things to himself and I don’t really kno where his feelings are. Like I kno he loves me, and he shows that he does like being with me, but I think I just want him to say it more. Like affirmations.

I have anxiety issues and I’m alway second guessing myself and putting myself down about things, and he helps me with that. He’s like the greatest Daddy ever. He babies me when I need it, treats me like a big girl with some things and his rules give me freedom, but with structure. He lets me pick movies to watch when hang out even if it’s as bad as Cheetah Girls (we watched that the other day) lol. When I’m sad he takes care of me, makes sure I eat regularly, drink enough water, and don’t hurt myself. In public he talks to people for me until I’m comfortable to do it myself (restaurant and stuff), he holds my hand, and he makes sure we are touching in some way at all times 😍

I know this is probably all over the place but it’s jus thoughts that I have about him, and to write them gives me something to do since he is busy today. If anyone has advice or or comments, feel free to send me a message, I would love to share and chat about experiences in this lifestyle. Muah! 💋

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15, 31 and 35

15. personality description

just answered that! :)

31. 3 random facts

percy jackson is my favorite series but i hated hoo,
i wrote pjo fanfiction in 5th grade,
i wrote 1d imagines in 8th grade (lol the cringe is real)

35. favourite subject 

it depends on the teacher, really. like, i usually hate math, but it was my favorite subject last year when i had an amazing teacher. i love english, but my teacher last year was boring and terrible so i hated it. but overall, i guess history?

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How long have you been playing Ukulele for? You're very talented. Ive only been playing for about six years and I still don't feel like I'm progressing lol.

i’ve been playing since like 8th grade lol! and i ukulele can be really basic (i’m seriously just really basic) but if you get into tabs and shit it can be so so so so complex! youtube videos and online tabs tabs the best!!!

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did you see the picture of Shawn at Aaliyah's graduation??? Please you know he was so proud and they took cute selfies together and videos and i wonder if he made sure he would be home for it while planning the dates

I did. I thought it was incredibly sweet he braved an 8th grade graduation lol Can you imagine? But I’m sure Aaliyah’s classmates are semi-used to it and over it. I just feel for that girl on a deep level haha. Her age group are the mass majority of his demographic. Even if he wasn’t famous, she’d still have the hot older brother and GURL, I lived that life and it was BOGUS. My friends came over to watch my brother mow the lawn 🙄 and took pictures with him ON HIS BED during my 8th grade grad party (not as Pervy as it sounds, he just leaned on it while they all sat there but still….they treated him like he was a rock star). Not at all what you asked lol but I just feeeeeeeeel for her lol. The torture of the hot brother.

He may have put it out there while they were scheduling that he wanted to be home for it but in reality it was probably just a happy coincidence that it worked out.

But snaps for Miss Aaliyah in her cute little dress looking like a Queen. She’s adorable.

if you ever feel like being you’re too dramatic about something just remember me and my friends had an assignment in drama class to come up with a good 30 minute plot (and preform it) and all the criteria sounded like a situation we were dealing with so we built a story around it.

But then it was about a girl, kacie cartwright, who was sort of to herself/shy/basically Cady from mean girls, and so me and my friends started hanging out with her and teaching her things about teenage stuff. But then she became really superficial and started wearing hella makeup (like lots of orange, and spider legs mascara) and started trash talking all of us out of nowhere (once even calling me a white trash cumslut dumpster)

So to get out our frustrations, we made a play about it. I played her role, and her name in the play was Stacie Cartleft