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My Fan made 40k Narrative

I have held back mostly on my feelings regarding the current direction of the in game lore of Warhammer 40k, because honestly I don’t like to be that person who complains about something without having a better something to offer.

So then with that in mind, here’s the skinny. I fucking hate the current lore of 40k. To be honest I have found very very very little to my liking since about the mid point of 4th edition. And coming from a guy who has been playing since the twilight years of 3rd, but made the effort to go back and read all the lore and weird side stories and dark corners of the game from before then and since then, I can honestly say the grimdark 41st millennium is not at all very grimdark anymore.

However, I’m a fan. I think true fans (NOT FANBOYS) of something take the bad with the good. Fix, ignore or try to change the bad and enjoy the good however you can if you really like something. And I do so far very much like 8th ed rules, and I don’t think I can every fully dislike 40k. Just…wow the lore has gotten so watered down. Its gone full blown cliche sci fi, with unjustifiable PC bullshit whiting out the stuff that might be considered not commercial enough for special snowflake consumption. And all this in the name of appealing to the all coveted, mythical and powerful “Wider Audience”.

And as I am not, nor will ever be an official author or creator for official 40k lore, all I can do is create my own pocket universe for the game. And since my small group of 40k pals and I have decided to kick off 8th ed with a living campaign, I have decided to create my own 40k lore narrative. 

This fan narrative will basically discount most of what has been written in game from about the ending of 3rd ed-ish through parts of 4th. It will borrow from certain new events I feel have a real place in the 40k universe, but remade to actually be something less…ridiculous and honestly neither scary or grim.

This post is of the beginning intro (Which might still have lots of editing to go through as right now its just me working on it) for everyone’s interest. I plan on posting sections at a time as I finish the overall narrative for the major factions of the 40k universe, and then perhaps to an extent the lesser known factions of the under belly of the game. Enjoy, and keep it TRVE GRIMDARK.

Relaxes behind his desk.

“It seems the chaos of memes and idiots has ended… now to count down the days until the Impirius Crusade starts.”

(You mean 8th eds street release date?)

“Yes, and then we can see how much salt is generated, the last round of Saltyness was able to supply the civilians of Terra for a month.”

(That doesn’t sound impressive.)

“Terra is the most densely populated planet in the Imperium, the smallest of Terra’s hive cites could hold the entire population of 21st century earth and have room to spare.”

(…. fuck…)

8th ed. First battle

Well it finaly happened. I actually enjoyed a game of current ed. 40k. After three editions of pushing myself to enjoy this awesome story driven game, the rules finaly got it right. Again.

Iron Warriors 13th battalion vs The Slaanesh vanguard of Malachi the Sorcerer.

I managed to scrape out a 7 to 4 victory point win over these perverse worshipers of the dark prince after they foolishly tried to steal a captured forge complex I had rightfully conquered. 

Scenario: Patrol

Marduke and chosen squad taking on some CC slaanesh marines: 

Dreadnought Atlas, and the Forlorn Hope stem the daemonic tide.

The sons of Olympia ready to face the Slaaneshi onslaught.

got my 8th ed rulebooks for imperium ½ and the hardback in dark imperium

gonna paint up these primaris dudes as imperial fists b/c fuck yall

+ huge box of deathwatch shit so i can run deathwatch+custodes+IF and be a big dick 


Here they are,albeit a few days later than I intended(I had hoped to have them done Saturday when 8th ed was released), Col Schaeffer and his Last Chancers checking in.

Those who’ve been following me for a while already know of my love for the old Citadel miniatures, and these are no different, I had a ball giving them the love they deserve. I don’t think they actually exist in the 8th ed rules anymore, but they should make a nice Hardened Veteran squad at least and give my fellow longbeards a nice nostalgia kick!

Thoughts on 8th ed. Renegades

So I just picked up the digital copy of Index Astra Militarum from Forge World this morning (I hate waiting for shipping all the way here to ol’ land locked me).

First off I’m going to call foul on both GW and FW for insuring that some poor asshole like me has to buy at least 3 books just to run a proper chaos army, and that’s not even including if I want the 4th book for FW chaos marine stuff.

Beyond that I am reasonably pleased with what I have read over in the Renegades section of the book. I am going to miss the Arch heretic disciplines, especially the Mutant Overlord, Arch Heretek, and Bloody Handed Reaver ones as those add a lot of narrative and interesting options to the army. 

I am happy they kept basically every unit option from the 13th imperial armor book. Enforcers being elites now as opposed to HQ is fucking awesome. Thank the dark gods I don’t have to spend battle forged HQ slots on those guys.

Weapon options across the board are standard, with the HQ options being a bit..meh. But I mean what Iron Warrior Warsmith cares how well his meat shield is equipped? I ask you, WHO? 

I am disappointing once again we don’t get to play with some of the hybrid load-outs of certain imperial style things, like Baneblades and some Leman Russ variants. I really don’t get what GW has going on in their brains when they make this shit. Like..some how chaos is unable to suddenly care for random variants of tanks and other tech the second they turn. Cause..you know, the Dark Mechanicus doesn’t totally muck about with all kinds of strange creepy alternatives or anything.

But, house rules. They exist. And I don’t go to dick wanking tournaments so I can take something if I damn well please! (hey I let my friend put sonic weapons on his terminators and hellbru….DREADNOUGHTS).

In all, great book, lots of guard shit to play around with and I am very happy all the 13th IA units are still here for me to play with. DEATH TO THE LOYALIST! THEY WORSHIP A FALSE GOD!

How Do Biological Theorists Explain Abnormal Behavior?

Biological theorists view abnormal behavior as an illness brought about by malfunctioning parts of the organism. They typically point to problems in brain anatomy or brain chemistry as the cause of the problem.

- Brain Anatomy and Abnormal Behavior - 
The brain is made up of approximately 100 billion nerve cells, called neurons, and thousands of billions of support cells, called glia. Within the brain, large groups of neurons form distinct brain areas, one of which is known as the cerebrum. The cerebrum includes the cortex, corpus callosum, basal ganglia, hippocampus, and amygdala. Each of these brain regions control important functions:
• The cortex is the outer layer of the brain.
• The corpus callosum connects the brain’s two cerebral hemispheres.
• The basal ganglia plays a crucial role in planning and producing movement.
• The hippocampus helps regulate emotions and memory.
• The amygdala plays a key role in emotional memory. 
Researchers have found links between certain psychological disorders and problems in specific areas of the brain. One disorder is Huntington’s disease, which is a disorder marked by violent emotional outbursts, memory loss, suicidal thinking, involuntary body movements, and absurd beliefs. It has been traced to a loss of cells in the basal ganglia and cortex. 

- Brain Chemistry and Abnormal Behavior - 
Psychological disorders can also be related to problems in the transmission of messages from neuron to neuron. Information is communicated throughout the brain in the form of electrical impulses that travel from one neuron to one or more others. An impulse is received by a neuron’s dendrites, which then travels down the neuron’s axon, until it is finally transmitted through the nerve ending at the end of the axon to the dendrites of other neurons. 
Dendrites are antenna-like extensions located at one end of the neuron.
• The axon is a long fiber extending from the neuron’s body. 

Since the neuron’s don’t actually touch each other, you may wonder how the messages get from the nerve ending of one neuron to the dendrites of another. A tiny space called the synapse is what separates one neuron from the next. When an electrical impulse reaches a neuron’s ending, the nerve ending is stimulated to release a chemical known as a neurotransmitter, which travels across the synaptic space to receptors on the dendrites of the neighboring neurons. After binding to the receiving neuron’s receptors, the neurotransmitters can either have an excitatory or inhibitory response. Some neurotransmitters give a message to the neurons to “fire” or trigger their own electrical impulse, while others tell receiving neurons to stop all firing. 

Studies have shown that abnormal activity by some neurotransmitters can lead to certain mental disorders. For example, depression is linked to low activity of the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine.

Abnormal chemical activity in the endocrine system has also been shown to be related to mental disorders. Endocrine glands, located throughout the body, work with neurons to control vital activities such as growth, reproduction, sexual activity, heart rate, body temperature, energy, and stress response. The glands release chemicals known as hormones into the bloodstream that propel body organs into action. During times of stress, for example, the adrenal glands, located on top of the kidneys, secrete the hormone cortisol to help the body deal with the stress. Abnormal secretion of this chemical has been linked to anxiety and mood disorders. 

(Comer, R. J. (2004). Abnormal psychology (8th ed.). New York: Worth.)

Cold, wet leaves
Floating on moss-colored water,
And the croaking of frogs—
Cracked bell-notes in the twilight.
—  Amy Lowell, “The Pond”, (1919), in The Bedford Introduction to Literature: Reading, Thinking, Writing 8th ed., Michael Meyer (Bedford/St. Martin’s 2008)
D6 Random ‘8th ed.’ reaction generator

Since this is GW, you should roll a D6 to decide how you feel.
1. Burn your army on YouTube.
2. Shelve your army and play another game.
3. Keep calm and wait till you have all the information.
4. Talk excitedly about the new edition to non-gamer friends
5. Pre-order everything, start a new army, and sell a kidney to pay for it.
6. Make a pilgrimage to Nottingham. Sell all non-GW worldly possessions. Search out online naysayers and try to troll them into leaving the hobby

New Unit Ideas for Sisters of Battle

If GW ever decide to release the Sisters of Battle (SoB) with an actual updated codex with plastic models and new rules, I would like to see some brand-new units. So, I made a list of ideas that I think would benefit a SoB codex. Do note that these are for 7th ed rules, however the ideas themselves still cross over, I mean meltas aren’t going to become long ranged anti-infantry weapons any time soon, and the SoB theme will still remained unchanged in 8th Ed. Warning, this is a veeery long post.

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