Mars in the 8th; "you are turned on by power, and you're powerful when turned on."

you express intense desires which are often pulled into dangerous areas. your urges well up from some quite deep and desperate place. this can be expressed in certain ways - sex, wheeling and dealing, dangerous activities, or anything that makes you feel close to the edge, in touch with the core of life. the occult, the astral plane and any site of power exercises a pull on you, as you deeply desire to get in touch with forces greater than yourself…

the 8th house is ‘tagged’ with words such as crisis, trauma, losses and death. much more importantly, the 8th house also deals with the psychological baggage we bring from the past into our love life. it also concerns the dark side of love: marital troubles of all kinds, like violence, sexual exploitation and difficult family relationships.. problems that stay behind closed doors. 

you’re often battling the more dangerous elements of life. you’re forced to survive. your anger, however, gets repressed, but mars cannot be kept down forever, and will eventually explode. mars acts out of its darkest impulses when placed in this house, if not controlled, even self-destructive energies may surface. this placement is linked to our unconscious and all the emotions that have been buried deep inside. there’s a certain need of exploring human nature and transformations, so you can help others healing and letting go. part of the purpose of mars in the 8th is to discover its power to guide others and help them discover their own strength. 

The purpose of an intimate relationship is not that it be a place where we can hide from our weaknesses, but rather where we can safely let them go. It takes strength of character to truly delve into the mystery of an intimate relationship, because it takes the strength to endure a kind of psychic surgery, an emotional and psychological and even spiritual initiation into the higher Self. Only then can we know an enchantment that lasts.

Mercury in the 8th House - Tarot Twins

Hermes transported souls to the underworld and effortlessly glided into every state of consciousness. This makes the winged messenger Mercury very comfortable in the curious, deep and infinite eighth house experience. The eighth house is guarded by Scorpio and transports us to the depths of the unconscious, the dwellings of the soul, the process of life, death, and rebirth. It’s a state of limbo, and Mercury attempts to turn these visions, spirits, and symbols into language. Here consciousness and unconsciousness are fused and the mind enters a state where the ego is lost. There may be frequent overhauls of thinking and learning will trigger the individual’s tremendous transformations, largely occurring in the mind and the way the person thinks and perceives the world.

The individual may spend a lot of time contemplating the afterlife or taboo topics, like thinking about what dying will feel like or what will happen after they death. There will be a great urgency to uncover the truth and a halo antenna that reads invisible soul conversations and easily intuits if somebody is deceptive. It’s like they can instantly read ‘good’ or ‘bad’ characters. The individual will also be intensely private. Personal information is strictly guarded and a rare few people are let into the exclusive inner circle. Mental acuity is quite powerful with Mercury in the eighth. There can also be a silver tongue and so the individual may do well in politics or more ruthless business. The individual can be very charismatic and charm her way to the top, even with malicious intentions. Defenses are high with Mercury in the eighth. The individual may respond with severe wrath if her personal space is infiltrated or her integrity is under scrutiny.

Connection with the spirit comes with the use of voice. And it may be through conversations with others that ancestors and spirits converse with her. There is a spectacular degree of concentration with Mercury in the eighth. The individual has a fierce focus and becomes obsessed with topics for weeks on end, examining every spectrum and investigating every detail. Maybe there is a great skill for psychology, especially criminal profiling. The mind can feel like a haunted house here. The synapses of the brain reflect in tight, cosmic galaxies. These are the vessels that cross the borderline into the underworld and dance with the ethereal, the occult, the cosmos, and participate in conversation with dwellers of the other side. The winged messenger takes a turbulent descending spiral, lead only by the hand of a dark shadow. 


🍒 🔮 what are you hiding? do you have secrets you are ashamed of? fears that you worry will be pride away? that is a scorpio’s duty after all. the cosmic confessional. 8th house people perceive the darkness and the light in people, they are instantly exposed to a plethora of psychic energies with anybody they contact. they respond to the feelings about people, venus will penetrate into the soul of the lover, uranus is ultra intuitive with strangers, mercury can read their darkest thoughts and the moon can feel the echoes of lost ancestors. 8th house people have this aura and this demeanor that is tall, commanding, and confronting, but somebody so in tune will perceive your fears and anxieties too… like the 12th house great healing work can be done in the 8th. it’s a hospital for souls because it washes away the dead skin to emerge something new and shining.what lies beyond the self? it’s not always morbid or macabre. they will show you how to be greater

Venus in the 8th house - The Corpse Bride

“One of the things that we were trying to do with this show was the complexities of relationships and love. There is both passion and longing and a bittersweet quality to it that is a part of life.”  
 ―    Tim Burton, Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride: An Invitation to the Wedding  

Passions are deep and unyielding with Venus in the eighth. The individual’s personal power is magnetic, stormy, and filled with every breath of the elements. Desires are ferocious and she seeks experiences that allow her soul to move and her body to evaporate. She perishes multiple times over, with relationships triggering her descent into blackouts and deep psychological trauma and transfiguration. There is a tremendous need for interpersonal attachment, that which transcends physical touch and lifts the spirit into a glorious bonding of astral states. It is important for the individual to form deep, unbreakable emotional and soul level communions with other people. She is typically disinterested in superficial people and seeks partners who arouse her curiosity, erotic ecstasies, and volcanic inner fire. Sweet saccharine Venus could be uncomfortable in the eighth house, because it is intense and dominating. Here in the eighth Venus is adorned in black and gold with flames under her feet and a clam of sorcery in her hand.

Venus in the eighth people demand loyalty and commitment, in return they will bind their blood and guard you from every element. There may be themes of jealousy or dominating behavior, but this is only because the individual has ultra high defenses and fears vulnerability and betrayal. The feeling of having two souls entwine into a heavenly melody is insatiable and triggers her deepest desires of ascending into nothingness with an etheric body cradled in hers. There may be a level of conflict and chaos in relationships that create a tighter bond and promote transformations that allow for more collaborative social behavior. There is something flowery, seductive, and ornate about the macabre aspects of life, think of a jeweled coffin and fully made up corpse, the aesthetic brilliance of unwrapping the tight skin wrapped around her soul and giving birth to a new life within herself. The individual is highly receptive socially and easily intuits manipulative behavior and treachery. It’s like she has a Scorpio antenna that encodes the hidden motives and desires circulating within everyone. It can be next to impossible to deceive her, people’s most private thoughts are broadcasted directly into her. She is hyper sensitive to the psychic undercurrents flowing forth in the social scene.

Dane Rudyhar comments that Venus in the eighth individuals experience all manners of self renewal and personal reorientation in terms of religious or social ideas. The person may bring about great conversation and change in the way society values the spirit and its role in harmonizing humanity. Love is absolutely soul exhuming for the individual, it’s like she could really ‘love you to death’. Love never dies a natural death with Venus in the eighth it remains a sort of century long agreement, one where spirits touch and reunite. The mysteries of the world and the question of where is she going after this life bring about a kind of erotic curiosity in the individual, and she will relish amongst those who share her profound philosophies and secret inquest. At the bottom of the sea storm lies a broken Venus, she has been bruised and burned by the eighth house fire, but a thousand miles above, walking on water, is the new Venus, glowing like a bleached pearl, rising from the ashes of her old selves, saturating humanity a love that burns a hole in the soul.


image by Jasmine Becket-Griffith