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When you’re on a bus bored out of your mind and listening to Pokemon music when suddenly…

Albert: Hey hey hey Lady. Hey hey hey Lady with the PIXAR cap. Draw me. 8T

This happened. Just some concept sketches of Reserve Albert during his trainer years. The kid did a lot of traveling during that time and had plenty of experiences. What those experiences were I’m leaving up to Storm.

I think my favorite is his Hoenn - Sinnoh outfit. Doesn’t help those two regions are of my personal favorites when it comes to the Pokemon generations.

This was totally not an excuse to draw Albert. Noooo. That would be silly. Though I for sure did it as a way to help Storm get out of her writing slump.


A Gravity Falls Theory from the Internet:

(Based off the popular theory that Bill possessed Filbrick Pines)

road trippin {listen}

a mix for screaming songs on the top of your lungs with the windows down driving to who knows where

  • Diane Young - Vampire Weekend 
  • Young Volcanoes - Fall Out Boy
  • San Fransico - The Mowgli’s
  • La La - The Cab
  • Lightning in a Bottle - The Summer Set
  • Trouble Maker - Weezer
  • Back Seat Serenade - All Time Low
  • Sweet Nothing - Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch
  • Half Of My Heart - John Mayer
  • 22 - Taylor Swift
  • All The Small Things - Blink 182
  • Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood
  • 1985 - Bowling for Soup
  • Try Hard - 5 Seonds of Summer
  • Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) - The Ready Set

((I originally drew this before I saw Weirdmageddon part 1 too!))


ROAD TRIP // listen

1. Harlem // New Politics 2. Girls // The 1975 3. Montrose // Man Overboard 5. Change Your Life // Little Mix 6. Why Don’t We Go There // One Direction 7. Chocolate // The 1975 8. Midnight City // M83 9. Fancy // Iggy Azalea 10. Birthday // Selena Gomez 11. Out Of My Limit // 5SOS 12. Word Up // Little mix 13. If i Could Change Your Mind // Haim 14. Disconnected // 5SOS 15. Teenagers //  MCR 16. Heartbreak // M'Black (remix) 17. Gives you hell- the all-american rejects 18. Hey L.A. // Ryan Beatty 18. Young Volcanoes // Fall Out Boy 19. Partition // Beyonce

Immortal Pines AU belongs to the lovely @tawnaduncan

Another day, another AU, and more fanart for said AU iamsosorry
But if you havn’t already, check it out. It’s getting pretty intresting to say the least and it’s a wonderful idea <3

a little party never killed nobody // listen

1. Big Poppa // The Notorious B.I.G. 2. Clique // Kanye West 3. I love College // Asher Roth 4. Show Me // Kid Ink 5. scary monsters and nice sprites (remix)  6. Lolly // Maejor Ali 7. 23 // Mike will made it 8. No Hands // Waka Flocka 9. Scandalous // T. Mills 10. Tom Ford // Jay Z 11. Pop that thang // caked up 12. Good kush and Alcohol // Lil Wayne 13. Blame it (on the alcohol) // Jamie Foxx 14. 212 // Azelia Banks 15. Loud // T. Mills 16. Pour it up // Rihanna 

what if the reason trolls are so big on piles is because sometimes you gotta have somewhere to lie that isn’t slimy and soporific but if you lie on a flat, hard surface YOU HAVE NOWHERE TO PUT YOUR HORNS.

Ladies all across the world // LISTEN

1. Salute - Little Mix 2. Run the world - Beyonce 3. I wanna go -Britney Spears 4. Bootylicious - Destiny’s Child 5. Hard out here - Lily Allen 6. Rude boy - Rihanna 7. Wanna be -  Spice Girls 8. Survivor - Destiny’s Child 9. Take a bow - Rihanna 10. How to be a heart breaker - Mariana and the diamonds 11. Born this way - Lady Gaga 12. Man! i feel like a woman - Shania Twain


What is this fanart week??? Idk, i I would have posted sooner but Internet stuff, I’m trash for nm sans, strangle my mono berry in his dreams or nightmares really heh @jokublog @amber-acrylic

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waves [listen]

i. crawled out of the sea by laura marling / ii. only love by ben howard / iii. bad blood by bastille / iv. sun by two door cinema club / v. red lipstick by skint and demoralised / vi. swansea by bombay bicycle club / vii. yellow submarine by the beatles / viii. went away by the maccabees / ix. wires by athlete / x. you already know by train