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Third time's the ch....
  • 8th Grade Boy:It's an owl box.
  • Me:No.
  • 8th Grade Boy:It's an ox box!
  • Me:No.
  • 8th Grade Boy:Then tell me what it is, Miss.
  • Me:No.
  • -----------------------------
  • -Next Day-
  • 8th Grade Boy:It's an ox bowl.
  • Me:Close enough. It's an oxbow.

Sorry if the quality is bad but I’m doing this all from my phone. 1. Is a decently finished square. 2. Is a square without a border, which I decided would be too hard to join later. 3. Is the second side, going down the edge for the first time, I used a contrasting color is hopes it would be easier to see stitches. In hindsight black may have been a poor choice. Lol 4. Is the corner that always gives me trouble, from the second side to the third side (the very first chain row). 5. Is the third side, I really have a hard time knowing where to place my stitches, in the picture I only got 7sc on the edge when I should have 8sc, again not counting corner stitches. Very long post but I hope it illustrates my problem. :/ thecraftycrochet


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SC-535hCMQ)

Back like he never left, feeling so RnB today