8r8k h34ds

AA: in the soot of my ruined hive i scrawled my part of the code
AA: completing the phrase of legend
AA: the persisting sounds said to accompany the ultimate demise of the tyrant less an arm and an eye


AA: i believed the fragment was gibberish from a lunatic
AA: after completing his rampage through our session

This is a piece of foreshadowing that has yet to pay off. Even though “t1ck t0ck 8r8k h34ds honk HONK“ was indeed the code needed to create Doc Scratch, and also foreshadowed the creation of Lord English…

…the foreshadowing for “the ultimate demise of the tyrant less an arm and an eye” has not been cashed in yet.

And I think that is still going to happen.

See, it’s never been clear who this “tyrant” is. There’s always been many options.

But I think it will eventually turn out that this “tyrant” is meant to be the biggest tyrant of them all, who is also the person that t1ck t0ck 8r8k h34ds honk HONK has always been related to: Lord English.

It was the code to create his host, Doc Scratch, and it foreshadowed the events of the entrance of Lord English into the host. So why can’t Lord English be this “tyrant” as well?

Aradia suggests “t1ck t0ck 8r8k h34ds honk HONK” will acompagny his demise. But I think we shouldn’t focus on the words themselves here, that has already described Lord English’s “birth”. I think we need to focus on the persons who wrote them.

And luck may have it that out of those 5 persons, 3 of them are leading the fight against him:

While the 4th (and an alternate version of the 3rd) might be very nearby.

I think that this might be foreshadowing that Tavros, Aradia, Vriska and/or Griska, and Terezi will all work together to bring Lord English to his ultimate demise.

The ones who made the code that created him, will be the one to kill him.

Also note that all of them, who are conveniently close to his current location, are pre-retcon characters (if you consider Griska instead of her post-retcon versions).

The fact that they still exist despite the timeline being rewritten. Could this be part of the space/time glitch needed to defeat him?

Of course that still leaves Gamzee. honk HONK. If the other 5 writers of the code will play a role, won’t he as well?

It’s hard to say. He’s not anywhere close as far as we know, unless his pre-retcon version has intruded in the ghost army.

But it has been foreshadowed that Bards such as he might bring the heroes to an unlikely victory, so all is possible.

In case Gamzee DOESN’T get involved here, I think it’s still close enough, seeing as Lord English honks himself. Plus, it fits with what the Doomed Aradiabot said: a lunatic on a rampage. It describes Lord English as much as it describes Gamzee. And the writing on Gamzee’s wall is even lime green, just like Lord English’s manner of speaking.

So maybe Tavros, Aradia, Griska and Terezi will be the ones to take Lord English down, and just before it happens Lord English lets out a final honk.

Note that post-retcon Vriska has stated that she really wants to be the one to bring Lord English down, but yet her partners are fighting the demon head-on while she’s fighting Andrew, which is pretty minor in comparison.

That’s why I think it might turn out she won’t get to play such an important role in his defeat after all, and that that role will be given to Griska instead.


And I should note that while post-retcon Vriska is already there, post-retcon Aradia and Tavros also have the potential to show up here (seeing as Gcatavros is asleep).

This suggests that maybe both pre-retcon AND post-retcon versions of these characters will work together to bring Lord English down.

(though I admit, post-retcon Terezi showing up is slightly less likely)

And one more thing: right now pre-retcon Tavros is wearing an outfit that looks very close to the outfit he was wearing when he wrote the t1ck code.

so the final boss of the comic is a combination of a prepubescent green skeleton misogynist, one half of a crazy alien juggalo, and a game construct made up of an AI programmed into a pair of anime shades and a sweaty buff alien boy

all stuffed into a creepy puppet and sent into the void to float around in the multiverse until it’s ectobiologically combined with a cueball and the t1ck t0ck 8r8k H34DS honk HONK code to create doc scratch so he can later hatch into lord english (whose name paradoxically originates from an infinite loop)

and like I’m not even surprised at this point

Lil Cal > Doc Scratch

Everyone keeps saying, “Lil Cal turns into Doc Scratch somehow,” but that is not a thing. Doc is created by the recombination of the traits of Caliborn, Gamzee, Arquius, the cue ball, and the t1CK t0ck 8r8k H34DS honk HONK code. Lil Cal will no more turn into Doc Scratch as Dirk and Roxy will turn into Rose and Dave. That’s how ectobiology works.

Elaborating further, Doc never turned into Lord English. He was the most excellent host. Doc facilitated all the needs for Lord English to enter the universe, and then supplied the raw material for the soul to emerge from a body already in that universe.