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Over the past few days I noticed my fish's resting behavior changed, including doing it more. It used to float towards the center of the tank, not at the bottom or top and usually not near the edges.. a few days ago it started sitting on the bottom of the tank, and then seeking out tight spaces between the red clay pots I use as decoration. my master test kit says the water is all great quality, 7.8ph, no ammonia, no nitrites, ~5ppm nitrate.. this morning I noticed a lot of red splotches too1/2

red splotches an streaking in the tail as well. It’s been a bit more spastic, darting back and forth, when not resting too. I did recently move and the water here is cloudier than where I was, and put some aquarium plants from pet supermarket in my tank recently. I treated with prazipro this morning but I’m not sure it’s parasites, any advice? 2/2

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Well, doesn’t sound like parasites (which Prazipro won’t help with anyways. It’s a vermifuge and kills worms) to me. Given that you just moved, have cloudy water, and just added plants to the tank (which I assume there wasn’t a QT period involved) it’s likely something in the water causing these issues. What sort of test kit are you using, and is it relatively new (within the past year or so)? My first guess would be ammonia/nitrite issues, despite what the test kit is showing.

Alternatively, you might have something odd in your new water supply (perhaps a heavy metal of some sort) which is my second guess. What I would do in the mean time is prepare a 50% water change, but leave the water out overnight (with the conditioner in) and do the change tomorrow. I’ve heard leaving the water out for a week is preferable. What sort of water conditioner do you use?