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Do you have any tips for someone who’s friends and/or may be in the process of courting a blood thirsty creature, Miss Locke? Any help would be greatly appreciated, please & thanks! -A fellow fangbanger.

’Fangbanger’ what the-… Well… Don’t GIVE them your blood right off the bat, that’ll keep them coming back to keep trying for it at least. They’re really crafty you see and want the ‘red stuff’ bad; but if you’re smart about how you deny them, then they HAVE to start looking at more of your qualities than how much blood they probably can suck out of you. Also, they seem to really like physical contact, so give them a good pet once in a while. Or at least mine does, but don’t tell him I said that.

“But wait, the one you’re trying to… ‘Court’ or whatever. It’s not a blonde guy, is it? Tall and weird, and likes to fanboy all about ancient snake-worshiping cultures and stuff? Yeeeah, just spray that one with a water-bottle and scoot. Trust me.


「PULP GRIMOIRE パルプ・グリモワール」






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