There are days when I just hate anime… Like, why did I spend all those years drawing in anime styles?? I guess it was because it was easy. You can hide bad poses and a lack of dynamic with lots of props and details and hair—And it was really shiny and sparkly too! (the EYES–the HAIR!)

I feel however that it stunted my growth as an artist for a long time and I regret not drawing more cartoons despite my love for them. I try to correct that now as an adult—But my anime influences still keep showing through both my styles in drawing and animating and it’s very frustrating.

Sometimes I think I need help. Other days I just wanna give up. And other days I just go back to the comforts of anime and say “screw it”.

[Trans] Jonghyun twitter update  - 150615 - (8Post - 8P)

Translation:  Who in the world is it..!

picture translation: 

I. can’t. tell. at. all.
Don’t. have. a. single. clue.
Who. is. it.

Translation : What is this

Translation:  Revenge

Whew, SNL is a gold mine. No matter how much you dig, there’s no end.
Is that a brush on Seyoon hyung’s head

Translation:  Did you think you’d be safe

Translation:  What’s my gaze telling you?

Picture translation: 


Ah, our Mino is so cute my oh my I’ll finish the revenge match with this

Credit: realjonghyun90
Translation Credit: Shiningtweets