She made her way through the candy kingdom as the sun began to set, her heart heavy and her stomach sick. She tightly gripped her umbrella. She couldn’t believe what she’d done last night. She couldn’t even speak. She felt dirty, like she’d committed an unspeakable crime. Bonnie had told her to come over in her morning, and everything would be ready. She entered the castle gates, and was escorted by the banana guards directly to the princess’ lab. She sighed heavy and stepped over the threshold, towards the princess, She folded up her umbrella and took off her gloves. She stuffed the gloves in her pockets and threw the umbrella under her arm. “Has she woken up?” She asked the bubblegum princess.“ 


"No, I kept gave her a bit of melatonin to keep her asleep, I figured you’d want to be the one to wake her up.” The princess replied. She turned back to her computer and sighed. “But Marceline, I have to warn you. It’s not going to last long. I’d give her about a week or two at the most. Do what you want, but I don’t know if she’ll be able to handle Ooo, you need to make sure she and Finn never meet, and as for your father… I really wouldn’t recommend bringing it up to him…”


Marceline bit her lip, her eyes stung as she fought back tears. “Two weeks bonnie? Is that really it?” She sighed. “No, it’s okay, You’re right… It’s okay I’ve got a plan..” She inhaled deeply and adjusted her bulky sweater to hide her bite marks from being turned. “Bonnie, trust me, I’ve got this I swear.” She looked towards the door that led to the containment unit. “I’m gonna do it. I’ll see you in a week okay?” Noticing bonnie wanted nothing more to do with this by the way she waved marceline away she turned away and walked into the containment unit. She inhaled and held her breath as she turned the knob.


There she was, standing in the living room she once knew as a child. The decor was dark, Black and white Damask wall paper. A small crystal chandelier hang from the ceiling. The carpet was a deep hue of scarlet. The bookcases filled with old litterature. The stairway was covered in pictures of her, and her family. She looked around and found her, lying on the big overstuffed black leather couch. She was just as she remembered her. She was laying on her back, a book on her chest, as if she’d been reading before she went to ‘sleep’. Marceline knelt down beside her and gently shook her. She gently whispered into her ear.

Mom…. You over slept again, come on, wake up…




“Bubba, what’re you doing? Cross-dressing? If you wanted my attention so bad, you should have just–”Reality was slowly, but surely setting in. A very cold dose of reality. Squinting a little, just to get a better look at the look-alike, obviously, many many many things were off about this one. 

                           "……..Bubba, is that……



Becoming a blur, Marshall poked around the Princess until finally bursting out with a "Bonnibel……..I’m guessing.” Marceline never said she would be that cute….

8onnibel entered the woods

Huntress looked down from her perch atop a tree to see who else but the princess of the Candy Kingdom herself: Bonnibel Bubblegum. What was she doing here? Did she need help? Was she looking for something? Okay, calm down, Huntress; now’s your time to get into good graces with such a prestigious woman. She climbed down from her tree and greeted the candy woman.

“Hello there, your highness,” She said, “You look a little lost… can I help you some way?”