panties 8 x $9
Other panties 12 x $14
candies bra $28
bra set $20
legging $6 x 2
panties box $10
shampoo and conditioner $4 x 6
red shirt $45
white shirt $45
polka dot shirt $36
blue shirt $40
black shirt 34
sewing scissors $30 x 2
wormer $22 x2
sheet set $20
candles $2 x 3
candles $5 x 2(not pictured)
swedish fish $1
faux succulents $5 x 3
carrhart gloves $30
air plant $6
bulbs $11 altogether
onion plants $4 x 2
sculpey mold maker $8
x acto knife $11
x acto blades $4 x 2
charms $5 x 6
cat toy $2
snowflake punch $4
linesman pliers $10
long nose pliers $8
snip pliers $7 x 2
mini pigeon house $15
cord rope $8
live succulents $5 x 2
mini critters $6
mini fish in a bowl $6
mini shrooms $3 x 2
flamigo $3
mini flower garden box $4
blue moon amulet $4
bead landing bits and buables $5
Magnetic plants $5 x 3

Chaus shirt $70 not shown

Calvin klein shirt $70 not shown

$60 shirt also not shown

TOTAL $$1122$$ One day, one trip, several stops.

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